Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Small Token of Love

Only two months old
Is my li’l “White Window”.
It is my friend, my strength, my shadow,
Reflection of my soul,
A collection of my
Sorrows, dreams n hopes.

My “White Window” is wide open
& through this window
I have gained
A lot many beautiful frenz.

Each n every one has accepted me
With open hearts n warm hugs.
& coz of their love n wishes
I am continuosly rising from the rugs.

“Thnx & lots of love n wishes 4 all my frenz who have alwys inspired me to do better. Your encauraging comments hv alwys inspired me to write straight from my heart”

Here I want to mention a spcl name.
With whom I’ve developed a bond
Which is beyond my ability
To explain in mere words.

It’s Just a few days that we know each other
But from the very first day itself
We share our colors, tears n dreams together.

Is it just a coincident???
No it can’t be.

Any guesses about who she is..?

Yes, it is you Sameera!
Yes you “
The Haven’s Angel”.
Not because you have bestowed
The “Candlied Apple” award to me.
But because of the limitless
Love, care n strength
You have showred on me.

With you I share a special bond
& am thankful that you understnd it
From the depth of your beautiful heart.

I wanted to explain all this in
Much more details.
But then I realized
Relationships are better
Never explained.
Because no matter how hard we try
We can never understand
Why “FEELINGS” always
Wins the race and
Tops the chart.

“The best most beautiful thing in this world can’t be seen or even touched or explained. They must be felt with the heart.”



copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar


  1. Oh dear,I had tears brimming in my eyes after reading this...

    You are so generous in your thoughts and deeds,am so blessed to have a friend in you.It doesn't matter the amount of time we have known each other.It is how much we know a person that matters.

    In this world of pretence and malice,it is very hard to find someone so genuine.However,Bloggerville has given me some real gems of friends,starting with Ashu.I am so glad to have another jewel in my treasure of "real friendship".

    That's a lovely poem about the White Window you have written there;simple and beautiful just like your heart.May this window broaden its view with passing time and open up to great vistas of love,art and beauty.

    Be the sweetheart you are always,even if winds of time try to change you.Love you.Hugs & kisses.

    God Bless...

  2. sameera dear... i wanted to write many things in response 2 ur sweet n touching commnt but blv me dear at this moment only a sweet silence is engulfing me. "love u my dear fren". all my heartiest wishes r thr with u alwyz.

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  3. hey... tat ws such a sweet thing to do!!! n congos on d 2month mark... [:d] hugs 2 u n sameera

  4. Uhh.... that's so sweet. I believe Sameera love you as well. ^^
    I agree that “The best most beautiful thing in this world can’t be seen or even touched or explained. They must be felt with the heart.”

    I hope that you guys will treasure this meaning friendship. I am touched after reading this.

    Nice post dear!

  5. awww.. this was sooo sweet and soo thoughtful! :)

    ahh, loved readin this!

  6. thanks for coming to my world and spreading brightness of ur smile in my world..and yes also thaks for blogrolling me :) me too doing the same

    Your gift is wonderful and the way ur presented it is also awesome,,,,

    No matter whatever the gift is , what matters is by the true heart with love u give it.

    Keep brighting my world by ur visits :) :)

    Take Care

  7. That was indeed beautiful gift to a friend and congrtas on your blog being 2 months old. You have more to come and continue writing!!!

  8. @ firewhisky : thnx fren. hugs 2 u 2.

    @curryegg: thnk u so mch dear. yes sameera loves me a lot :) ..

    n i luv u n all othr frenz 2.

    will alwyz do anything 4 dis frenship.

    @busy writr : thnx dear fren. luv u 2.

    hugs 2 u.

    TK CR
    :) :) :)

  9. @ LIFE : thnx vikas. i wnt 2 hv such a bond vid u n othrz as well.
    yes i will be visiting ur blog regularly. kp smiling n tk cr.

    @priya: thnx priya. d poem ws my token of love 4 u all. luv u fren. kp smiling alwys.

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  10. glad you found such nice friends online.
    My ramblings have helped me so many times, I know what you say when you write about how white windows has helped you
    Really nice to see people happy, and people who love to smile.

  11. hey preetilata... actuallly was kinda busy .. so dint check ur blog.. actually i missed lotsa good stuffs in ur blog.. .
    great going.. its great uve formed a good circle of blogger friends..
    Its great to see. people from diff. parts of the world. cud share a lot wid each other thru blogging..
    happy blogging to u.. :)

  12. Hey Preeti..its a 'touching' one..keep writing O' Leo mate.

  13. your blog has been nominated for Flogger Awards
    you can get the badge from

  14. This' much more refined than the last one...
    liked it :)

    Moner janala dhore giyechilam.. kintu dekhlam kono update nei :(

    you liked my "When" but to b very honest, i didnt really like my own composition when i read that as a reader... even i found it smwat boring :(

    striving hard to open my beng blog...

  15. Sameera sounds like a beauty... just like you...


    I'm honored to have had the chance to peer through your "White Window" and the remarkable words, dreams, and hopes you share.

  16. @rambler : thnx fren. m happy 2 knw that blogging has hlpd u 2. alwyz be happy.
    tk cr

    @shashi : not a prob dear fren. yes got lot many good frenz hr in a span of very short time.
    n yes bloggervile is a world without any boundaries.
    tk cr

    @aryan: welcum 2 my white window. thnx fr visiting n ur kind commnt. do kp coming
    tk cr

  17. @ fattebaaz: thnx 4 nominating me.

    @little writtr : thnx fren. hain moner janalay onek din kichu likhi ni. will update dat 1 soon. na tomer notun post ta amar bhalo legeche. n abt ur bangla blog. congrtz. will visit it soon.
    tk cr.

    @pixie dust: thnx fren. m honoured 2. tk cr.

  18. @rambler: thnx 4 tagging me. m honoured

  19. I still read your blog :) even though you dont take my calls :) lol how have u been? i have been a bit sick oflate missing u a lot.message me sometime


plz.. open d white window :)