Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bidding Adieu !

I didn’t stop it…I let it go…
It is the farewell time today.

Farewell to my sweet li'l


I loved the moment when my tear drop rolled down my cheeks. And I will cheerish this pleasant moment forever. I think it is the same Tear-drop which I have saved in my eyes for a long time.


Oh!…my dear Tear-Drop!… at last you have met your destiny too. Believe me dear… I am happy for you. After all you needed a break from me. And I have set you free atlast.


Do you know my loving Tear-Drop ... I am never gonna miss you in my life.

But …I am never gonna forget you ever.

Take care always.


:) :) :)

The dreams which I have sown in my eyes once... have taken the shape of reality in someone else’s life today.

Hmmm…I am happy for you. Wish u all d very best in ur life.


tk cr
:) :) :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Silly ME!

Jodi and Aarthi tagged me to write 8 random facts about myself and Sameera has tagged me to write 7. Wat should I do.. ok I will write 9 random things about myself.

Tagging rules: 1. When tagged you must link to the person who tagged you. 2.Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random facts/habits about yourself. 3. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other bloggers.

Hmmm..its quite difficult to select only 8/9 random things about me.

So here I go with 8/9 random facts about me very randomly.

1) I love my name. I was named Preetilata after the famous freedom fighter Preetilata Waddedar. She argued that many young people have already given their lives for the freedom of the motherland, now it was the time for the girls to embrace the same fate of honor.
I also share my birth month with her. To know more about Preetilata Waddadar, plz go to

Preetilata waddadar

I share my b’day with Kaviguru Rabindra Nath Thakur. Each n every word will fail to describe him. He is such a legend. The greatest writer and artist ever born on this earth. The first Nobel Prize Winner of our country ( for his collections of immortal poems called GEETANJALI) and the author of our National Anthem. My day starts with listning to Rabindra sangeet and ends with reading his poems or short stories or novels.

To know more :

Rabindra Nath Thakur

I bow before both these above mention legends.

2) When I was in 10th std. My computer teacher had proposed to me but I had a crush on my tuition teacher. Atlast I hv decided to marry Shaan (the famous bollywood singer) but alas he got married within next couple of months. :(


3) Once I considered Hector of Homer’s Illiad my ideal match. (But now I know such people can only exist in books and there’s nothing called an ideal match. It is just a manupulation of our needs, desires and dreams.). Today also I am awed by him. I do have a soft corner for tragic characters like Hector of Illiad and Karan of Mahabharata and Charles Dicken’s David Copperfield.

Hector(Eric Bana) from the movie Troy


4) I have dated:
In high school ------- Science
In college ----------- Arts
And now --------- Commerce

But at the end I have fallen in love with Poetry and Painting ( my childhood Sweethearts)
[HMMM..thus in a single sentence I can describe myself as "jack of all trades but master of none"]


5) I am crazy about nature and colors and at the same time black n white also fascinates me a lot.
I cannot resist myself from picking up fallen leaves and flowers. I think Peepal Leaves are the most beautiful leaves and painting on them gives a new colorful dimension to my multidimensional life.


6) As I don’t own a camera and not even a camera mobile phone so I am deprived of clicking picks. But still I guess I can be a good photographer if I have one. [so anybody out there planning to gift me a cam ?? ;) ]. Jokes apart I seriously do want a good cam. I wish I can buy one soon.

I took this photograph few months back from a frenz cam. How is it..?


7) When I was in high school, a rumour was spread that this time there will be a snowfall in Delhi. As obvious everybody laughed at it and ignored it. But I actually believed in that silly rumour and waited for the snowfall very desperately and excitedly.
Ahem!…ahem!…. I know I am an idiot !!!
But till date my fingers are crossed and will be crossed till God knows what time.
Who knows when God will listen to me! If there can be a snowfall in Sahara Desert then why not in New Delhi!! May be one fine day….. :D
( I guess now u guys can imagine how much I love snow. I almost became half crazy and half lunatic when I was in Kashmeer last to last year)


8) I do have a very bad habit of doodling and scribling everywhere. My notebooks are full of doodle drawings plus silly but cute scribbles. And every day my maa scolds me after discovering new doodles on my washed bed sheets and jeans. [When I was a kid the walls of my home were full of doodles and scribbles.] :P


9) I love my eyes and through them I want to explore the beautiful world as much as possible. Even after my death I don’t want them to be closed. So I’hv decided to donate my eyes. No this is not a fake decision at all or not even to impress anybody but this is something I have decided to do honestly.


Now as per rule i will tag,









Compassion Unlimited


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Auto-biography of an unshed tear-drop !

Hi!..its me..!!..drop…an unshed tear-drop..!!!
Do you know me..???
Well ..u don’t know me. so silly..
I'm just an unshed tear -drop...
So how are u gonna know me..!!!

From a long-long time..
I'm living in this big-black eyes of her.
I do want to fall down..
As my life is so short.
It's already time for me to die.
But am not able to do so.
Do you know why..???
Oh..again I forgot..
How would you know that?
(I told you na an idiot!)
Hmm..ok let me tell you why..
(but please promise me..
That you wont disclose itr to anyone)
Actually you know..
In me she has kept all her memories alive.
She has got nothing except these memories.
And me the li’l tear-drop is her treasure box
To keep all her memories alive.

You know wat…
She is a real idiot.
(I no you don’t know..
But let me tell you why..)
Silly gal…!!! .no an idiot actually!
She relies on me..!!
have you ever seen a girl
who relies on a tear-drop..
to continue with her life..!!!

sometime I don’t even understand
whether she is a strong or a weak willed.
But still I belive..that she is strong..
very..very ..very strong.
AnD sometime I do feel that
Somehow she gathers the strength
By keeping me alive in her eyes.

I have really become very old now.
Now I get tired very easily.
But still I am going to live
In her eyes forever and ever.
As I myself can’t leave her alone
For a single moment.
In all these years we have spent together
We have become one soul.
So I have decided that
I am never gonna
Part with her.
After all she is my life..!!!
Or should I say
I am her’s ”…!!!

~~~an unshed tear-drop~~~

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HiGh On LiFe !

photograph taken by Kalpajeet Da


I was born on the busy road
Behind that grey garbage dump.
On my own I learnt to jump and hump
As nobody was there to
Hold my fingers
To walk with me.

My father is an unknown
My mother is someone
And people accuse me
Of being a burden
On this entire mankind.

While my mother
Begs form door to door,
Me & my sister
Clean the cars
On the busy road.
And at leisure
We play with the stray dogs
Who are beaten almost to death
With chunks of stone.

I eat the thrown away food
& sleep on the road.
I have only rugs to wear
But still can tolerate
The rain, heat, & cold.

Hey don’t pity on my
Dirty face, dishevelled hair
& torn clothes.
See the twinkle in my eyes
Infront of which even
The stars forget their twinkling
& the sun is ashamed of
Shining bright.

Ah! What a strange thing
Life is!
What an irony my dear friends!
You have got everything
But still you cry.
& look at me
I have got nothing
But a


copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Dear Kalpajeet Da, here is the poem for you. I am dedicating it to you as I was inspired to write it by the photograph u hv taken. I hope u wud like it.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

A World Through My White Window

TAGGED!!! For the first time. :) By Virtual Rambler.

About Virtual Rambler....what should I say... it's just a couple of days that i know this rambler... n i just love the way he rambles about anything and evrything. He has tagged me to the "writing meme". thnx Rambler. I am honoured.

Ramler has very low expectations on me about whthr I will do the tag or not. But here I go to keep his expectations alive. I hope you will like it.

Hmmm…. Writing is something which comes very naturally to me. Till date I fail 2 write if something doesn’t creep n crawl in my heart on its own. And I also hate editing my writtings (may be I am too lazy to do so :P ). so guys n gals get ready for a basket(a big one) full of spelling..grammtical ...and god knows what kinda mistakes ;)

My first love is no doubt Poetry. I think I can do somewhat justice to my free flowing emotions of verses but when it comes to prose writing….i am not sure of my ability. (but i think i must post my prosses also...after all they are mine only...n i love thm y do the partiality with it...!)

Writing has always been an integral part of my life since my childhood days. But blogging started all of a sudden. A lot many times I was forced by my dear frenz to start a blog (they have too much belief of my writing skills...n i think i hvnt let thm down) but I didn’t agree to them at that time at all.

Then why the hell I am here now…???

I know many of my blogger frenz are here because of their love for writing…or to kill time…or just to break loose themselves from the memory of someone. (A hell lot of other reasons must be there.)

But these reasons are not applicable for me.

Yes, I do love writing…but blogging is not an outcome of my love for writing.

I do want to kill my time…But not by blogging (my diary is much more convenient for this work…n oh I love painting on pepal leaf)

Then… do I blog to break myself loose from someone’s sorrowful memories??? …. Believe me my dear frenz…this is not a reason at all…though the memories have contributed a lot in it.

I never started blogging to keep myself away from someone’s memories… but to keep those memories intact to my heart…my soul…my life. As a result I decided to unfold some special parts of my soul through my li’l white window.
Honestly I want to keep that “someone’s” beautiful yet sorrowful or sorrowful yet beautiful memories alive for ever and believe me blogging has no doubt helped me to do so ( else m sure those would have become dull...boring…n have faded away by now…afterall time has got so much power in its hands.)

Basically I write in Bengali but sometime I do pen down my itsy-bitsy thoughts in Hindi and English too. Currently I am maintaining two blogs. “Moner Janala Dhore” in Bengali and “White Window” in English.
Moner Janala Dhore” means “Striaght from the Window of My Heart”.

Now arrises another big question, why only “window” and not some other title?

Am I obssessed with a window? ... Many a times I have asked the same question to myself again n again (my frenz also ask me d same question often). And whenever I have given a deep thought; the answer that always comes out is a big “NO”. No I am not obssessed with a window. I am not fanatic about anything. But I am simply in love with a window.

Is it because I am not free and through this li’l window only I have chosen to get atleast a glimpse of freedom???
Not really. I’ve got the full freedom to do anything keeping in mind the consequences ( …have to follow my parents guidelines afterall )

Then what is this “white window” n why I am in love with it…???
Hmmm…actually it’s nothing but just a slice of my silly heart…a reflection of my soul…a shadow of my hidden self.
It’s a medium to connect with my own self. It is to see the sky outside…the birds…the bees…the flowers…leaves …dusk…dawn…moon…sun... all my frenz…and anything and everything that my heart…my soul…want to explore.
I just love it when my teachers turn me out of the class just because many a times I keep staring out of the window without bothering what they are teaching.
I love to wake up in the midnight ...just to stand by my window to stare at the black sky.
I love it when the beautiful sun graces my sleepy face in the morning with its majestic rays.
I love evrything abt it …to conclude I am simply in love with my li’l window. Afterall it gives voice to my soul’s murmurs…wings to my imaginations….n a roller-coaster ride to my wild but innocent fantacies.

And look what a life here!….wowwwww!!!….memories have turned to be so sweet and so adorable. And see the plus point of blogging… I hv gained so many beautiful frenz here. Each and evry body is a priceless gem. Oh!…how rich I have become… Just a few months of blogging…and my basket is full of beautiful hearts. Do I need anything else… Nahhhhhhhhh….I'hv got more than enough…much…much…much more than what I’hv expected. Thnx…thnx…my li’l window….thnx all my frenz…I can never afford to loose u guys ever. U all have made my life so much more beautiful…. You guys simply rock…!!! …may god bless u all.

So here I will end the meme with:

Oh my sweet li’l window.
Alwys remain wide open
Through you I see a world
Which never existed before.
You are
my friend …my strength …my hope.
A pure reflection of my soul
You are such a shadow of mine
Which is purely eternal.
I don’t want to keep myself
Hidden from d world any more.
Through you I want to explore
The world and my soul.
And the connection in between the two.

Oh!!! now it's my turn to tag! ...hmmm...ok i will tag :

Sameera: she is the kohinoor of my collection. these days she is busy. she may not get the time to do the tag. but sammy it whenever u get the time. :)

Priya: wowwww wat a poetic soul she is. just visit her journal once. m sure you will fall in love with her poems.

Vikas: again a soulful poet. he is the owner of beautiful blog.

little writter : an honest critique of my writtings. n a genious when it comes to writting poetry.

Pixiedust: a far away friend from seven-seas. a great story teller.


copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar