Saturday, November 10, 2007

Auto-biography of an unshed tear-drop !

Hi!..its me..!!..drop…an unshed tear-drop..!!!
Do you know me..???
Well ..u don’t know me. so silly..
I'm just an unshed tear -drop...
So how are u gonna know me..!!!

From a long-long time..
I'm living in this big-black eyes of her.
I do want to fall down..
As my life is so short.
It's already time for me to die.
But am not able to do so.
Do you know why..???
Oh..again I forgot..
How would you know that?
(I told you na an idiot!)
Hmm..ok let me tell you why..
(but please promise me..
That you wont disclose itr to anyone)
Actually you know..
In me she has kept all her memories alive.
She has got nothing except these memories.
And me the li’l tear-drop is her treasure box
To keep all her memories alive.

You know wat…
She is a real idiot.
(I no you don’t know..
But let me tell you why..)
Silly gal…!!! .no an idiot actually!
She relies on me..!!
have you ever seen a girl
who relies on a tear-drop..
to continue with her life..!!!

sometime I don’t even understand
whether she is a strong or a weak willed.
But still I belive..that she is strong..
very..very ..very strong.
AnD sometime I do feel that
Somehow she gathers the strength
By keeping me alive in her eyes.

I have really become very old now.
Now I get tired very easily.
But still I am going to live
In her eyes forever and ever.
As I myself can’t leave her alone
For a single moment.
In all these years we have spent together
We have become one soul.
So I have decided that
I am never gonna
Part with her.
After all she is my life..!!!
Or should I say
I am her’s ”…!!!

~~~an unshed tear-drop~~~

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar


  1. And me the li’l tear-drop is her treasure box
    To keep all her memories alive.

    - So true and those moments are so special and cherished.

    Lovely indeed.

  2. no one is stupid for crying. It's our emotion and just let it free to come out.. Hugs... and I will support you here my friend..

  3. Excuse me lady,this is not a poem of the White Window,I have seen it before.You copying from other blogs???




    HE HE HE! ;)

    Kidding sweetheart!It's high time you had put this and all the other lovely English poems of your from the Bengali blog,and not to forget another unpublished one you had told me about!Hope you had a great Diwali.Love ya!Hugsss :)

  4. wow...I hardly enjoy poems..but urs jus attracts me..awesome work!!!

  5. Very beautiful sentiment.
    But you know what, I really wanted it to die, or may be for her to want it to die, I want her to see that there is lot more in life, or may be it shouldn't die, just change its course, and become something which reminds her of those good times.

  6. you know tears are our emotions and our emotions are our strength :)
    Very beautiful indeed ...

  7. Oh what a beautiful poem, Preetilata. A poignant, creative poem that used an inanimate object to express your thoughts. So highly creative of you to do that. I'm simply amazed by the depth of emotion you put into your poems. I call that writing from the heart and soul. And it will never fail to tug at other hearts as well because the heart can communicate with other hearts. As the title of an old ditty says, "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter." The heart seeks its own kind and tugs at it like a heart string. Thanks for the marvelous post. Smile always. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

  8. nice and indeed beautiful feelings :)

    Take Care

  9. HEY THTZ CUTE....
    After all she is my life..!!!
    Or should I say
    “ I am her’s… ”…!!!
    U said it all..i mean the tear said it al :) beautiful...btw I also hve updated my blogpage with some really freaked out nonsensical random thoughts :P

  10. The tear drop holds so many stories in itself..Some happy ones but mainly sorrow..You have brought them out all in few lines

    Nice work

  11. REal nice Read!

    Liked it!


    Good work !

  12. lovely have crafted them beautifully...we could really feel the emotions in poignant & vesatile...Excellent poem!

  13. poetic autobiography eh? :D

    hehe, nice.

  14. Wonderful, as, I've tagged you to play 8 random things meme-tag; visit my posting at (this is shortened to a tinyURL to fit in comment spaces) to get the instructions on how to play, and do have fun! It's a great way to get to know fellow bloggers, and to have them see your site.

  15. very cute I would say!
    keep writing

  16. congrats
    your blog got flogger award for best blogs

  17. i would like to say one more thing

    I would never like to cry as i am afraid to loose you,but i would like to be tears in ur eyes as i would role down to ur lips and kiss them !!!!

    Take Care

  18. Hav tagged u..jus chk out my recent blog...:)

  19. Hav tagged u..jus chk out my recent blog...:)

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  21. Hey sweetie!Did your tag and you been tagged for another now :)

  22. Where are you dear??Miss ya...

    Congrats on the Flogger Award!Hugsss

  23. hmm... wow.. thts was a really interesting biography... but tears have to come out eventually.. dnt leave them unshed..
    even thght of an intesresting biography... lets see how it shapes up...

  24. Hey...the idea is cool... Unshed teardrop! However Teardrops better be shed due to joy ! - BT.

  25. Moved me to tears..
    That never dropped

    Soulful rendering of ,
    ……journey un-embarked.
    Stirred up an avalanche of,
    ……of my emotions restrained.
    The eternal companion,
    .…….. never left her eyes.
    The perpetual companion ,
    ………..forever resided within.

  26. it's wonderful....treasuring your memories inside a keep them really a tough job....never let it fall sweetheart....otherwise, it will be a total washout....all the best.

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  28. i dont believe this yaar..


plz.. open d white window :)