Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HiGh On LiFe !

photograph taken by Kalpajeet Da


I was born on the busy road
Behind that grey garbage dump.
On my own I learnt to jump and hump
As nobody was there to
Hold my fingers
To walk with me.

My father is an unknown
My mother is someone
And people accuse me
Of being a burden
On this entire mankind.

While my mother
Begs form door to door,
Me & my sister
Clean the cars
On the busy road.
And at leisure
We play with the stray dogs
Who are beaten almost to death
With chunks of stone.

I eat the thrown away food
& sleep on the road.
I have only rugs to wear
But still can tolerate
The rain, heat, & cold.

Hey don’t pity on my
Dirty face, dishevelled hair
& torn clothes.
See the twinkle in my eyes
Infront of which even
The stars forget their twinkling
& the sun is ashamed of
Shining bright.

Ah! What a strange thing
Life is!
What an irony my dear friends!
You have got everything
But still you cry.
& look at me
I have got nothing
But a


copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Dear Kalpajeet Da, here is the poem for you. I am dedicating it to you as I was inspired to write it by the photograph u hv taken. I hope u wud like it.



  1. Damn true and how can we disagree. A smile brings lot of happiness and joy even in sorrow.

    Lovely and beautiful dedication to those ppl' ther Preeti.

  2. preeti art of smiling is not easy to practice.. and I really like people who master this art.

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  5. Oh sweetie,that's really touching.Once again you have proved what a beautiful heart you have.Keep it up dear.God Bless.Love ya!

  6. its odd hw ppl hu hv so little r happier than ppl hu hv so much...

    lovely poem

  7. Hi Preetilata,
    What a beautiful poem you got there, so full of heart and soul. I agree with you. Even in their miserable conditions, those kids can still flash a beatific smile. Just shows that material things are not the only things that can elicit a genuine smile from small kids. Thanks for the wonderful poem. I really love it. Smile always. Have a happy and smiling day.

  8. Do selfish ppl of this world have time to look at these lil bright stars ???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    but if these kids read ur poem they will be ensured that still there are ppl in this world who care for them .

    Its really touchy..Keep it up this humanity friend

    Take Care

  9. preeti....my little friend....just wonderful....a beautiful poetic expression of the photograph....i can't get anything better than that from anyone in this world....those little kids will never know that someone with a heart of gold really feels for their sufferings....keep it up & keep on smiling.

  10. it is really very beautiful and touching, and really very much true .. at least at times :)

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  12. hey...i read ur poem n all i wanna say is dat im deeply touched by everysingle wrd that uve written here....v ave got a mean nasty wrld dat duznt care even a lil bit bout d poor....im glad there r ppl like urself that do care for em...
    thnk u soooo much for written des poem...
    God bless you
    bye tc

  13. great..coming from the deepest and purest soul..keep writing..you have certainly got a golden keyboard...

  14. Certainly! In the run for worldly pleasures, people have started cribbing over small things that they can't achieve. They, perhaps we end up crying for petty things.. Failing in love, being chided by our folks.. and what not! But when we actually turn back and see, we have a very happy life! The sole need is change in attitude! Problem is that we ain't content with what we get!

    Well! We can't say that the government isn't doing anything for them. Take a basic example.. 'ST' students in my college get back the whole 23k they pay along with an extra 4k.. Funds are being dispersed perfectly but it's the mediators in between! I don't understand when the world is gonna change..

    Ever since childhood, I have always seen people pitying the poor but haven't seen anyone practically taking an initiative.. Nothing is gonna change! Max boletho you'll donate some money which anyway won't reach the needy

  15. HARSH bt REALITY IS SO....!!!
    U put it up vry wel...really
    my eyes got moistened n the SMILE is somethng which made me SMILE too :) :)
    Hey Preetilata thxs 4 stoppin by my blog...
    Wishing u & ur family a Great n Happy Diwaliiiiiiii ...enjoy n may this Festival of Lights bring tremendous reasons 4u to smile n remain happy n al ur wishes coming true..
    BTW - cn I blogroll ya...???

  16. Meaning of life expressed in few sentences..if only we all practice it
    great work

  17. well said dear...
    but i feel there was more scope to enrich the language as it's a poem... i know this' a frst person poetry, ie the voice of a street child, still i stick to my point..
    kp scrbblng...
    tk care n :)

  18. You are such a wonderful poet! And so inspiring too. Whatever I read of yours seems to give me ideas and new hope for some of my writing that I had sitting on the back burner. Whatever you do never give up writing. You have a very special gift indeed.

  19. ...


    too beautiful for words, and I have to swallow the welling up of tears...


  20. hi, most of them have said whtever i wd have liked to say.. So , I am left with nothing.;-)
    the ending is really a touche.

    "-front of which even
    The stars forget their twinkling
    & the sun is ashamed of
    Shining bright.---"

    Okay , here you cud have done bettter.;-)
    But then , overall, this is also a poignant treat.;-) tc

  21. heyy..so nicely versed dear..u hav brought the real picture in such a natural way...yr wrds speaks a lot..:):)


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