Monday, November 19, 2007

The Silly ME!

Jodi and Aarthi tagged me to write 8 random facts about myself and Sameera has tagged me to write 7. Wat should I do.. ok I will write 9 random things about myself.

Tagging rules: 1. When tagged you must link to the person who tagged you. 2.Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random facts/habits about yourself. 3. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other bloggers.

Hmmm..its quite difficult to select only 8/9 random things about me.

So here I go with 8/9 random facts about me very randomly.

1) I love my name. I was named Preetilata after the famous freedom fighter Preetilata Waddedar. She argued that many young people have already given their lives for the freedom of the motherland, now it was the time for the girls to embrace the same fate of honor.
I also share my birth month with her. To know more about Preetilata Waddadar, plz go to

Preetilata waddadar

I share my b’day with Kaviguru Rabindra Nath Thakur. Each n every word will fail to describe him. He is such a legend. The greatest writer and artist ever born on this earth. The first Nobel Prize Winner of our country ( for his collections of immortal poems called GEETANJALI) and the author of our National Anthem. My day starts with listning to Rabindra sangeet and ends with reading his poems or short stories or novels.

To know more :

Rabindra Nath Thakur

I bow before both these above mention legends.

2) When I was in 10th std. My computer teacher had proposed to me but I had a crush on my tuition teacher. Atlast I hv decided to marry Shaan (the famous bollywood singer) but alas he got married within next couple of months. :(


3) Once I considered Hector of Homer’s Illiad my ideal match. (But now I know such people can only exist in books and there’s nothing called an ideal match. It is just a manupulation of our needs, desires and dreams.). Today also I am awed by him. I do have a soft corner for tragic characters like Hector of Illiad and Karan of Mahabharata and Charles Dicken’s David Copperfield.

Hector(Eric Bana) from the movie Troy


4) I have dated:
In high school ------- Science
In college ----------- Arts
And now --------- Commerce

But at the end I have fallen in love with Poetry and Painting ( my childhood Sweethearts)
[HMMM..thus in a single sentence I can describe myself as "jack of all trades but master of none"]


5) I am crazy about nature and colors and at the same time black n white also fascinates me a lot.
I cannot resist myself from picking up fallen leaves and flowers. I think Peepal Leaves are the most beautiful leaves and painting on them gives a new colorful dimension to my multidimensional life.


6) As I don’t own a camera and not even a camera mobile phone so I am deprived of clicking picks. But still I guess I can be a good photographer if I have one. [so anybody out there planning to gift me a cam ?? ;) ]. Jokes apart I seriously do want a good cam. I wish I can buy one soon.

I took this photograph few months back from a frenz cam. How is it..?


7) When I was in high school, a rumour was spread that this time there will be a snowfall in Delhi. As obvious everybody laughed at it and ignored it. But I actually believed in that silly rumour and waited for the snowfall very desperately and excitedly.
Ahem!…ahem!…. I know I am an idiot !!!
But till date my fingers are crossed and will be crossed till God knows what time.
Who knows when God will listen to me! If there can be a snowfall in Sahara Desert then why not in New Delhi!! May be one fine day….. :D
( I guess now u guys can imagine how much I love snow. I almost became half crazy and half lunatic when I was in Kashmeer last to last year)


8) I do have a very bad habit of doodling and scribling everywhere. My notebooks are full of doodle drawings plus silly but cute scribbles. And every day my maa scolds me after discovering new doodles on my washed bed sheets and jeans. [When I was a kid the walls of my home were full of doodles and scribbles.] :P


9) I love my eyes and through them I want to explore the beautiful world as much as possible. Even after my death I don’t want them to be closed. So I’hv decided to donate my eyes. No this is not a fake decision at all or not even to impress anybody but this is something I have decided to do honestly.


Now as per rule i will tag,









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  1. Uhh... I want a nice, beautiful eyes too... I mean double eye lits.. which is bigger unlike mine.. haha...

    You like doodling and scribling around? Really? SAme! I have this habit too when I am boring or while I was thinking something..

    Nice post!

  2. great work done!
    really like the way you have picked up these facts :)

    and i will also cross my fingers for snowfall in Delhi ;)

    Take care, dear, have a nice week!! :)

  3. Hey thtz a cute n relly post sweets
    n u gt such beautiful eyes dearie...:) mez wil defintly execute n do ur tag soon..wont mke u wait long :)
    N haan btw congoz on the Flogger award :D
    Hugs & love..
    n btw u cn cll me Mads it makes me
    n my relatn wid a person (read as my friends)more comftrble :)

  4. Thanks sweetie for doing the tag with so much on your head!

    That was one hell of a tag!!!Awesome the way you presented it with a picture for each thing and the content,superb!Some of the facts made me laugh,some sigh and some smile at the lovely person you are.Keep it up darling and never ever change for anybody ever.Take care.God Bless.Love you.Muah!

    P.S.You would make a great photographer I am sure :)

  5. Beautifully done, lots of good thoughts and humour too. (Nice job on the photo, but i like the cat doodle even more)

  6. lolz... tat ws amazing!!! gimme a few days n i shall hv this up on my space...

  7. yes... cat doodle is great!
    very nice post :) photo is also interesting - I am sure you are a great photographer :)
    I will be honoured if you link me on your blog - thank you :)
    greetings from Poland,

  8. Hi

    U hv written so beautifully along wid the pictures.

    anyways, nice to know abt u.

    ur love for shaan, peepal leaves, snow, doodling is amazing.

    n yes, hope ur wish for snowfall in Delhi fulfilled. m also frm delhi n think our offices will be closed. :))))))))


  9. haha, u blvd tht there'll be snowfall in delhi eh? haha, u knw wht? once whn i was in the 3rd grade or sumthin, there was this stupid rumour flyin arnd tht the world was gonna end.. n haha, i actually bought tht crap and i remember sittin in school, completely sad and all that. haha.

    nice post! :D

  10. Hi Preetilata,
    Thanks for the honor of tagging me but I'm really very sorry to inform you that I don't do tags, memes and awards. I'm deeply honored by your tag, don't get me wrong. It's just that I don't want to omit anybody when my turn comes to tag or give an award to. I just don't want to hurt the feelings of those I will not be tagging. I treasure each and every person that visits and honors my blog and I treat everybody equally and without discrimination. I have my own reasons for blogging and I hope people will respect those reasons. Anyway, thanks again for tagging me and I hope we remain as friends. Smile always and have a pleasant and fantastic day.

  11. Hey thanks for taking up the tag...n i was waiting to c ur eyes..thanks for tht too..btw u hav pretty eyes..n the pic is jus having a cam..but still not able do anythng big with tht..gr8 work...:)

  12. Nice knowing more about was lovely reading your thoughts...I have also done quite a few tags last week!

  13. Great tag Preeti. You dont visit mah blog this days huh ?

  14. Hi Preetilata,
    In compliance with my promise to visit your blog again and to make comments on your post, here goes.

    1. Now we all know where you got your name and the distinguished persons who celebrate the same date for their birthdays. I do not know Preetilata Waddedar (I will read about her in my next visit here) but the eminent Rabindranath Tagore (that's how they spell his name in our history books)is so well known for his exquisite poetries and other notable achievements.

    2. Ha, ha, ha. You have your usual crushes before, with your tuition teacher, with Bollywood star Shaan, with Hector of Iliad, with Karan and David Copperfield. My, my, my. You have such strong imaginations when you were younger. Did any of them made a proposal to you? He, he, he *lol*

    3. Your favorite subjects are science, arts, commerce, poetry and painting. You are a jack of all trades and master of none. Hmmm, sounds familiar.

    4. So you want to paint on peepal leaves and you love the vibrant colors of nature. It's the creative spirit in you awaiting to be unleashed. Watch out world. Here comes Preetilata. He, he, he *lol*

    5. So you want to be a camera buff and wants to get hold of a camera.
    (Paging all admirers and wannabe suitors of Preetilata. Now you know what to give her as present on Christmas.) You might end up with a stack of cameras in your lap. He, he, he, *lol*

    6. Ha, ha, ha. So you dreamed on seeing actual snowfall in New Delhi. It was almost an impossible dream. Probably in the future, you will be able to see that, what with the global warming that have caused havoc and unnatural weather patterns. If the people of New Delhi will experience that, they already know whom to blame. Ha, ha, ha. But wait you actually experienced snow in Kashmeer. How's that for realizing your dreams. Better still you can marry an Eskimo in Alaska and have a lifelong experience of snow. He, he, he *lol*

    7. So you doodle a lot even in your mother's beddings and in the walls of your house. You must be a budding mural painter or a habitual vandal (those who spray paint walls with graffiti)he, he, he, *lol*

    8. Ah, I love those beautiful, soulful eyes. It is as if I am looking at your very soul. So noble of you to donate your eyes to somebody just in case St. Peter knocks on your door (knock on wood, perish the thought).

    There, I already made an exhaustive comments on your personal tag. I will be sending them via email to all my correspondents. he, he, he (joke only) Thanks again for your friendship. God bless and have a pleasant and eventful day.

  15. it was gr8 to know more abt u and i like ur hobbies and ur nature of life,,,and ur first love ur poems are very good ones.

    Me due to lack of time not able to write new poem but have posted on poem which i liked it very much from unkown poet

    Take Care

  16. beautiful blog..!! loved ur eyes...nd specially the doodled cat..!!
    i have never done ne tags..!! it was fun readin urs...

    it was a pleasure readin ur blog..!!

    keep w8n for more..
    happy blogging..!!

  17. Loved you tag, pictures and lovely eyes girl. It doesn't look likes cribble at all and lovely. I love that cat and u r very creative and talented.

  18. Hi dear!
    I updated the post about PIF, if you are interested you can Pay It Forward :)

  19. @preetilata
    Amaar jonmo xaviers theke pass korlam..thaar pore bharat dorshon..abaar esho

  20. My first time here.. Lovely blog you have.. Was nice to know abt you and you have a pretty eyes indeed.. May you get a camera soon!:)

  21. hiii.....well from the list i just read i suspected some about u...but stil must say dat i dint knw so much abt thanx 4 sharing.keep writing.

  22. Preeti....good compilation of the pictures and the situations. Keep up the good work. Try visiting my may rate my pictures...:)

  23. Hey that's a cool idea, the whole tagging thing. What a great way to come up with posts.
    That's a very pretty name, and unique too!
    That's a very nice idea about your eyes. I want to put in my will not to be embalmed (spelling?) so that way when my body rots I can go back to the earth as naturally as I came from it. :)

  24. Preeti,

    Just wanna let you my blog url is changed to

  25. i've done your tag, dear.. finally!! sorry for the delay :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  26. Painting the peepal .... wow.... somewhere out of the blue i just recollected that i had done the same when i was a kid.... man, i so love very much to play with colors, doodling and all.... but somehow art was just not for me..... i share the same interest of photography without a camera.. :D .... and how can i forget to comment about your eyes.... "Absolutely Gorgeous"....


  27. OMGoodness... I love your eyes, too! They are so beautiful, and such depth...

    Thank you for these wonderful you-isms!!! I must learn more about your namesake.


  28. it's very nice to know you afresh....beautiful blog....i really liked it....the thoughts in your writing is much like your poems....when heart rules over mind....the outcome is bound to be wonderful....your eyes....hmmmmmmmmmm


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