Friday, December 28, 2007

Seeds Of Friendship :)

Hey friends!! Check out this cute li’l garden of mine! ...Wowww!!! … Is it not looking beautiful! Aren’t the blooming flowers awesome! ... I bet these flowers are prettier than the stars above.

Inside my heart I have sown some seeds of friendship in the soil of love. Today they have not only grown but are blooming with flowers too….flowers that will bloom forever. I am constantly nourishing them with showers of care, rays of trust and air of faith. A fence of support is guarding them from evil eyes and protecting them from every single storm. The roots are too deep…can never be uprooted. And the pure…innocent…sweet fragrance is spreading….spreading its wings in every li’l corner of my life.

Aren’t the flowers beautiful! Yes they are!
How can they not be beautiful when each one of them is purest of pure!!!

God has blessed me with few but truest of true friends; friends who mean a lot to me…and to whom I mean a lot too. Every friend of mine is unique and important flower in the garden of my heart. So how on earth can they not be beautiful!
They are not just unique…they are awesome…they are extra-ordinary.
They are born always to bloom. Stooping is not their fate.

3days back Christmas has gone, and the New Year is just 3 days ahead. Wowww...on what an extra-ordinary day I have made a come back! :D And on such a great day what best gift I can bring for you all other than the seeds of friendship!

So…rite after my exams I am back with seeds of friendship for each one of you. I hope you all will like this gift of mine. What you all need to do is to sow the seed inside the garden of your heart. You are also required to pass on and spread the seeds of friendship everywhere around you. So that the flowers of friendship can bloom forever and can spread the fragrance of peace and happiness throughout the whole universe.

On that note, I am spreading forward the concept of Pay It Forward (PIF). By now we all are aware of it. The concept is that you have to send handmade gifts as small token of love n friendship to three people, asking nothing in return but that they will forward it to another three people. Instead of paying it back you pay it forward
I think it is an honest attempt of the blog members to prove that love and friendship are universal and hatred is utterly powerless in front of them.

Thanks to Sameera, Lena, Mann and all the bloggers who have already started spreading the concept of PIF. And now it is my turn to take it forward.

This is how the challenge goes "I promise to send a small handmade gift to the first three people who reply to this post on my blog, specifying that they accept the PIF challenge. I do not know what the gift will be as of now, but it will be something personalized and I promise to have it delivered to them within one year from today, no matter what. Of course, as the name indicates, the condition is that all three of them must in turn pay it forward the same way, by putting up a post linking to this one on their blog and promising to send three others a handmade gift. "

O! Sameera! What gift are you going to send me? I just can’t wait to feel the soulful touch of your hand…and the selfless love and care of your heart. Though your feeling is always there but your gift will be treasure just like your friendship.

Like birds Love and friendship too knows no boundaries. And PIF is a small attempt of all of us to give wings to them so that they can fly far, far away covering every li’l corner of this beautiful universe.

Those who want to take part in the PIF challenge, please leave a comment on this post clearly stating your willingness to be included. And those who do not want to join PIF, well, you are still welcome to go ahead and comment :)

Let all the residents of Bloggerville unite together and prove that love and friendship are universal and have more power than all the hatred and violence prevailing on this one world.

sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference...!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Just A Scribble.

My existence has got a meaning.
Circumstances can never throw me away.
I am born to win the battle
Against all the pain and sufferings.
copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

As my exams are just a stone throw away so I decided not to blog before my exams are over. But see… I am blogging at 3:30 in the morning…!!! Oh! God! Please help me to resist the temptation called blogging! [but after this post…OkZ God! ;) ]
Few months back I clicked this pic at “Garden Of Five Senses, New Delhi”. At this moment when I have nothing else to post I thought of sharing this pic along with a four line self-written scribble with all of you. I just love this pic and hope you all will love it too.
Okz! Frenz!… lemme logout before my maa gives me a good scolding!!!

C u aftr my xms.
Tk cr n Happy Blogging
:) :) :)