Monday, September 17, 2007

My Audible Colours !!!

Can you hear the
colours of my life?
Yes! They are audible.
Listen to them once dear,
Listen to them once.

blue is calling you.
It’s full of sorrows.
It wants to fall down as tears.
So it wants you
To be near.
Please be there honey
Please be there.

My angry soul is
It has seen you on the bridge
With that brunette.
And please don’t tell me
That she is your friend
And you were discussing on
Something called urgent.

Oh! Dear!
My happy soul is
On you I want to lean.
I want to hug u tight
Please come and hold me again.

My heart is shouting
It’s singing a song
Full of mellow.
Come and hold my hand
And let us cross the river.

Ah! Don’t be afraid
It’s not at all deep.
Come on Hun!
Letz go there
To the other side of the river
To touch the gigling
And to smell the smiling flowers.

Oh! There’s a swing
pink in colour.
And a concreate bench
greyish tint.

Come on, Shona!
Let’s go to that
And listen to the
Audible colours of our heart.

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar