Sunday, October 28, 2007


How jolly I am.
How happy I am
People are jealous of me
Because I always smile.
My smile is my asset,
My smile is my strength,
Now a days it has become my identity.

There’s always a twinkle in my eyes.
And a radiant glow on my face.
Because I smile a smile
Which is not fake.
I only smile…n smile…n smile.
My smile is something
Which comes from deep within my heart
And never leaves my face.

My smile is so true.
My smile is so pure.
My smile is so sweet.
My smile is so innocent.
My smile is so dear to me
In the garb of my smile
I hide all my pain and suffering
To face the world
With my head held high.


copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar