Sunday, November 4, 2007

A World Through My White Window

TAGGED!!! For the first time. :) By Virtual Rambler.

About Virtual Rambler....what should I say... it's just a couple of days that i know this rambler... n i just love the way he rambles about anything and evrything. He has tagged me to the "writing meme". thnx Rambler. I am honoured.

Ramler has very low expectations on me about whthr I will do the tag or not. But here I go to keep his expectations alive. I hope you will like it.

Hmmm…. Writing is something which comes very naturally to me. Till date I fail 2 write if something doesn’t creep n crawl in my heart on its own. And I also hate editing my writtings (may be I am too lazy to do so :P ). so guys n gals get ready for a basket(a big one) full of spelling..grammtical ...and god knows what kinda mistakes ;)

My first love is no doubt Poetry. I think I can do somewhat justice to my free flowing emotions of verses but when it comes to prose writing….i am not sure of my ability. (but i think i must post my prosses also...after all they are mine only...n i love thm y do the partiality with it...!)

Writing has always been an integral part of my life since my childhood days. But blogging started all of a sudden. A lot many times I was forced by my dear frenz to start a blog (they have too much belief of my writing skills...n i think i hvnt let thm down) but I didn’t agree to them at that time at all.

Then why the hell I am here now…???

I know many of my blogger frenz are here because of their love for writing…or to kill time…or just to break loose themselves from the memory of someone. (A hell lot of other reasons must be there.)

But these reasons are not applicable for me.

Yes, I do love writing…but blogging is not an outcome of my love for writing.

I do want to kill my time…But not by blogging (my diary is much more convenient for this work…n oh I love painting on pepal leaf)

Then… do I blog to break myself loose from someone’s sorrowful memories??? …. Believe me my dear frenz…this is not a reason at all…though the memories have contributed a lot in it.

I never started blogging to keep myself away from someone’s memories… but to keep those memories intact to my heart…my soul…my life. As a result I decided to unfold some special parts of my soul through my li’l white window.
Honestly I want to keep that “someone’s” beautiful yet sorrowful or sorrowful yet beautiful memories alive for ever and believe me blogging has no doubt helped me to do so ( else m sure those would have become dull...boring…n have faded away by now…afterall time has got so much power in its hands.)

Basically I write in Bengali but sometime I do pen down my itsy-bitsy thoughts in Hindi and English too. Currently I am maintaining two blogs. “Moner Janala Dhore” in Bengali and “White Window” in English.
Moner Janala Dhore” means “Striaght from the Window of My Heart”.

Now arrises another big question, why only “window” and not some other title?

Am I obssessed with a window? ... Many a times I have asked the same question to myself again n again (my frenz also ask me d same question often). And whenever I have given a deep thought; the answer that always comes out is a big “NO”. No I am not obssessed with a window. I am not fanatic about anything. But I am simply in love with a window.

Is it because I am not free and through this li’l window only I have chosen to get atleast a glimpse of freedom???
Not really. I’ve got the full freedom to do anything keeping in mind the consequences ( …have to follow my parents guidelines afterall )

Then what is this “white window” n why I am in love with it…???
Hmmm…actually it’s nothing but just a slice of my silly heart…a reflection of my soul…a shadow of my hidden self.
It’s a medium to connect with my own self. It is to see the sky outside…the birds…the bees…the flowers…leaves …dusk…dawn…moon…sun... all my frenz…and anything and everything that my heart…my soul…want to explore.
I just love it when my teachers turn me out of the class just because many a times I keep staring out of the window without bothering what they are teaching.
I love to wake up in the midnight ...just to stand by my window to stare at the black sky.
I love it when the beautiful sun graces my sleepy face in the morning with its majestic rays.
I love evrything abt it …to conclude I am simply in love with my li’l window. Afterall it gives voice to my soul’s murmurs…wings to my imaginations….n a roller-coaster ride to my wild but innocent fantacies.

And look what a life here!….wowwwww!!!….memories have turned to be so sweet and so adorable. And see the plus point of blogging… I hv gained so many beautiful frenz here. Each and evry body is a priceless gem. Oh!…how rich I have become… Just a few months of blogging…and my basket is full of beautiful hearts. Do I need anything else… Nahhhhhhhhh….I'hv got more than enough…much…much…much more than what I’hv expected. Thnx…thnx…my li’l window….thnx all my frenz…I can never afford to loose u guys ever. U all have made my life so much more beautiful…. You guys simply rock…!!! …may god bless u all.

So here I will end the meme with:

Oh my sweet li’l window.
Alwys remain wide open
Through you I see a world
Which never existed before.
You are
my friend …my strength …my hope.
A pure reflection of my soul
You are such a shadow of mine
Which is purely eternal.
I don’t want to keep myself
Hidden from d world any more.
Through you I want to explore
The world and my soul.
And the connection in between the two.

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