Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HiGh On LiFe !

photograph taken by Kalpajeet Da


I was born on the busy road
Behind that grey garbage dump.
On my own I learnt to jump and hump
As nobody was there to
Hold my fingers
To walk with me.

My father is an unknown
My mother is someone
And people accuse me
Of being a burden
On this entire mankind.

While my mother
Begs form door to door,
Me & my sister
Clean the cars
On the busy road.
And at leisure
We play with the stray dogs
Who are beaten almost to death
With chunks of stone.

I eat the thrown away food
& sleep on the road.
I have only rugs to wear
But still can tolerate
The rain, heat, & cold.

Hey don’t pity on my
Dirty face, dishevelled hair
& torn clothes.
See the twinkle in my eyes
Infront of which even
The stars forget their twinkling
& the sun is ashamed of
Shining bright.

Ah! What a strange thing
Life is!
What an irony my dear friends!
You have got everything
But still you cry.
& look at me
I have got nothing
But a


copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Dear Kalpajeet Da, here is the poem for you. I am dedicating it to you as I was inspired to write it by the photograph u hv taken. I hope u wud like it.