Saturday, November 10, 2007

Auto-biography of an unshed tear-drop !

Hi!..its me..!!..drop…an unshed tear-drop..!!!
Do you know me..???
Well ..u don’t know me. so silly..
I'm just an unshed tear -drop...
So how are u gonna know me..!!!

From a long-long time..
I'm living in this big-black eyes of her.
I do want to fall down..
As my life is so short.
It's already time for me to die.
But am not able to do so.
Do you know why..???
Oh..again I forgot..
How would you know that?
(I told you na an idiot!)
Hmm..ok let me tell you why..
(but please promise me..
That you wont disclose itr to anyone)
Actually you know..
In me she has kept all her memories alive.
She has got nothing except these memories.
And me the li’l tear-drop is her treasure box
To keep all her memories alive.

You know wat…
She is a real idiot.
(I no you don’t know..
But let me tell you why..)
Silly gal…!!! .no an idiot actually!
She relies on me..!!
have you ever seen a girl
who relies on a tear-drop..
to continue with her life..!!!

sometime I don’t even understand
whether she is a strong or a weak willed.
But still I belive..that she is strong..
very..very ..very strong.
AnD sometime I do feel that
Somehow she gathers the strength
By keeping me alive in her eyes.

I have really become very old now.
Now I get tired very easily.
But still I am going to live
In her eyes forever and ever.
As I myself can’t leave her alone
For a single moment.
In all these years we have spent together
We have become one soul.
So I have decided that
I am never gonna
Part with her.
After all she is my life..!!!
Or should I say
I am her’s ”…!!!

~~~an unshed tear-drop~~~

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar