Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bidding Adieu !

I didn’t stop it…I let it go…
It is the farewell time today.

Farewell to my sweet li'l


I loved the moment when my tear drop rolled down my cheeks. And I will cheerish this pleasant moment forever. I think it is the same Tear-drop which I have saved in my eyes for a long time.


Oh!…my dear Tear-Drop!… at last you have met your destiny too. Believe me dear… I am happy for you. After all you needed a break from me. And I have set you free atlast.


Do you know my loving Tear-Drop ... I am never gonna miss you in my life.

But …I am never gonna forget you ever.

Take care always.


:) :) :)

The dreams which I have sown in my eyes once... have taken the shape of reality in someone else’s life today.

Hmmm…I am happy for you. Wish u all d very best in ur life.


tk cr
:) :) :)