Sunday, December 28, 2008


From my white window beauteous
Hangs a windchime since many days,
Seven sticks of whose in delight plays,
My life’s musical notes as it sways.

With every blow of air and each drop of rain,
The windchime starts to sing and swing,
To remove the patches of unheard pains.

The memories when usher sleepless nights,
The seven sticks join to sing lullaby
Soothing the soul, the music turns
Pained memories to a lifelong gain.

In the vastness of my blue skies,
My heart, like a small paper kite flies,
My mind’s strings doesn’t let go-
My mercy pleas to sorrows in denial dies..

Yet dances merry the fragile kite in the sky,
With every beat of the old windchime
And when my heart loses its path and weeps,
The windchime’s tunes holds me aloft and high..

Whenever the soothing air seems far away,
And gloomy remains the world, all night and day
Hope is what my windchime never loses..
The hope of air, and the hope of rain
And the hope itself becomes "The Music of Silence".


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pixie Dust, I and Our 2 min of Fame !

Guess what!!! This year Santa actually came with a gift for me. Do you know what it is?

Read on to find out.

I was poking around in the city walk mall. It was a Wednesday and the weekly flea market was held in the huge sprawling area of the mall. I stopped over there and poked my head inside a hut shaped stall and to my utter surprise saw numerous cute puppies crawling here and there. I heard Santa ringing his virtual bell somewhere nearby.

A poster grabbed my attention:

“this Christmas adopt a puppy:
give home to a puppy and give your child a best friend”.

Last December I lost my Tom- my cute li'l doggie and since then his memories have not left me alone. But yesterday I leaped in joy at this opportunity to adopt a puppy and fulfilled my long cherished desire to have a pet again.

I immediately went ahead to select a pup for me. So many cute pups were playing around. Some were sleeping, a few were the restless lost eager to showcase their enthusiasm and few were just quite. All of them were of Indian breed. They were perfectly taken care of and well groomed by the PFA members. All of them were so cute that anybody would fall in love with them. This did not confuse me to select the one, meant just for me.

She was the prettiest- the only princess ruling there- a bit restless yet graceful OP. OP- that was she was fondly called by the members. I learned from them that she would complete 2 months on 15th jan and that her mom was a mixed-labra breed.

The moment I held her in my arms, I touched beauty. Her black eyes bore an innocent look that melted my heart like the way an ice-cream melts. Her golden-brown fur was very smooth and soft. I hugged and patted her lovingly. She appeared very quite and curious in my company and was well mannered. I noticed an orange string around her neck with a ‘Sai baba’ locket. (guess it was a divine clue, since I have tremendous faith in Saibaba!)

Quicky I completed the adoption procedure which included a submission of a form and a registration fee. This is an initiation by PFA(People For Animal) under the guidance of Dr. Ambika Shukla(sister of Menaka Gandhi). I interacted with some of the members and they educated me about overall care of the puppy. The best part is she will get free vaccination and other health check-ups for her entire life.

Meanwhile a lady following my activities approached and requested me to say a few words about this whole experience for her evening show of NDTV India. I agreed sheepishly and wow! It felt great to be on air.

I held OP carefully in my lap and started walking towards my home. On my way home, I baptized her “Pixie Dust”. My dear “Pixie”.

Every one in my home were delighted specially my lil bro. As if these happiness were not enough, I even get to see myself on NDTV India news channel while cuddling my Pixie to no end.

It was amazing to see myself on screen. I sounded sweet. Pixie and I reflected a beautiful bond onscreen. Gosh! I was looking beautiful too, not to mention about my Pixie. ;) :P

Pixie Dust is the best X’mas gift I have ever received. This cute li'l Pixie has wrapped my world with so much more warmth and happiness.

PS: well at present she behaves like a new-born who only eats and sleeps and it is a blessing to have her in my life.

Love you Pixie. :)


Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh! Santa!

Oh! Santa,
You told me to look at the brighter side of life
Wiping the tears I must always smile
I am so lucky to be born this way
Where the world around me dances in gay.

While on merry-go-round, enjoying my ride
I close my eyes on the forlorn child
But my restive soul keeps pondering over
To the unlucky ruffians and shambled rover .

For you,
Stars and bells lay shining on the tree
Every face lay lit glimmer with glee
Every hand is a Christmas gift galore
In your sleigh Santa, you enter every door.

But will you visit the lovelorn child,
His shattered life will you compile,
All those ones who are marred by fate
Will you give them a slice from your cake? 

Agony and despair is their only friend.
Oh! Santa,
Will you ever alter this Perennial Trend?
Tell me,
With whom shall I celebrate dear,
With the blessed souls or the hearts soaked in tear?


Wish you all Merry Christmas! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gone are the Days

Dancing bubbles with strings attached.
Surfaces colored with dots and stars.
Sometimes plain and sometimes multy
Sometimes round, at times arty.

Gone are the days when these bore a place
In every kid’s life, those restless chase.
Now a balloon seller is seldom seen
The children today are never so keen
To buy these balloons, vivid and magical
Filled with colors and dreams so real.

Video-games and electronic toys
Today replaced these little joys.
But how on earth one can attain
The joy of running in the autumn rain
And leaping to the balloon seller
To hold the string in childish flair.

Tiny tots lay bereft of lost old treasures-
And the value of the bygone pleasures.
Balloons and teddies lay out of place 
In this age of malice and pretense
Innocence itself has got lost
Amongst the rush of modernization.


PS. Penned this poem on March 10,08

PPS. This poem derives inspiration from a lonely balloon seller walking all the way in a posh colony with a faint hope that he might get a child clinging to him for a balloon but sadly no body turned up and what he could vision only was a huge scape of empty road ahead of him as if he ws non existent.

*Pic: From an e-mail.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Loveless, listless me.
Sitting near the blue stream
Forever waiting.


A senryu is a three line Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku. It is unrhymed and the subject is based on human nature. it too has three lines of verses consisting of five, seven and five syllables respectively.

PS. It is my very first attempt. :)

*pic: deviantART

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sylvan décor on the horizon
Pearlish complexion in stillness
Rhapsody in silken night
Calmness spills the beauty
Shimmers splendorous
Heaven’s halo


NONET:A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, and so on... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

~Divine Rainbow~

It was not at all easy for Meena to forget everything and smile again. The loss seemed too much to be overcome by anything on this earth. Her dreams were all broken just within a fraction of time. The whole day she kept on crying- lamenting and her fate while uselessly recollecting the broken pieces of her shattered dreams.

It was too late at night and now she was tired of crying the whole day. Finally she got up from the dark corner of her closed room and came outside in search of some fresh air. The moment Chinu saw her; he came running to her to shower all his love upon her. No amount of darkness could have hid the shine in his eyes which conveyed his love for Meena. Chinu did not waste a single moment to lick all over her face, neck and hands. Meena too hugged him tightly and kissed him all over again and again.

Along with Chinu she went downstairs and was surprised to find out her mother still waiting for her at the dinner table. The moment she entered the dinning room her mother scolded her a bit for coming so late for dinner. While she was still having her dinner, her father came out of his room to have a glass of water. Before going back he just kept his hand on his daughter’s head for a moment and without even uttering a single word left for his room to sleep.

While she was going back to her room her li’l brother came to her out of no where just to give her a good night kiss. She hugged him tightly and kissed him on his forehead and very lovingly told him to go back to sleep. The twinkling in his bright eyes didn’t escape Meena’s. Its not the first time that Arpu gave her a good night kiss. But for the first time she felt the warmth of the kiss deep within her heart.

When she was just two steps up; her mother called her back. She turned back to find an envelope in her hands. Within a flash of a second she understood what this envelope carried in it. Now her eyes were brimming with tears. Before she could utter a single word her mother hugged her tightly and said that they all are very proud of their darling daughter and they have full believe in her that very soon she would forget her past and would start a new bright life. Back to her own room she was so happy that she wanted to shout on top of her voice. After all she has made it to one of the top universities of UK. At last her hard works were paid off and very soon she was going to fulfill her long cherished dream.

Now Meena was all alone in the balcony with her ipod and Chinu lying near her cane sofa. At this moment of night strangely she was not thinking of him any more instead she was thinking about her dog, mom-dad and her li’l naughty brother. This time Meena didn’t fail to understand the love and concern behind her mother’s endless scolding. She knew that her dad always keeps a bottle of water near him while sleeping at night but still he got up so late at night and came out for water. And this time her small brains didn’t have to struggle at all to find out the reasons for his dad’s behavior. She can never forget the goodnight kiss that her li’l brother gave her. And her dog…wow Chinu is the cutest dog in this whole world and anyone can even die to have a dog like him. Isn’t it strange that Meena was crying the whole day for someone who didn’t even think twice before leaving her forever everyone around her were all sweet and loving to her even after she has almost forgotten them all?

The whole day she kept her cell phone switched off to wallow in her sorrow and broken pieces of dreams. And in the process of doing so she turned blind towards the colors of life, forgot to feel the happiness around, forgot to realize that her near and dear ones were equally in pain because she was not happy. She had deliberately shut her eyes and had turned her back towards a life which is worth living for.

All of a sudden her cell phone started ringing and with a jerk she came out of her world of thoughts. Just within 10 minutes of switching on the phone, her best friend called her up. Radha was trying to reach her since morning and was not able to sleep before having a word with her. She was worried about her and had called her up so late at night just to ensure that everything was fine with her. And she was as happy as Meena about her getting selected in one of the top UK universities. Before keeping the phone she also gave her the news of Parth’s coming back and hanged up the phone after Meena promised to give a grand party to all of her friends.

For few moments Meena’s thoughts were encircled around Parth. He was one of the best guys she had come around in her life. Parth was always in love with her and now even after so much had happened, Meena was aware of the fact that he still loves him.

Absent mindedly Meena got up from her cane sofa and with a bag full of hope and a new approach towards life went towards the railing of her balcony. She was looking at the moon with her eyes brimming with dreams and happiness. Few little tear-drops escaped her eyes and suddenly she saw a formation of a sparkling web of colors which slowly took the shape of a rainbow when moon light entered through the teardrop that was stuck in her eye lashes. For the first time in her life she experienced a rainbow consisting not of the seven but of divine eight colors.

Through the glistening tear drop, she visioned the eightth color of the rainbow- yes it exists. It does exist in her colorful horizon of life. Deep inside her heart she understood that this eighth color is exclusively for her. No one else can ever know about the existence of this eighth color. It is she who will live this divine eighth color.

Suddenly her phone beeped. She opened her inbox to find out a SMS from Parth. Unknowingly she smiled a smile which reflected her happy heart. She again submerged herself in her eight colored rainbow and very lovingly whispered Parth’s SMS into the ears of this beautiful night and the blowing wind carried the SMS to the moon which witnessed this beginning of a new dawn in Meena’s life.

While she was enjoying her divine rainbow; the whole night sky including the moon, the stars, the leaves around and the blowing wind kept on echoing each and every word of Parth’s SMS, as if the whole universe was celebrating the joyful union of Meena’s divine eight- colored rainbow and Parth’s divinity entangled SMS.


Open your eyes…open your soul, like Meena you too can see your own divine eight colored rainbow.-

Open your ears…open your heart; you too can hear Parth’s SMS echoed to you by every little particles of the universe,

“If you allow the light to pass even through the teardrop, you'll see a rainbow”




By Preetilata, July 12, 2008

**pic courtesy: istockphoto

**P.S: texts in red is a quotation i found out while net browsing. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Haiku II

"Graceful shines the sun,

Spreading its rays all around-

New saplings come out."


Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry, where the poems are simple, small and not rhymed. It is nothing but a depiction of nature in its innumerable aspects.

Few simple rules for writing in this form of poetry are:

1. Three lines of verse consisting of five, seven, and five syllables.

2. Each haiku must contain a seasonal word, may not strictly be a typical one. For example: snow denotes winter.

P.S :  This is my second attempt at Haiku.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Coffee" - A Nonnet

Cuppa full of frothy happiness
Brewed in an aromatic charm-
Simmers the tranced solitude.
Mingling of roasted beans
With mocha dashes-
Distinct flavour.


“You are my star but the day you will understand this I will be a star” these were the last words of Sitara before they parted never to meet again.

‘But did we part never to meet again or our fate has some different plans.’- standing alone in the balcony Devesh thought to himself. Suddenly almost after eight long years he was thinking about her may be for the second time. But why was he thinking about her? He kept asking himself the same question again and again not to get any answers. And was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when Shweta joined him in the balcony.

“Do you want anything, honey” Shweta asked him.

“Yes dear, an Apology. Can I get it, Shweta?”

“ Devesh! I have forgotten it long ago and now you should forget it too.”


“Now tell me anything else apart from this?”

“YOU…always beside me.”

“Oh! Honey! I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart!”

And they hugged each other.

But again his eyes were fixed on that solitary star in the north of the sky.

“What are you looking at, honey?”

“Woh tara” (“that star”)

“Don’t you worry, dear! SHE IS YOUR STAR!”

Now Devesh was again left alone with that solitary star. 
‘She is your STAR…what does that mean?’ his thought process became active once again.
God knows what struck his brain that he immediately rushed inside the store room and like a mad started searching for something. At last he found an old MTNL land line number inside some old papers and useless documents.

‘Is the number still working? Do they still live in the same place?’

‘Ok! Let me try at least’

Without wasting any more time in thoughts whether to call or not he rushed back to his room and  dialed the phone number.

“Hello! Devesh Chatterjee this side. May I speak to Sitara Das please?”

“No! Not possible.”

“Oh! Has she left the place? Can you please tell me where she is now? Any number to contact her?

“She is no more.”

The telephone-line was disconnected from the other side but Devesh felt as if someone has disconnected her lifeline. He could not believe what he had heard right now.

‘No more! But how come and when?’

He was in a deep shock and was feeling drowsy. Very slowly his shocked mind entered inside a deep tunnel of some lost memories and some half-covered truths. The more he entered inside the tunnel the more he explored. He could hear some one’s voice reciting the stories from the pages of his life through poetry. On concentrating a bit he came to know that the voice was of no one else’s but his own. The poetry that he was reciting was so vividly explained that he actually started to visualize each and every scene of it.
‘Mr. Devesh Chatterjee is one lucky happy man. He has name, fame, money, status and everything that one expects from one’s life. He is a proud father of two beautiful kids and is a lucky husband of a perfect lady. He is one damn lucky and a happy man. Lucky he is for sure but is he actually happy?

Eight years ago Devesh abandoned Sitara and married Shweta. No it’s not like that he didn’t love Sitara. Surely he did. Sitara was the star of his eyes but was too childish and imperfect for a man like Devesh Chatterjee. Even the name Sitara sounded too much old fashioned to him.
On the contrary Shweta was a perfect blend of modernity, grace, and talent. She was the epitome of beauty with brains. Even the name Shweta spelled confidence to him. In short Shweta was a perfect match for devesh.

But after eight years of so called happy married life does he still consider Shweta his perfect match? Is he still proud of her? Can he consider himself happy?

“You know what is the problem with you, Shweta? ….you are too much perfect. As much as that you are beyond one’s tolerance.”

“Oh! Is it like that! I am glad to know this. But no, my dear hubby, you are wrong. The truth is something else.”

“Oh! Ya! Why don’t you let me know the truth?”

“Leave it, Devesh. You are not macho enough to handle the truth.”

“What! What! You mean to say that I am not a man enough to handle the truth?”

“I said macho and not man. And anyways I don’t think cowards should consider themselves Man.”

“Oh! Really! And that’s what you think of me, you pompous woman.”

“I told you na that you cannot handle the truth. But as you are so curious to know it so for your curiosity’s sake here the truth comes …”

“Why are you silent? Come on shoot fast.”

“You don’t actually have any problem with my being a perfect lady but the truth is that you can’t accept your own imperfections in every field of life.”

“My biggest mistake in life is you. Oh! How I wish I had married Sitara and not any Shweta.”

“I always knew it, Devesh, that you still love Sitara and today you confirmed the truth.”

“No, it’s not a matter of love but at least she would have tried her best to keep me happy unlike you. I wish she was still my aankhon ka tara( star of my eyes)"

“Devesh, you are sick! How come you can be so selfish! I pity you, Mr. Devesh Chatterjee. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of being your wife.

“If you are so much ashamed of me then why you are here? Why don’t you leave me and my house immediately? What’s stopping you to do so huh?...You are a beauty goddess…a so called perfect woman…so many perfect men are waiting for you outside this house…go to them…be happy... why are you here….”

Devesh kept on shouting like a moron. As if Shweta had hit him hard on his male ego and thus he was shivering in humiliation and anger.
Without giving any reply to devesh’s nasty comments, Shweta left the house immediately along with his two kids.

An hour later of drinking too much, Devesh left the house too and set on a journey that had no destination. He was totally out of control and the car he was driving was not listening to him at all.

Suddenly his dangerously reddened eyes fell on someone walking on the pavement. He was too drunk that he couldn’t even make out whether it was a man or a woman, a child or an adult. But still a name came out from deep with in his heart. He shouted “Sitaraaaaaaaaa….” But before he could understand anything (anyways he was in no position to understand anything), his car was totally out of his control.

And the next moment he found himself on a hospital bed. His whole body was smeared in blood and he felt that each drop of his blood was yelling and abusing him.
Though he couldn’t see anything right now but he could imagine that his perfect wife was crying for him for the very first time in her life…his two innocent kids were crying for him too though they were still too young to understand what Death means.
Devesh was out of danger and right now in deep sleep (at least the doctors thought that he was sleeping). But he could hear Dr. Moitra’s conversation with his wife:

“Do not worry, Mrs. Chatterjee, your husband is now totally out of danger.”

“I know Dr. Moitra that Devesh is out of danger. Now. But what will happen when he comes to know about his loss. He will shatter, doctor. Is there nobody to help us? and god, that police case is also there ? Oh! lord! My whole life has fallen apart within a fraction of second!”

“Not at all, Mrs. Chatterjee. Everything will be fine soon. Just have patience and have faith in god.”

“I have faith in god, doctor. But who can help him now? I am ready to pay anything”

“This is not required, Mrs. Chatterjee. You and your husband are indeed very lucky. Before leaving this world forever the deceased has taken back the police case that her parents have filed against your husband.”


“Not only that. Her last wish was to donate her eyes to your husband.”

“Oh! My god! Doctor, can I meet her parents ?”

“No. They have left the hospital and moreover they don’t want to.”

“But, doctor, I just want to convey my regards to them plus any amount of money or any kind of help they ask for.”

“This is what the problem with you, people. You measure everything with money only. I am sorry to say but you people do not understand the value of emotions.” 

“But doctor…!”

“He is my star and I am his aankhon ka tara and I will remain so forever and ever. So what the day he will understand this…I WILL BE A STAR!”

I can’t understand you doctor!”

“These were sitara’s last words”

Shweta couldn’t utter a single word after that as her voice choked with pain.


“Devesh, it’s time for you medicines” with a jerk Shweta’s voice pulled him out from the tunnel of some lost memories and some half-known truths. But two tear drops abandoned his eyes without even asking him, as if they have wanted for long to leave his eyes but were not getting any reasons for that.

Somehow he managed to hide his tears from his loving wife and swallowed all the tablets and syrups without giving any trouble to Shweta unlike other days.

“Wow! You are such a good boy today! What’s the matter my honey-bunny!” there was a sparkle in her eyes as she uttered these words.

Without giving any reply to Shweta, Devesh again came back to the balcony. The sky is still cloudy and moonless. But that small star is still there in the north side of the sky…standing all alone but twinkling with pride.


***wrote this story long back on 28th feb'08. Almost a year now. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Musing Of 'Hope'!

Burning the heart and burning the soul
Tragedies befall when terror takes its toll.

Tears stop rolling but humanity cries
When marring the emotions; cruelty and hatred rise.

Deep under the grave happiness lies asleep
Seeing the wounds even the mountains weep.

In the name of God one kills the other
(With) those blood smeared hands then offers prayer.

'We' the human beings are shameless enough
To hide our sins under the religious turf.

Still "Hope" lingers everywhere around
New dreams reap from the blood stained ground.

One day, only love and peace will rule every heart
Let all of us unite and make a new start.

Lighting a candle my heart prays for the departed souls
May its light burn every evil that our hearts hold.


Terror can't kill the 'Spirit'!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrating Togetherness

Being a dumbi was never a matter of pride

Until I became a part of this joyful ride.
Now we are inseparable from each other
Heaven is where we all are together.

Life has never been the same since I met my dumbis: sami, lenu and divvi. In mere words I cannot express my gratitude to my blog through which I have came across my soul sisters- the true angels for me. Now I can’t even imagine a single day of my life without them. They not only complete me but bring out the best in me.

So what we have met through internet and reside in four corners of the world. Between true friends there is absolutely no barrier. And if you think that true friendship can never happen online then I bet you are wrong.. The joy of meeting sami in real was an extremely out of the world feeling. It is one of the most beautiful and treasured moment of my life. It never came across our minds that we were meeting for the very first time but as if we know each other for a long long time. I can’t even imagine how beautiful and blissful will be the moment when I will meet my shona chimpu and my lenu janu. Waiting eagerly to meet the dumbis.

Time keeps on moving so does our friendship. The distance between us is large but our souls are attached to each other’s with a divine string and with Almighty’s grace its growing stronger day by day.

We are inseparable. *TOUCHWOOD*

May god bless us with every happiness and success that we deserve *AMEN*

Long live the Dumbi Gang *CHEERS*

Please grace The Dumbi Gang on our 1st anniversary party. And be a part of our celebratious fiesta. Please click on the Dumbi Gang pic below to attend the party. :P

P.S: I am not yet back to blogging. Curse my net connection for it. hope to come back soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Luv Gifts esp. d Surprised ones :P

How does it feel when you are devoid of doing what you love to do?

Gosh it is being too long a time and i haven't blog or bloghopped at all. something which i am missing the most while I don't have internet connection.

Those who know me for quite sometime here will say "what's new in that Preety. It happens all the time" :(

My internet connection is a big time prankster and loves playing pranks with me the most.

So I am spending my life without internet by reading novels, giving missed calls to my Dumb i's (whenever my mobile balance permits me to do so ;)) and by sleeping. Believe me life is not that boring with this kind of a daily routine. :P

I missed a lot of happening things here in bloggerville like Hemu's Budday party, Vinay's century and Priya's halfcentury posts.

Somehow I have managed to access internet for a while today. I bloghopped for few minutes unaware of the surprise gift waiting for me in two beautiful blogs.

First surprise gift was waiting in Priya's blog. On 2nd nov'08 this cute n bubbly girl completed her half-century. And she celebrated this post by giving us all a personalized gift made up of her pure words. And i was stunned to read my gift.

"Preetilata: For a long time I wanted to know her coz she was the only one of the 4 friends I didn't know..I knew she wud be as wonderful person as the other three..and yes she is ...her posts make me stop ..and think..I have never felt that I don't know her much ..She is such a sweet person...I can say tat coz I hav read the way she comments...I am happy that I have her as my friend.."

Dear Priya, I never knew you feel like this for me. Believe me I am also very lucky to know you and have you as my friend. If my posts make you stop and think then i think that one of my purposes of writting is getting fulfilled. You too are a very sweet and nice person and ur blog shows you brilliance. Keep smiling..keep writting..and keep spreading smiles.

My second surprise gift was there in Vinay's blog. Few days back he celebrated his 100th post in a beautiful poetic way. He penned beautiful poems for all of us. and i was so happy to find my name there.

"I entered White Window late,
But I still admire, her words great,
Proper friends, we are not still,
But I’ll know her better, soon I will."

Dear Vinay, it feels really nice to know that your words are admired by others especially when one of them is a poet like you. i do not need to say anything abot your talent. 1st of all becaouse i will fall short of words to do so and secondly, you do not need it because everybody here knows it and whoever do not know yet must read you blog without wasting any more time. i hope with the course of time we will know each other more better. keep smiling..keep writting..and keep spreading smiles.

I am feeling short of words to thank them. will a simple 'Thankyou' deep from my heart will do?

Both this gifts added more colors, smiles and happiness to my life.

At the end i apologize for not visiting your blogs. i hope to get back soon and catch upon the posts.

once again a big thanks to each one of you for dropping by my blog and wishing me to come back soon.

here's a gift for each one of you.

P.S :wish you a very happy belated happy budday Hemu dear. :P
PPS: I completed my 37th post today. :P ;) :D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy budday Sami

On the 2nd of November,
bloomed a tiny, little flower,
beautiful, beautious a damsel Dear-
Sameera-An Angel and my Soul Sister.

Happy birthday Moti-For you
A big hug and Bouquets of Love-
A peck on your cheek and a playful shove.
My joys melt mighty down my eyes,
in form of diamonds my Sweets-
cos I hold you so precious.

I wish today, I rustle up your fave dish,
braid ur hair in golden knots of bliss-
a dress regal for the super Princess,
and I pray You attain a skyful of Happiness.

I pray everyday yours be one glorious smile,
and we be the same in seasons sombre and both puerile.
My friend, my sister and the Noor of my Eyes-
'Godbless you Angel' my heart in unchained happiness cries.

P.S - Poem by preeti but but but..... posted by Div divvi divvu :P :P 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sitara !

“You are my Star but the day you will understand this I will be a Star forever” these were the last words of Sitara before they parted never to meet again.


**Image Source:Flicker

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dream Your Dreams!!!

Maa: Beta tu toh chand ko dekhkar taroon ko chune ki koshish kar raha hai.

Nanhe: Maa! Chand to meri khidki pe roz ata hai. Ekdin chand pe khada hokar main apna tara zarur thod lunga!

Mom: Son! You are trying to touch the stars by looking at the moon.

Nanhe: Mom! The moon comes to my window every night but one day standing on the moon I will pluck my own star!

The above dialogue from the movie “Nanhe Jaisalmer” just touched me and inspired me to no end.Imagination and confidence along with self-belief and hard work is the mantra to make even the impossible possible. If we have got the power to dream then we all have got the power to convert our dreams into reality. And the movie was 100% successful in conveying the message to its audience.

Isn’t it strange how most of the times we fail to realize our dreams just because like the stars it seems too far away from the reach of our hands? But don’t you ever feel that they are an integral part of us and are just within us? The only thing is that we just need to open our eyes to see it, feel it and to realize it. The fact that we can dream is the proof enough of the fact that they can be converted into a reality. Once reaching the moon was an impossible dream but is it impossible anymore? Self belief, faith, confidence and hard work; is there anything else which is needed to realize the dreams.

Around two years ago when I was doing my graduation; it started as a SMS joke in which sperms were fighting with each other. Many a time it happens that we feel let down, depressed, good for nothing and a complete looser. The dreams which we have sown in our eyes reflect nothing but impossibility.

Coming back to the SMS, the moral of it was “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Now sit straight for a moment, take a deep breath and repeat with me “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Voila! Isn’t it a magic!

Can’t you feel the blood rushing in your nerves out of excitement and new found confidence!

Can’t you see your dreams hanging out side your window waiting desperately for you to touch it and realize it!

How hard could anything else in life be when we have won the biggest battle of winning our very own life even before we were born? Don’t you think our very own existence on this earth is the proof enough of each one of us being a born winner? It’s true that the very onset of our life was a win which makes each one of us a ‘born winner’. And we are celebrating it by every breath we take.

Its natural to feel depressed and helpless but next time before you back out, just think for a minute that you beat millions of others even before you were born, only a few thousands more to go!

Dream…dream…and dream… have faith and give your best to it. One day surely the moon will come to our windows to take us to the sky of our dreams. And that day standing on the moon; with our li’l hands we will pluck our very own star!


Friday, October 17, 2008

THE DOLL: 55 Fiction

“It still lies there untouched for the past 8 years.”


“It had become impossible to live with your dad anymore Linda.”


“The dusts on it are proofs of my ruined childhood.”


“But now for your sake we are together again. We will bring back your good old days”

“Alas! But I have Grown Up mama!”


What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less(A non-negotiable rule).

P.S : "The Doll" is my very first step towards writing a “55 Fiction” and I hope I am successful in it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Birth" - A Nonet

A call was heard from inside the womb.

Wrapped in love, Entity arrives-

Celebratious homecoming.

Life marked in divine light.

Doors of horizon-

Welcomes the Birth.

Love and Hope



NONET: A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Line 1: 9 syllables- A/call/was /heard/from/in/side/the/womb.

Line 2: 8 syllables- Wrapped/in/love,/En/ti/ty/ar/rives

Line 3: 7 syllables- Ce/le/bra/tious/home/com/ing.

Line 4: 6 syllables- Life/marked /in/di/vine/light.

Line 5: 5 syllables- Doors/of /ho/ri/zon-

Line 6: 4 syllables- Wel/comes/the/Birth.

Line 7: 3 syllables- Love/and/Hope

Line 8: 2 syllables- Ush/ers

Line 9: 1 syllables- Joy


Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Brainstorming :)

Sometimes, we tend to overlook a smaller artistry when an enormous occasion beckons us in the form of celebratious extravaganza. The same happened when I, tagged with my family went to witness an evening of our biggest festival ‘Durga Puja’.

            Amid the huge masses that gathered at the pandal to watch the evening proceedings of the festival, there was something that caught my attention.

            It was a fabulous display of some pencil sketches (by an artist named ‘Sathi’) that made me to halt there and notice the craftsmanship and brilliant thoughts that went in the making of  such meaningful sketches straight from the enclaves of the mind.

            I took the opportunity to put my newly bought cam phone in the best of use and went on a photo-clicking spree. I stopped there to pamper my grey cells with my own insights about the thoughtful stories encrypted behind each sketches.

 So, friends! What about indulging ourselves into some interesting brainstorming blog session???

            Come on! Dive deep into the sketches below.



            Use your lateral thinking powers to grace the sketches each with a suitable title along with your own insights about each one of them.


            The artist’s reflections on these sketches to be updated soon in the next post once the brainstorming session ends merrily.


All the best friends! Make use of your grey cells to its best!

Happy brainstorming! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


*Sketches by 'Sathi'*