Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Last Request of a Dead Soul !

In delirium
I walk

Towards my
Lost past.
For the first time
In the last seven years
I have stepped out
Of this fallen place.
Am I halucinating
Or is it true,
That I have strengthened
Myself to meet you?

Oh! Yes! There I can see
My sacred temple
At the head of the road-end.
Only ten steps are there
In between the two of us.

I am here…I am here…
But shall I enter
Along with my fallen self?
They say that I am a whore
Please don’t believe them anymore.
Open the door once
See, it’s me…
Your darling soul.

It’s true, my body has been touched
By so many known-unknown hands
But my soul is still untouched
And as much pure as your
Never dying hopes are.

I cannot wait for long
Please open the door once
And let me hug you tight
and sleep on your lap.

I always knew it…
That the door is
Forever close for me.
But still I came
Along With my
Dead hope and soul
To meet you once.
You do not worry at all
Am returning back
To my hell…my only place.
See, I cannot even cry.
Like you, even the tears
Have left me all alone.
In the past seven years,
One by one…
I have lost all my tears,
And now I am nothing
But a lost soul.

But Maa!
Can I make one last request
Before I go?
If possible give me back
Those pair of shoes
Which father snatched away
From my small feet
Before he handed me over
To that brutal hand
For a huge amount
Of rupees two thousand
And an old broken
Kitchen rack….

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

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Friday, January 11, 2008

HAIKU : my venture into a new world :)

"During every dark-stormy nights

My fragile boat keeps its old promise

With a rekindled new spirit."

I have heard about Haiku when I was in college. But never tried to write it untill Sameera tagged me do so. Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry, where the poems are simple, small and not rhymed. It is nothing but a depiction of nature in its innumerable aspects.

Few simple rules for writing in this form of poetry are:

1. Three lines of verse consisting of five, seven, and five syllables.

2. Each haiku must contain a seasonal word, may not strictly be a typical one. For example: snow denotes winter.

It is my first attempt to Haiku. And believe me friends it's a great fun writing one. All Thanks to Sameera...I ventured into a new world of poetry and enjoying every bit of it.
P.S : It is a wrongly done Haiku. :( But I guess you all will ignore it as I am just a beginner. From next time I will take care of the syllables.... I Promise :) . After all i am in the learning process. :P
Thnx for informing me Lena and Sameera :)

Now as per the tag rule.... i will tag : SPIRIT.
***Image by: Anubhav( my li'l brother)

Monday, January 7, 2008

बस युही !

न जाने क्यों… आज में खुश हुँ !

आज पंख मिले है अरमानों को

और रंग मेरे सपनो को .

दिल धड़क रहा है आज ज़ोरों से

जैसे लहरों से बात कर रहा हो.

आज बादलों पे टिकाएँ पाव मैंने

जैसे चन्दा को चूमा हो.

आज आंखों में चमक हैं मेरे

लवों पे मुस्कान

पर क्यों…???

बस युही !!!
:) :) :)

Yes ! I am happy today… for no reason at all. Does being haapy needs any reason? ….No nah!

No dear friends…no special event has taken place…nor my sapno ka raajkumar has come.. *sob*sob :P

Why does a day always needs a reason to be special ?

Why does one waits for a special day to convey their feelings?

Why even I was waiting for some special day to do this?
(Do this...but what…??? …just wait…n scroll down slowly slowly…reading evry single line...very dhyan se..…the show is about to begin)

But no…no more waiting…shwating!

I have decided to make this day a special day of my life.

But how…???

So friends…here I go…..

A serious confession direct from my nanha sa HEART

"I love you all….i do care for you all…you all have encouraged me to no end… all your love and support means a lot to me…thank you for being there with me and please be there with me always."

Take Care
:) :) :)

Bas ban gaya na ye mera din very very SPECIAL :)

Wait re.... din abhi khatam nahi hua hai...

I have some small tokens of love for u all.
In this 3 months of blogging…I have received many awards from my sweet blogger friends.

And today I am passing them along, as is the tradition…. I hope you all will like them. And I will be more than happy if you accept them…

“Bloggers Of The World - 2007/2008” : I received this award from Sameera just few days back.

I want to pass it over to each and evry blogger on my blogroll.

2) Inspiring Blog 2007: i received this one from Sameera and Shalini few days back only. I would love to pass it over to those friends whose writings have always inspired me in some or the other way. Who I think can change the world through their unique and natural writings and out of the box thinkings.

Li’l writter
(Sameera n Shalini... you two are also included)

3) Eagle Nest Award: This is my first award. Thanks to Akansha. I would love to pass it over to:

Compassion unlimited
Virtual rambler

4) Rocking Girl Blogger Award: I received this rocking award from none other than rocking Sameera. And i would love to pass it over to all those female bloggers… who are simply rocking:


5) Candlied Apple Award: I received this “Oh! So Cute Award!” from honey dipped Sameera. I would love to pass it over to:







6) Thoughtful Blog Reader Award: I received this one again from thoughtful Sameera. I would pass over to:

Li’l writter
Virtual rambler

Enjoy the awards and please do not forget to link back to this post as you pass them along, in order to keep up this chain of love. (I stole this line from Lena…n Lena did the same from Sameera …. Now this is called keeping up the chain of love :P)


Oyi meri Angel…. Main tujhe kaise bhul gayi..???

But Tujhe main kya du… almost sare awards to tuni hi mujhe diye hai.

Bas tere liye main ye hi bana payi re meri Sameera.


I would always be thankful and grateful to my non-blogger friends. Who have been there with me in almost evry thick and thin. And have inspired and encouraged me to no end. Without their support I am nothing. They are:

My Family
My God
My Soul

My Heart
My Happiness
My Sorrows and Pains
Each and evrything around me
Bobby sir
Deepa di
Kalpajeet da
Kaushik da
Prasun da


HAVE A NICE DAY........!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Love My Life

I came from the ashes
And to the ashes
I will go.
But can death snatch me away
Untill it's time?

Time …
Time is very strong.
It stops for none.
Gradually …
It moves on.

But pains...
Do they dull with time?
Can we ever hide ourselves
Inside the womb of time
Just to escape
From the pains of life?

I believe…
Pains are not to be escaped
But to be dealt with.
By taking the help of our
Evergreen Spirit.

The moment I have learnt
To love my life.
My cruel pains have lost
All their burning shines.

Now in pain my pains cry
Whenevr they see my eyes
Full of love and zest
For life.

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Not long I realized that I am one of the many beautiful creations of God and like everything else my life has got a meaning too.
Few days back Shalini tag me to write about my new year resolutions. But I am one of those who can never stick to their resolutions. Infact I don’t believe in resolutions. ( Dear Shalini, I hope this post will be fine!)
But today on 1st jan’08 I promise to myself that I will always love and respect my life as well as each and evrything around me no matter what. It is not a resolution but a promise meant not only for 2008 but forever till I am alive. (Yes till I am alive because I don’t have any idea about after death life.)

After all..

“I am living not because I was born. But I was born because I want to live.”

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