Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Last Request of a Dead Soul !

In delirium
I walk

Towards my
Lost past.
For the first time
In the last seven years
I have stepped out
Of this fallen place.
Am I halucinating
Or is it true,
That I have strengthened
Myself to meet you?

Oh! Yes! There I can see
My sacred temple
At the head of the road-end.
Only ten steps are there
In between the two of us.

I am here…I am here…
But shall I enter
Along with my fallen self?
They say that I am a whore
Please don’t believe them anymore.
Open the door once
See, it’s me…
Your darling soul.

It’s true, my body has been touched
By so many known-unknown hands
But my soul is still untouched
And as much pure as your
Never dying hopes are.

I cannot wait for long
Please open the door once
And let me hug you tight
and sleep on your lap.

I always knew it…
That the door is
Forever close for me.
But still I came
Along With my
Dead hope and soul
To meet you once.
You do not worry at all
Am returning back
To my hell…my only place.
See, I cannot even cry.
Like you, even the tears
Have left me all alone.
In the past seven years,
One by one…
I have lost all my tears,
And now I am nothing
But a lost soul.

But Maa!
Can I make one last request
Before I go?
If possible give me back
Those pair of shoes
Which father snatched away
From my small feet
Before he handed me over
To that brutal hand
For a huge amount
Of rupees two thousand
And an old broken
Kitchen rack….

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

***image source: internet



  1. tht's one touching account i must say... as usual..

    but then with a a writer of ur calibre, i was expressing more intensity in the last stanza...

    overall its awesome....

  2. "Along With my
    Dead hope and soul
    To meet you once."

    Well that hope is what that drives us, and thats the thing we need to keep alive.

    very well written

  3. Tu kahani bhi poetry mein likhti hai kya? ;)

    Am speechless!It was so beautiful and so intense,not to mention the pain and depth of feeling that is conveyed through it.

    Makes one think about the plight of such girls and stop for a moment to think why they are what they are,instead of calling them names and scorning at them.

    Only a person like you could think that way!Love ya loads darling.Keep up this excellent work.Hugssssss

  4. so nice and touchy....

    'have lost all my tears,
    And now I am nothing
    But a lost soul.'

    tell me from where u get this inspiration.... jaldi bata...

  5. Hi Preetilata,
    That's a beautiful poem of a waif lost amidst the concrete jungle of man's inhumanity against his fellowmen. May we protect these innocent souls against the depravity of men. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you and your family. Have the best time of your life this weekend.

  6. Extremely touching
    ki kora jai..thats life
    Bhalo theko

  7. How do u manage this preeti each time the present one gets super better thn the previous intense..really harsh bt reality bites I sometimes wish y at al v live in such a bloody world,wherz the life our forefathers lived..a perfct life serene calm n free of any complexities bt nevrtheless life is such...U alwyz win over my heart ...
    Love ya lods..hugsss

  8. have no words, preeti... so touching, so deep, so sad, it made me cry in the end... you have a gift of bringing out people's emotions with your poetry :)

  9. Hey good one.....preetiji tussi to great ho and lajawab ho

  10. pity is such innocent girls and boys are being thrown into the lesser (plight ful) jobs right from very small age and govt does nothing to do so.........

  11. Im left wordless!! It takes so much to understand the feelings of those kids, glad u cud put their pain into words :) kudos!!

  12. h i love that post :P

  13. very well touching, intense and beautiful....keep it up little lady....all the best.

  14. lovely have crafted it beautifully...the feelings are just wonderful & so expressive...beautiful lines!

  15. wow...a lovely and beautiful piece!!


  16. Powerful words and how a childs dream and happiness are snatched away by people who are selfish or saddist.

  17. awesome!!! this really was wondeful.. and so painful.. can almost haunt one...

  18. oh.. so touching...hey preeti.. im back.. how uve been... hey kinda lost track... wht awards did u give to me.. dnt wanna miss it :P

  19. hey pree this is one of ur masterpiece.....

    really well writtennnnnnnnnnn

  20. That is really a nice and touching poem.

  21. touching piece indeed!!

    nice work :)

  22. Dearie, I know you're away but still, I hope you get this. I've nominated you for an award. See: A roar for powerful words.

  23. knock knock :P someone's missing since long :D

  24. Angel who lost its wings and fell in a muddy puddle. very well written

  25. .....I have no words anymore!......

    ...but these thoughts impressed me by confessions's frankness... acceptance and equanimity in front of an inexorable fate:that night's immensity... no border silence of a lost infinity......and the angel from the picture... with those shoes,is completeing my overpowering.......


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