Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Forbidden… is it?

Can love ever be called forbidden--
Just because from the world
It is kept hidden?

Lips can be sealed
From uttering those three words
But how will you stop
The voice of two hearts?

Tears can dry, visions can blur
But how on earth
Can love ever lose its colour?
The shine can fade,
The shade can pale
But its existence will be there
Inside somewhere.

It can never be expressed

Neither can be shown.
Outside the soul
Can never be grown.
But it will exist
Inside somewhere
Even after death
Forever hidden.
Yet how can you say
It is forbidden?

Who are you to call it so?
When this hidden love is
Not bothering you?

Love is love
No matter what.
Ending on eternity
Starting from forever.


copyright © 2007-08 preetilatasarkar
***image source: internet


  1. umm so much love hidden in your heart for me :P

    Your hidden love is bothering me PL, Please speak out :P

    Oh every time i run out of words of appreciation so please accept my crappy comment :D

  2. Preeti,

    That was awesome to start in a Romantic month and Valentine coming soon girl.

  3. like these lines
    "Love is .. from forever"

    lot of love here :) a good way to celebrate feb, the month of romance...

  4. love is love..thats true...

    deep inside my heart
    its sings a song
    saying "i love you"
    with smile on my face
    i say this to you my friend

    Take Care

  5. Hi Preetilata,
    Yes true love can never be a forbidden love. Love seeks its loved one no matter what the cost. It is only life's playful game that may seem to make love forbidden. Thanks for the beautiful and lovely poem. It's stunning and exquisite. God bless you and your family always.

  6. love can not be called forbidden as you can not suppress what you feel, it kills all humanity, all emotions, all feelings.
    This Poem is the best i have read from you by now :)
    Love you!!
    take care, girl!

  7. and sweetie, pick up the awards from my place :)

  8. Love is love
    No matter what.
    Ending on eternity
    Starting from forever.

    Nice words....beautifully executed poem....you have opened the gate of your heart....your love can never be fobidden sweetheart....keep on feeling love....more beautiful poems will come....all the best.

  9. Love can be forbidden only when we chose to forbid love

  10. Love is love
    No matter what.
    Ending on eternity
    Starting from forever.;;;;;;

    some distinct lines to speak , esp when u are treading in the Eternal essence of Love...These lines form a fitting ending to the theme...
    Overall , it's one of ur best..

    Keep penning.:)

  11. Welcome back sweetie! :)

    What should I say about this wonder of a poem?Every word is so beautiful and heartrending and sooo true!

    Love is love,no matter what.Absolutely!

    Love ya sweetie.Wish your life is always full of loveliness.God Bless.Hugsssss

  12. thats so beautiful! as usual u mesmerize preeti!

    love u!

  13. lovely words...you have crafted it beautifully....perfect for this time of the year....wonderful!

  14. hi Dear,

    Serious love is love no matter what.


  15. hi Dear,

    Serious love is love no matter what.


  16. ok some technical and not-so-obvious aspects here tht I marked--

    6 atanzas--

    th last one to begin with---
    the last 4 lines here are of
    3-4-5-6 syllabled....
    eg = no / ma/ tter/ what---4 syllabled and so on..

    5th or th 2nd laststnza

    follows a scheme of 7-6-5 syllables..

    just some observations trivial though , but noteworthy...

  17. Hi Preetilata,

    Thanks for dropping by at my place..Hope to see you around.

    Wow, the poem is beautifully written! LOve --> true love can never be a forbidden love! And love is love..

    Have a gr8 day and keep up the good work.I'll put direct link to you if you don't mind yea.

  18. love is hell.......

    though my personal opinion........

    tht aside, great poem!!!!!!

  19. You have been tagged...chk out my reent blog...:)

  20. oops ....its recent*...typo...:)

  21. Awesome stuff :) I'm in a hurry rite now.. Will come back to read the poem again

    I have a few awards for you in my blog. Pls come and collect them :)

  22. Preetilata..thanks for dropping by my blog,appreciate it..keep in touch yea..and kindly accept this:


    Have a gr8 w/end my dear.Take care.

    I add you in my blogroll.Thanks my dear.

  23. Hey Preeti,
    That was a good read, you sure did open up my window... :P ... am all set to express my exhilirating emotions to anyone who is ready for it... :D ....

    also, thanxs for visinting my blog... :) ... i have to update my blogroll as well... :) .... right now am in india, attending my brothers wedding which is on the supposedly best day of the year... 14th of Feb.. :)... so right now there are like a zillion things going on around here... also, i am still recovering from my illness... i shall get back to blogging as soon as i am back in US....


  24. Hi Preetilata,
    How are you? I hope you are fine and in the best of health. I will be graduating this coming March from Preparatory studies. Next year I will be already in grade one. I love your poem. Bye now. God bless you all.

  25. Hi Preeti,
    Dropping by to say how are you doing?

    Cu around.Take care.

  26. Oh this is absolutely beautiful dearie!!! Goodness you should look into getting published you have such a true and raw talent in your soul. :)

    I just responded to nearly all of your comments on my blog and fixed, kinda, my template. I didn't have time to respond to all your comments yet but I'm getting there.

    Also, my other email, the one I mentioned in one of my comments is admin(a)spiritshome(dot)com

    Blessed be and much love dearie may you find peace in a world where so much has been forbidden.

  27. .....a philosophical thought about that blessed mystery called LOVE.''love is love'' ! only it can show me life's purpise.....


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