Sunday, July 6, 2008

"The Dance!"

A balance is what I am trying to strike
While dancing on the rim of my cup full of life.
In colors of moonlit hue and night's solitude,
In shade's of life's grey and eternity's strife.

Fiercely shines the sun, dazzling bright
Scarlet I turn in its solemn light.
My heart gets wings and a rhythm divine
To enjoy the bliss of my moonlit wine.

Waves of radiant joy and worries trifle.
Beats of the raindrops in sparkled regale.
Mysteries of being alive awakens me to LIFE
To dance on their tune on my slippery rim.




  1. Such a lovely poem dear!You have captured the essence of living so well!

    May your cup of life always be full to the brim,and not a single drop of it go wasted.

    Dance away sweetie!

    Love you loads.Hugsss

  2. Well, your poems have reached a different level altogether , deserving absolute superlatives in all forms.

    There is a quiant old school feel to this one and the pic aptly serves the objective.

    To come down to the poem , the rhythm and the composition deserves a special mention .
    The 1st stanza :12-11-12-11 syllabled.
    2nd : 9-9-10-10 syllabled and

    3rd stanza:10-10-13-11 syllabled .


    It seemed your attempt to something philosophical about life has reached a delectable high with your terrific imageries.
    I am sure there are many more of your poetic pearls to come and that too very soon , each one a notch above it's predecessor .
    Each one with a dash of
    Preetilata-esque rendition .

    Take care .

  3. pree...what does 12-11-12-11 syllabled and 9-9-10-10 syllabled mean :P

    Mujhe bhi sikhaooooooooooooooooo :x :x

    Hitches to come but dont you fall
    Keep standing tall, my dancing doll!
    love u loads sweetheart :) muahhh

  4. Wow!!!...really good...i guess you're a professionally trained dancer... Dance your way to glory... keep rocking

  5. @above

    lolz :D pree is not any dancer.... :P she is only a donkey at dancing :P

  6. @ Luckydivzz..
    Lol...atleast she's good at writing a poem that's related to dancing :D :D ...lets appreciate at least 4 that

  7.'s cup!how nice metaphor of a life's promissing a spring time day...drink it at all Preety! and your Train never bring you to a gray November,BUT to a Vigour May of your Poetry.....

  8. Life is a dance and need to be balanced, well said girl.

  9. "In colors of moonlit hue and night's solitude" hey this was wonderful..

  10. ola

    its very good...u make a good poet preeti...:)

    My heart gets wings and a rhyme divine
    To enjoy the bliss of my moonlit wine

    woww that lines i loved reading it

  11. welcome back preeti....very nice....enjoy your life to the cource maintain a balance....hope you reach greater heights....all the best.

  12. Dancing away the life is a cup full of joy .isnt it ?..But why that word slippery ,I wonder.You have a lovely way & attitude to balance it ,so keep dancing with those magical movements !!
    Bhalo Theko

  13. So creative and lovely poem on life..I'm sure you'll dance gracefully especially by practise,able to balance in between the does with life,may yours will be full of contentment and many good returns.

    Take care my dear.

  14. Hi Preetilata,
    Man always dances to the tune of life. Sometimes the dance can be fast and sometimes it becomes slower. But as we dance to the tune of life, may we pause for a while to see where the
    unending gyrations will lead to. Thanks for the beautiful poem. It showed your sensitivity to the yearnings of your heart and soul. God bless you always.

  15. Wow...lovely have crafted it beautifully...I think this is one of your best poems till now...I just read it again & again...Excellent lines!

  16. My dear, you capture beauty in its very essence. Goodness I love your writers heart! Well I've put my meme up for happy reading and was so inspired by the charming note you left me today - I've not run off for long... just picking up the scattered pieces of my heart and mind, it seems.
    Love and hugs to you too!

  17. wow, what more can I say Preeti? You are a natural poet and this poem is so beautiful! excellent work again.

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  19. i am so happy i found another wonderful blog.Dance is one of the highest levels of consciousness any being can acheive.every art is an attempt to find balance between mind and body..When somebody dance that division itself dissappears..
    Words danced!

  20. So ur back to rythym and steps...

    Good to read you feelings once again.

    Take Care

  21. loved it loved it loved it!!
    even more than your lilac dreams, so you can imagine how much i loved this one because i loved the previous one a lot :D

    Love you dear :)


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