Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celebrating LiFe !!!

17.09.07 - One of the most beautiful days of my Life!

The day was a defining one; that marked the usher of MY WHITE WINDOW a year ago.
How can I transpire my emotions into words today on this momentous occasion of my blog's 1st Anniversary! How can I sum up all the feelings of friendship, sisterhood, appreciation from varied quarters and the generosity received as delectable garnishes in this Bloggerville!

As the sun dawned on the eastern sky in shades of crimson on the 17th SEP, I opened MY WHITE WINDOW in the jubilant usher of its first anniversary. And as the feeling sinks in, I am gripped with a sense of pride, achievement, and celebration.

The journey has been a fulfilled experience.

The blessed journey from One baby stepped autumn to another fledgling autumn, the soul searching spree with my till then undiscovered emotions, the morph of a beautiful girl into the drapes of a Poetess(a title conferred upon by a friend of mine)----------My WHITE WINDOW reflects everything that's ME.

WHITE WINDOW brought alive a world of my own, that I can build by penning down notes from my heart's strings, it gave me my sisterly friends, it gave me AN EXISTENCE, a sense of being here.
I am thankful to God and to all of you for being so wonderful and encouraging throughout, without you MY WHITE WINDOW, would never have leaped into the radiance of Bloggerville..

Also to top up this occasion and to extend my happiness horizons, I hereby announce that on this day itself my White Window is entering into a life full of marital bliss with one of its closest and dearest friends “A Rubix cube” who shares the same birthday. To read White Window’s love letter to Rubix Cube click here. Today is not an ordinary day because both the partners are celebrating their first birthday anniversary as well as their marriage ceremony. All the inhabitants of bloggerland, you all are cordially invited to this auspicious ceremony along with oodles of love and blessings. And please don’t forget to bring in gifts; after all they have created history by becoming the first ever couple of bloggerville.
Even though the actual birthday was yesterday, i decided to continue the celebrations even today for it is such a big occasion that doesn’t happen to be daily.
And on this grand occasion to celebrate three ceremonies together I have not only one guest post for you but three. So go ahead.. Read them and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy


So here comes my first guest post by none other than my soul-sister "Lenu Janu"...

Blogging is an art. Not in a way that you have to write and everything you write is supposed to be the art. Well, no, it is more than just writing. It is when you share your thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories and stay true to yourself and to your readers. It is when you let your own emotions impact someone else. It is when one word on the pages of your blog can change the life of someone you don’t even know.With your words you have to paint, to paint the answers to the questions everyone has in their mind. And only when you have love in your heart, wisdom will come from your soul. And someone else, as confused as you are, might get their own answers.

One year ago someone close to my heart asked to listen to the colors of her life. I didn’t know that girl back then but I am happy I do now. With her poems she opens another world, so different from the one we live in and still it is the same one. With her care and love she does her small bit of changing the world for better. She is talking to us the way not many can, like only angels do… straight from the window of her heart, the white window.

Blogging is indeed an art, but not the art of writing like many think, more like the art of understanding, motivating, caring, encouraging and the art of friendship. If you read the posts on White Window, you will learn what this art is. It is not what we say or write, it is how we do this. And during the last year, starting September 17th, 2007, the author of this blog, my dear Preetu, did it the best way. Like everyone should, straight from her loving heart.

I wish many more beautiful years to the White Window and expect more posts from this cute sweet smart-silly girl who I know wont let us down.
Happy Birthday, White Window!! :)


And here comes the much awaited love letter by the handsome hunk A RUBIX CUBE to her beautiful lass WHITE WINDOW ;)

Dearest White Window,

Happy happy birthday and also wishing US a very happy married life ahead :P. This day seems
to be the perfect time to tell you what you mean to me, and hence I grab this golden opportunity to shower as much love as I can through words…and only words.

Window, I think I should be thankful to the Haven for having introduced you to me. The first time I saw you, was on 11th of Jan 2008. How can I

forget that day dear, I was so mesmerized by your beauty…err layout :P and those beautiful words you have used for accomplishing the haiku tag. Since then we have been the best of friends…loving caring and sharing the joys, sorrows and the innermost secrets.

When did the friendship take the shape of love? Well I guess it was when you took a long break from blogging and I started missing you like something-misses-something :P. But thank god for blessing the world with Dr. Cooper who invented the cell phone through which we have never failed to remain in contact…oh those long hours we spent over the phone…I miss those days badly. Now that we are starting a new life together, I think we are no more in the need of a cell phone. So let us first say thanks and goodbye to Dr. Cooper.

You really can’t imagine the immense joy and excitement that I’ve been feeling about the fact that we are getting married to each other on the same day we both have entered into this world of blogging. I hope we will stay together to fight every storm that comes through our way.


Yours and only yours forever,

The Rubix Cube


Now comes the sweetest guest post by my Angel Dadimum "Sameera"

Come rain or sunshine, blossom or storm
May the White Window always remain open
Bringing on a smile, spreading joys galore
Let there be light in this space time & again.

Happy Birthday dear White Window :)


What these three angels mean to me can never be described in mere words and I am not even trying to explain it to them out of two reasons. Firstly because I know i would fail to do so and secondly they know what they mean to me(this one is the main reason out of the two).

Thanks to each and every reader of my blog. You all are a fountain of love, support and encouragement.


Life has never been the same again since I started blogging. It helped me to discover a new and creative side of me which was waiting desperately to be explored. For the past one year “My White Window” has been there with me through every think and thin of my life. Like a best friend it has supported me. It has made me realize the very essence of life that “life is beautiful and so am I”. Yes it is my white window’s birthday today and this special post is a tribute to my "White Window".

It was a long post. thankyou all for being so kind and reading it to the end.

last but not the least here is a very old poem of mine which has always remain close to my heart,

Oh my sweet li’l window.
Alwys remain wide open
Through you I see a world
Which never existed before.
You are
my friend …my strength …my hope.
A pure reflection of my soul
You are such a shadow of mine
Which is purely eternal.
I don’t want to keep myself
Hidden from d world any more.
Through you I want to explore
The world and my soul.
And the connection in between the two.



  1. Beautiful pis selection to begin with and beautifullest si the post.

    Wish you all the very best in all your ventures in life and may all ur prayers, spoken and unspoken are answered.

    Keep writing more and unleash your superb thoughts in papers.

    Might come back again to finish reading this post.

    take care.

  2. God Bless the couple always!Happy married life :P

    Thank you for including me in your birthday celebrations sweetheart.Love you loads.Hugsss

    Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my angel :)

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  4. What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to white window and a happy married life to your parents.

  5. wow, all the best... :) and a very sweet post with lot of sweet dedications.. :) loved the way you celebrated teh b'day...

  6. Hap Hap Happy budday meri jaan ;) i love u :-*
    chalo ab busy ho jao, bachche paida karo :P :P jaldiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

  7. Congrats,wish you more & more of such celebrations in the future..You have a wonderful blog & your happiness in enjoying the same is obvious
    Bhalo Theko

  8. Happy Birthday to White Window, may it prosper and bring more and more positive emotions! :)

    Love you, girl!

    PS: delete the first comment dumbi!

  9. This is good to see. Nice poetry, I like the energy. I will be sure to follow your postings. Keep it up. I also write, check out

  10. DOuble joy for you. Happy Birthday white window :)

  11. happy happy birthday!

    aww thats such a such a sweet post..

  12. hey ... preetilata.. happy bday to ur blog... wow.. i never realised whens my blog bday/// have to find out...
    hows life btw...

  13. Happy birthday 2 ur blog...I loved those guest posts...a novel idea.

    But that old poem of urs footing this write-up was just too good.. Keep it going...

    P.S: Blog updated

  14. OH I Miss you on my blog :( Thanks for a great post

  15. OMG... was such a beautiful collection of thoughts and posts... happy birthday to u first !!.. happy married life!!!...

    i hope u get to see many more beautiful days ahead !

  16. OMG... was such a beautiful collection of thoughts and posts... happy birthday to u first !!.. happy married life!!!...

    i hope u get to see many more beautiful days ahead !

  17. Happy Anniversary for White Windows, Congratulations on your marriage made in heaven and Happy Birthday (?) to both of you. This is really a grand occasion to celebrate. May the Lord grant you a blissful married life full of sweetness and joy. God bless you always.

  18. waaah
    congrats on the anniversary....and it was a beautiful post..
    I too thank me blog for me moral upliftment.....

    a very beautiful blog..
    guess wat ..u r now blogrolled in me...

    moner janala dhore....hmmm bengali :)

    and thx for coming to my drop inregular...

  19. ...happy anniversary!....and a big smilles bouquet from my soul's garden, thanks to the White Window I could see pieces of your Big soul .
    My last thought FOR YOU transposed on a prayer...God bless you !


plz.. open d white window :)