Monday, October 27, 2008

Sitara !

“You are my Star but the day you will understand this I will be a Star forever” these were the last words of Sitara before they parted never to meet again.


**Image Source:Flicker

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dream Your Dreams!!!

Maa: Beta tu toh chand ko dekhkar taroon ko chune ki koshish kar raha hai.

Nanhe: Maa! Chand to meri khidki pe roz ata hai. Ekdin chand pe khada hokar main apna tara zarur thod lunga!

Mom: Son! You are trying to touch the stars by looking at the moon.

Nanhe: Mom! The moon comes to my window every night but one day standing on the moon I will pluck my own star!

The above dialogue from the movie “Nanhe Jaisalmer” just touched me and inspired me to no end.Imagination and confidence along with self-belief and hard work is the mantra to make even the impossible possible. If we have got the power to dream then we all have got the power to convert our dreams into reality. And the movie was 100% successful in conveying the message to its audience.

Isn’t it strange how most of the times we fail to realize our dreams just because like the stars it seems too far away from the reach of our hands? But don’t you ever feel that they are an integral part of us and are just within us? The only thing is that we just need to open our eyes to see it, feel it and to realize it. The fact that we can dream is the proof enough of the fact that they can be converted into a reality. Once reaching the moon was an impossible dream but is it impossible anymore? Self belief, faith, confidence and hard work; is there anything else which is needed to realize the dreams.

Around two years ago when I was doing my graduation; it started as a SMS joke in which sperms were fighting with each other. Many a time it happens that we feel let down, depressed, good for nothing and a complete looser. The dreams which we have sown in our eyes reflect nothing but impossibility.

Coming back to the SMS, the moral of it was “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Now sit straight for a moment, take a deep breath and repeat with me “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Voila! Isn’t it a magic!

Can’t you feel the blood rushing in your nerves out of excitement and new found confidence!

Can’t you see your dreams hanging out side your window waiting desperately for you to touch it and realize it!

How hard could anything else in life be when we have won the biggest battle of winning our very own life even before we were born? Don’t you think our very own existence on this earth is the proof enough of each one of us being a born winner? It’s true that the very onset of our life was a win which makes each one of us a ‘born winner’. And we are celebrating it by every breath we take.

Its natural to feel depressed and helpless but next time before you back out, just think for a minute that you beat millions of others even before you were born, only a few thousands more to go!

Dream…dream…and dream… have faith and give your best to it. One day surely the moon will come to our windows to take us to the sky of our dreams. And that day standing on the moon; with our li’l hands we will pluck our very own star!


Friday, October 17, 2008

THE DOLL: 55 Fiction

“It still lies there untouched for the past 8 years.”


“It had become impossible to live with your dad anymore Linda.”


“The dusts on it are proofs of my ruined childhood.”


“But now for your sake we are together again. We will bring back your good old days”

“Alas! But I have Grown Up mama!”


What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less(A non-negotiable rule).

P.S : "The Doll" is my very first step towards writing a “55 Fiction” and I hope I am successful in it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Birth" - A Nonet

A call was heard from inside the womb.

Wrapped in love, Entity arrives-

Celebratious homecoming.

Life marked in divine light.

Doors of horizon-

Welcomes the Birth.

Love and Hope



NONET: A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Line 1: 9 syllables- A/call/was /heard/from/in/side/the/womb.

Line 2: 8 syllables- Wrapped/in/love,/En/ti/ty/ar/rives

Line 3: 7 syllables- Ce/le/bra/tious/home/com/ing.

Line 4: 6 syllables- Life/marked /in/di/vine/light.

Line 5: 5 syllables- Doors/of /ho/ri/zon-

Line 6: 4 syllables- Wel/comes/the/Birth.

Line 7: 3 syllables- Love/and/Hope

Line 8: 2 syllables- Ush/ers

Line 9: 1 syllables- Joy


Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Brainstorming :)

Sometimes, we tend to overlook a smaller artistry when an enormous occasion beckons us in the form of celebratious extravaganza. The same happened when I, tagged with my family went to witness an evening of our biggest festival ‘Durga Puja’.

            Amid the huge masses that gathered at the pandal to watch the evening proceedings of the festival, there was something that caught my attention.

            It was a fabulous display of some pencil sketches (by an artist named ‘Sathi’) that made me to halt there and notice the craftsmanship and brilliant thoughts that went in the making of  such meaningful sketches straight from the enclaves of the mind.

            I took the opportunity to put my newly bought cam phone in the best of use and went on a photo-clicking spree. I stopped there to pamper my grey cells with my own insights about the thoughtful stories encrypted behind each sketches.

 So, friends! What about indulging ourselves into some interesting brainstorming blog session???

            Come on! Dive deep into the sketches below.



            Use your lateral thinking powers to grace the sketches each with a suitable title along with your own insights about each one of them.


            The artist’s reflections on these sketches to be updated soon in the next post once the brainstorming session ends merrily.


All the best friends! Make use of your grey cells to its best!

Happy brainstorming! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


*Sketches by 'Sathi'*