Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Birth" - A Nonet

A call was heard from inside the womb.

Wrapped in love, Entity arrives-

Celebratious homecoming.

Life marked in divine light.

Doors of horizon-

Welcomes the Birth.

Love and Hope



NONET: A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Line 1: 9 syllables- A/call/was /heard/from/in/side/the/womb.

Line 2: 8 syllables- Wrapped/in/love,/En/ti/ty/ar/rives

Line 3: 7 syllables- Ce/le/bra/tious/home/com/ing.

Line 4: 6 syllables- Life/marked /in/di/vine/light.

Line 5: 5 syllables- Doors/of /ho/ri/zon-

Line 6: 4 syllables- Wel/comes/the/Birth.

Line 7: 3 syllables- Love/and/Hope

Line 8: 2 syllables- Ush/ers

Line 9: 1 syllables- Joy



  1. Excellent.
    Liked the theme and the new concept that you have brought out in your repertoire of poetries.
    Also the pic selection is brilliant.
    Keep going.Tc

  2. "Celebratious homecoming"

    hey liked the picture you paint with this..really good

  3. indu is such an inspiration! :D :D

    awesome moti :-*

    u r the best!

    wanna try this sometime :P :P

  4. @Indrajit...

    THANKS :)

    "THE BIRTH" marks my venture into the Nonet world.

    take care
    :) :):)

  5. @ divs..

    haan re ..he was d inspiration behind it.

    i am d best. n u r just behind me. u owe d 2nd position :P

    try this out div. u will enjoy it 4 sure :)

    love n huggssss
    ummmmmmaaaaaahhh :)

  6. wonderful my little talented poet...

  7. aww... dear thats awesome! I loved it so much, would love to try this form too, but wont match yours in beauty for sure!!

    Love and hugs, sweets!!

  8. @ divvi:
    if she is the best, who is me then?? :O

  9. ...birth miracle ! emotional aspect ,God's blessing!... only 9 lines ,for creation's fascination! how nice!

  10. @ lenu,

    thnx a lot janu. do try it soon. wud love to read it. n trust me it will me as beautiful as mine if not more :) :P

    On behalf of divvu..
    u stand tall in the 3rd position :D

  11. @ olimpia,

    thanks a lotttttttt mamma.

    love u :)

  12. those were some beautiful lined dear.

  13. Super stuff... I learned about Nonet today.. .will give it a try sometime...

    Great topic to experiment this form... loved it mate..

    take care.. .cheers...

  14. oh my dear, wonderful girl, it's like a mother has returned to her loving children to have you back again... it's comforting really... your words, your poems, your artistry are all necessary for me to see the world as I should... I love you so much!!

  15. I loved the tutorial more than the poem..afta all there is always something new to learn from the pros...

    but simplicity of the joyful event was also beautifully portrayed in words :)

  16. Really nice.
    You're style is simple and straight..liked it!

  17. @ PJ,

    thnks a lot dear. glad u liked it :)

  18. @ Arv,

    thnks a lot 4 liking it mate.

    do try it, m sure u will enjoy doing it.

    yes, no topics other than "the birth" wud hv bn a better way to venture into d nonet world.

    take care :)

  19. @ JO,

    ur comments make me go dancing on the cloud 9. so m dancing now :D

    oh my dear, wonderful girl, it's like a mother has returned to her loving children to have you back again.....

    the best possible welcome i hv ever rcvd. i missed u too a lot. glad that u r back too. n now dnt evn think of running away :P

    your words, your poems, your artistry are all necessary for me to see the world as I should... I love you so much!!.........

    it is one of the best n most beautiful compliment i have ever rcvd. one of the strongest encouragements one can ever get.

    if by an inch also i am able to make the world as u wnt to see thn i hv succeeded in bng a writer.

    love u too girl.

    always take care...huggssssssss

  20. @ SOURISH,

    thanx a lot.

    u liked d tutorial more huh. so it means the tutorial was effective :)

    chalo then write a nonet soon. it's is exam time now. n all d best :D

    gv it a try. m sure tor bhalo lagbe :)

    bhalo thakish :)

  21. have heard the word "nonet" before...thought it was something like a couplet...
    but got to know what it is exactly jus today....

    well written..


  22. oye bhoole jayi ni,time pa chilam na..nw il more b regular n catch up wid all ur posts :)
    Tui o bhalo thakis
    lodsa love n hugs

  23. Lovely lovely poem :)
    n a perfect pic :)

  24. Lovely!!! I'll try them out soon :)

  25. i knew abt the nonet, but the technical complications, oh my gowd!

    nice job :-)

    beautiful blog :-)

  26. @ S,

    welcome to my "white window" :)

    if i am able to make u understand what a nonet is then my job is successfully done.

    thanks 4 ur appreciation.

    do try writing a nonet.

    take care n do visit again :)

  27. @Mads,

    ki tui amake bhule jash ni?? wowwwwwwwwww :D

    u busy girl now come n read all my posts. i missed ur maddy touch a lot n dont u dare to miss a single one. :P ;)

    bhalo thakish :) huggssssssssss :)

  28. @Shal,

    thanks a lot dear. :)

    take care :)

  29. @ Meghna,

    thanks meghz. do try it. its fun :)

    take care :)

  30. @ Shatabdi,

    welcome here :)

    thanks 4 d appreciations.

    nooooo.... it's not complicated at all but it's fun to do. do try out :)

    come again.

    take care :)

  31. @david,

    welcome here

    thank you

    take care :)

  32. hey wow...this nonet is awesome preeti...

    i tried a longer one actually once..
    it went from 1 syllable to 9 syllable and then reduced to 1 syllable again...!!
    its in my aug archive, titled "release your mind"...but urs is better...the words and the pic go well together...!! :)

  33. Awww!What a sweet nonnet :)

    You rock angel!Muaaah

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