Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dream Your Dreams!!!

Maa: Beta tu toh chand ko dekhkar taroon ko chune ki koshish kar raha hai.

Nanhe: Maa! Chand to meri khidki pe roz ata hai. Ekdin chand pe khada hokar main apna tara zarur thod lunga!

Mom: Son! You are trying to touch the stars by looking at the moon.

Nanhe: Mom! The moon comes to my window every night but one day standing on the moon I will pluck my own star!

The above dialogue from the movie “Nanhe Jaisalmer” just touched me and inspired me to no end.Imagination and confidence along with self-belief and hard work is the mantra to make even the impossible possible. If we have got the power to dream then we all have got the power to convert our dreams into reality. And the movie was 100% successful in conveying the message to its audience.

Isn’t it strange how most of the times we fail to realize our dreams just because like the stars it seems too far away from the reach of our hands? But don’t you ever feel that they are an integral part of us and are just within us? The only thing is that we just need to open our eyes to see it, feel it and to realize it. The fact that we can dream is the proof enough of the fact that they can be converted into a reality. Once reaching the moon was an impossible dream but is it impossible anymore? Self belief, faith, confidence and hard work; is there anything else which is needed to realize the dreams.

Around two years ago when I was doing my graduation; it started as a SMS joke in which sperms were fighting with each other. Many a time it happens that we feel let down, depressed, good for nothing and a complete looser. The dreams which we have sown in our eyes reflect nothing but impossibility.

Coming back to the SMS, the moral of it was “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Now sit straight for a moment, take a deep breath and repeat with me “whenever you feel low, depressed and useless, just remember that you are the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others.”

Voila! Isn’t it a magic!

Can’t you feel the blood rushing in your nerves out of excitement and new found confidence!

Can’t you see your dreams hanging out side your window waiting desperately for you to touch it and realize it!

How hard could anything else in life be when we have won the biggest battle of winning our very own life even before we were born? Don’t you think our very own existence on this earth is the proof enough of each one of us being a born winner? It’s true that the very onset of our life was a win which makes each one of us a ‘born winner’. And we are celebrating it by every breath we take.

Its natural to feel depressed and helpless but next time before you back out, just think for a minute that you beat millions of others even before you were born, only a few thousands more to go!

Dream…dream…and dream… have faith and give your best to it. One day surely the moon will come to our windows to take us to the sky of our dreams. And that day standing on the moon; with our li’l hands we will pluck our very own star!



  1. 'Perseverance Pays Off '...

    well written mate... many people just quit and stop dreaming... their life just stagnates and they create a false sense of satisfaction within that cocoon...

    Thanks for sharing this message...

    Dream on!!!

    have a great day mate.. cheers...

  2. preeti nicely done buddy...loved the post...

    **Dream…dream…and dream… have faith and give your best to it.

    this line is just awesome :)...will just dream on for some time and i will try to fulfill them :)...nice to read such a lovely post :)...


  3. yeah that SMS do have an important message...

    thnx for sharing it da... :)

  4. the sperm dialogue is here? it was written 7 years back... 2002.. it has found its way in management books too..

    Do you know who wrote that line?

    come to my page for the answer

  5. i seem to have read a similar post from you already, maybe it is just deja vu??

    Very very inspirational and motivational post, sweets! And i believe no matter how tough life will be to us we always will be able to make our dreams come true.... if they are meant to be.. else we will just have to change the dreams :P

    take care, sweets, love you :)

  6. Very inspirational one.
    Keep writing.
    Though I wd say u cud have added one more pic at th top suiting the title.

  7. hey preeti tat was such a mind blowing post dear..loved every small bit of it..

  8. @ARV,

    absolutely agree with every word of urs Arv.

    so true. without our dreams our life will get stagnant.

    glad that u liked d post. thnks :)

    take care :)

  9. @ Hemu,

    glad that u liked the post dear.

    yes keep on dreaming and gv your best to fulfill them. after all we all are Born Winners.

    thanks a lot.

    take care :)

  10. @Anoop,

    ya, the sms is very powerful in conveying the exact msg.

    thanks a lot :)

    take care :)

  11. no not in management books. it was a SMS.

    Oh! did u wrote the line?? ...wowwww... but did u spread it as a sms?

    the world is such a small place and blogs have made it much more smaller. glad to knw u.

    take care :)

  12. @Lena,

    dumbi i mailed u d story once i wrote it long back in july. so it is no deja vu.

    yes janu we will make our dreams come true no mattr how tough life becomes.
    n if our dreams r not meant to be come true then we surely are smart enough to change our dreams :P hahaha :D

    thanks for the encouragement janu.

    love n huggsssssss

    take care :)

  13. @ Indrajit,

    thanks. will add one pic at the top if i get any suitable one.

    take care :)

  14. @PJ,

    glad that u loved every bit of it dear. thanks a lot. :)

    take care :)

  15. hi dear friend,
    how r u?
    ur blog is very nice...
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    thank you dear

    Happy Diwali in Advance...
    enjoy the festival with happiness..

    take care..

  16. well...i kno y u wrote this....its for didi....sometimes dreams keep haunting u....u can forget the u cant forget ur dreams...dreams r like our children...u cant c them hurts....

  17. I have heard it said that the first ingredient of success - the earliest spark in the dreaming youth - is this; dream a great dream.

    Happy Diwali!!!!

  18. lovely...just lovely...
    what inspiring words...never indeed give up...!!

    dream...then only your dreams can come true...its the only place where u can be anyone you want to be...and not what someone else wants u to be...!!

    loved it preeti...!!

  19. wonderful message conveyed...

    so true that after reading the post itself there is an adrenaline rise..!!


  20. well said with beautiful words

  21. hehe... the sms is hilarious, and so is life!!! :)

    there is a very famous quote... "u never know!!!" :)


  22. Simply wellw ritten girl. Creative and dreams exist witin and everywhere. Its all what we want or take it to ur best.

  23. oye hoye the divine poetess or the divine inspiration? ;)

  24. @vinay,

    u r indeed true friend.

    thanks :) tc:)

  25. @vinz,

    u had n adrenaline rush..really?? wowww ..m glad.

    thanks :)

  26. @ankur,

    welcome here.

    ya, d sms is damn hilarious n meaningful too.

    agreed "u never know: :)


  27. @priya,

    so very true dear.

    thanks :) glad that u liked it


  28. @divz,

    dont u knw chimpz dat divine poetess and d divine inspiration, both r interlinked ;P

  29. ...well, I am on my ''autumn abandonments --as another poet said!--
    ... It rains on my soul, colding covers me like a wince...'' SO..I needed an encouragement , it came from you...may be I'll dare to dream again and A star will fire again for me too....
    Thank you Preety!

  30. i simply fell in love with that sperm battle example of yours...i think that is my biggest take away from this accidental discovery of your blog....nicely is to be celebrated with verve...not be on a low mode...will keep coming back for more wisdom..cheers!

  31. here's a little dew drop for my beautiful friend: you've given me hope. you've given me a door to open and a key to get the job done. you've reminded me that our purpose is not ONLY to dream but to live in it. i shall.... yes i shall... oh how i love you, dearest friend. your mind never fails to beguile me.

  32. That was such an inspiring post darling!I so needed this now.Thanks a lot angel.Love you loads.Muaaaaah


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