Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Brainstorming :)

Sometimes, we tend to overlook a smaller artistry when an enormous occasion beckons us in the form of celebratious extravaganza. The same happened when I, tagged with my family went to witness an evening of our biggest festival ‘Durga Puja’.

            Amid the huge masses that gathered at the pandal to watch the evening proceedings of the festival, there was something that caught my attention.

            It was a fabulous display of some pencil sketches (by an artist named ‘Sathi’) that made me to halt there and notice the craftsmanship and brilliant thoughts that went in the making of  such meaningful sketches straight from the enclaves of the mind.

            I took the opportunity to put my newly bought cam phone in the best of use and went on a photo-clicking spree. I stopped there to pamper my grey cells with my own insights about the thoughtful stories encrypted behind each sketches.

 So, friends! What about indulging ourselves into some interesting brainstorming blog session???

            Come on! Dive deep into the sketches below.



            Use your lateral thinking powers to grace the sketches each with a suitable title along with your own insights about each one of them.


            The artist’s reflections on these sketches to be updated soon in the next post once the brainstorming session ends merrily.


All the best friends! Make use of your grey cells to its best!

Happy brainstorming! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


*Sketches by 'Sathi'*


  1. Hats off to that person for his creative mind and lovely sketches.

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  3. @ Priya,
    thanks for the comment dear.

    but where r the titles and the insights to the sketches girl. do post them soon. looking forward to read ur perspective towards thz sketches.

    thanks dear.
    take care

  4. Belated Bijoya greetings

    Lovely sketches.

    Will be back during the weekend. the first look I could enjoy the sketches,but Grey cells refused to think beyond that.

  5. Hiya... beautiful sketches da... kudos to whoever Sathi is... Thanks for sharing...

    My brain is on shut down mode now after a day spent in 6 meetings... I tried, its just not working now...

    take care and have a nice day... cheers..

  6. Nice pics...hats off to the creativity...

    A treat to the eyes!!!!

    Good day!!!

  7. sweetie... i will come back later, you know my mind is dumb, dont you? :P

  8. Pree giv us some clues, am sure ur brain must have worked :P

    i can see an apple in the first sketch :P and a girl :D i guess an apple a day keeps the doctor away and the girl is working on her health :)

    in the second pic i see a bird and a man, i guess the bird was looking for a place to shit and the man's hair seemed the perfect choice :)

    in the third pic i see a clown, a cross and a coconut but my artistic senses failed to correlate them all and the real meaning behind the sketch.

    but still, i think i shud be appluaded... 2 out of 3 is good :P na?

  9. hey wait i actually figured even the last one :)

    it means hitting the clown with a coconut is X (wrong) :P

    i hope my grey cells worked fine :)

  10. 1. The beauty and the beast..

    I guess this is the artist's depiction of female infanticide, an woman being eaten even before she blooms into one.

    2. Forecast..
    I think there is a little birdie up there telling whats going on in the mind

    3. Escapist's reflection

    A person who is ready to blind himself at the end of retrospection. May be he choses to close his eye, be blind to the stuff that happens around him

  11. Good to see innovative thoughts coming up. :)

    I am not sure if I wd even reach close to what th artist wnated to say here.. Still I wd giv it a try.:_


    Must be the age old Indian custom being reflected here, whr a Woman's desires used to tke a backseat against a patriarchal Backdrop.
    So, the pic depicts d hatred and condemnation brought to th woman.
    What remains from her complete Life(which is d apple) is her pain-wriggling face, while decayed remains of her Desires stare at her.

    2.'Human Mind.' Can't think of anything better as a title.

    -A Human mind is ever busy and always tied up with mnay strings of life-Might be somwhr in thse lines th sketch is.


    Partially agree with the above comment's last line.
    Still the conch shell keeps me guessing -why wd that be lying thr?
    d right eye is d logical one which is blinded by d Creative aspirations of th person I think , while d left side visions Creativity.

    Don't know if I am close or not, but loved this 'Storming'.

  12. its too good preeti

    i havent seen such artistic works yet

    btw hapy dussera (belated)

    and congrats for ur new cam phone

    btw u not regular in blogging kya??

  13. I'll cum bakk later I am not able to think rite now re

  14. hmmm...

    1. the superficial& spiritual

    I guess these r the 2 different phases which every human goes thru

    2..Tym rules

    i guess anger with tym id depicted

    3. The better side

    we need to luk into the better side of everything as such

  15. ...I hate mind exercises even they are catchy and just good for STRONG concern didnt bring me that force of INTERNAL Visions....and look ! here smells like smoke......noooooooooooo, its from my brain.....

  16. they are wonderful dear.. keep the spirit up... Deepa

  17. To the first the phrase, "Do unto others adn you would have others do unto you." It appears someone took a bite out of the apple and then then artist puts a human face in the apple to help us to have empathy for the apple.
    Second, It looks as if there are steps in the mind of the person. We learn in steps and we advance upward as we learn.
    Third, We build walls that prevent us from seeing others and we only see inside our selves. These are just my impressions. :D

  18. First of all I like thanks lukkydivz all comments, I found those are quite valuable thoughts. She must be the one 'Beauty with brain'... he he he

    Let me give a little pressure on my poor brain...

    First: I was just wondering, why the mouth is inside why not outside, it can be describe as the artist wanted to say like "women are the responsible for what happened to them".

    Second: Relationship between house and bird like our body and soul.

    Third: Panorama of life, mixture of emotions..

  19. Pujo theek chilo.Kothai chile pujor shomai.
    aami aashchi Delhi the 30 tharik e.
    Theen din thaakbo
    Bhalo theko

  20. Think this is Amaizing ..
    I never knew Sathi is an artist..why didnt you tell me :) ?

  21. Awesome sketches!I have so much of catching up to do,so will skip the titles dear.Muaaah

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