Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrating Togetherness

Being a dumbi was never a matter of pride

Until I became a part of this joyful ride.
Now we are inseparable from each other
Heaven is where we all are together.

Life has never been the same since I met my dumbis: sami, lenu and divvi. In mere words I cannot express my gratitude to my blog through which I have came across my soul sisters- the true angels for me. Now I can’t even imagine a single day of my life without them. They not only complete me but bring out the best in me.

So what we have met through internet and reside in four corners of the world. Between true friends there is absolutely no barrier. And if you think that true friendship can never happen online then I bet you are wrong.. The joy of meeting sami in real was an extremely out of the world feeling. It is one of the most beautiful and treasured moment of my life. It never came across our minds that we were meeting for the very first time but as if we know each other for a long long time. I can’t even imagine how beautiful and blissful will be the moment when I will meet my shona chimpu and my lenu janu. Waiting eagerly to meet the dumbis.

Time keeps on moving so does our friendship. The distance between us is large but our souls are attached to each other’s with a divine string and with Almighty’s grace its growing stronger day by day.

We are inseparable. *TOUCHWOOD*

May god bless us with every happiness and success that we deserve *AMEN*

Long live the Dumbi Gang *CHEERS*

Please grace The Dumbi Gang on our 1st anniversary party. And be a part of our celebratious fiesta. Please click on the Dumbi Gang pic below to attend the party. :P

P.S: I am not yet back to blogging. Curse my net connection for it. hope to come back soon.