Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gone are the Days

Dancing bubbles with strings attached.
Surfaces colored with dots and stars.
Sometimes plain and sometimes multy
Sometimes round, at times arty.

Gone are the days when these bore a place
In every kid’s life, those restless chase.
Now a balloon seller is seldom seen
The children today are never so keen
To buy these balloons, vivid and magical
Filled with colors and dreams so real.

Video-games and electronic toys
Today replaced these little joys.
But how on earth one can attain
The joy of running in the autumn rain
And leaping to the balloon seller
To hold the string in childish flair.

Tiny tots lay bereft of lost old treasures-
And the value of the bygone pleasures.
Balloons and teddies lay out of place 
In this age of malice and pretense
Innocence itself has got lost
Amongst the rush of modernization.


PS. Penned this poem on March 10,08

PPS. This poem derives inspiration from a lonely balloon seller walking all the way in a posh colony with a faint hope that he might get a child clinging to him for a balloon but sadly no body turned up and what he could vision only was a huge scape of empty road ahead of him as if he ws non existent.

*Pic: From an e-mail.


  1. awww.. i thought it would be another nonet.. so true dear, in todays world kids dont want same things as we did when we were children... the little joys of our childhood seem totally nostalgic nowadays and cant be understood by thouse who are brought up in the era of internet and television.

    PS: Alex loves balloons :P

  2. To Ms. Pritilata

    You are heartily welcome to my blogspace.

    You write that : The joy of running in the autumn rain...

    Yes, the memories of childhood are our life-long companions.

    Naval Langa

  3. i still love teddy bears and love shaped balloons :)

    i'm a grown up :(

  4. Awesome poem dear!

    I love the way you write about mundane issues which seem of less importance,but are actually so vital in life.

    Very true,children are not allowed to remain children these days.They are just forced to grow up thanks to this IT era.

    Loved the poem,and the pic too :)

    Love U angel!Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


  5. @lena,

    yes dear and is so saddening. these things have place only in our memories now.

    PS: me too loves balloons. same pinch to Alex. :) huh but dont u love balloons?? :/

  6. @naval,

    thank you sir.

    will surely visit urs

  7. @divs,

    me too still loves then.

    but r u sure that u r grown up? ;)

  8. @angel,

    thank you dear.

    yes i wish it ws not d case :( ...
    childhood days are the best days of ones life and how cud i afford not to enjoy it :(

    love u dadimum

  9. luvd the pic a lil too much! luvd the poem too...

    divz, i doubt ur last statement :P

    preetz, luks like u got a gud collection of poems in a hidden chest :) when are you gona publish them all?? :P

  10. I remember how much i used to love balloons and bubbles and things like that. Now I hardly know a kid who is fascinated by things other than the ipod or the PS3

  11. ive not come across a more beautiful poem than this... i so loved it..specially the 3rd para... i felt warmth fill me... its really very poignant and beautiful

  12. ahhh beautiful!! juss so very beautiful

    the thot the plot all r juss touching

    gud work dear

  13. wow...!!!
    beautiful words me balloons are a treasure...i love to buy them even today...!!!

    i blow them for the surprise b'day parties to my frnds....i enjoy their flight in our market....i love them for their different color....i actually love those smiles that I see on a child's face when it is found....


    nicely written...!!!

  14. i still have those heart shaped ballons which my frdns gave me on my birthday ....

    ur words described the person soo beautifully :)...the work was marvelous :)...


  15. yup... wow-ed me preeti...!! :)

    i love balloons still, i play with my nephew when he gets them...!! takes me back to good old days!! :)

    well written!!

  16. Balloons and teddies and other such plain joyous playthings are replaced by an assortment of gadgets for kids today- absolutely.
    Perhaps, technological boom carried a curse in disguise with it.
    It didn't allow the modern kids to even feel those pleasures.And they grow pretty soon. :(

    On the contrary, I wd like to say that even today, if one goes to the small towns or towns, one wd still see balloon-wallahs hanging around the colonies with many seekers of balloon too.
    And I agree tht's just because Modern Technology n gadgets has not yet set it's grip there.
    Otherwise things would have been the same as it's here.
    That was just a point I made here, not relevant to your poem.... :)

    About the poem:-

    'dancing bubbles with springs attached' is a brilliant start that sets the tone of the poem.Gud metaphor actually.
    Overall, the poem validates the point across - those good old days are lost in modrn world amid the quirks of modrn gadgets and it's ilks. Could not have been better here.

    N the pic is also fantastic- appraise ur every pic selection in ur blog.

    Keep penning your way to Glory.
    Take care.

  17. ....children education is a great challenge to any parents....and its equillibrium of course...The problem is of avoiding the preferential education of children's elite which only keeps on ''the time's fashion''.....

    but this is only my opinion....

    and Preety....those wonderful days of your childhood are not so faraway ....

  18. such a lovely poem my dear =) You are soooo talented.

    I just wanted to greet you Happy Holidays! God bless you always dear!

  19. That was jusssss AMMMMMMAZZZZING!!!!! words.....after reading the poem, the post script supplanted an icing on the cake...loved nothing more 2 say...

    and the pic is just wow!!!! keep it going....


  20. how nostalgic! was reminded of my childhood days.Preeti, this really wrung my heart...
    Joys and sorrows-everything has become so complicated these days and your poem subtly points out the fallaciesof modern fast paced living

  21. @sawan,

    thanks a lot buddy. yes i hope to soon post them all :)

    n ya even i doubt divz last statement :P

  22. @ lover,

    yes it's sad that these thing are getting lost :(


  23. Pretty Nostalgic, dear!
    Awesome Poem!!
    The Pic is soooo very awesome!!!
    Great Post, Dear!

  24. @raka,

    oh i am honored raka. thanks a lot.
    so very glad that i liked it so much :)

  25. @yamini,

    yes balloons are so much fun. without them b'day can never set to rock.

    thanks a lot yamu dear :)

  26. @hemanth,

    thanks a lot hemu. it's so sweet of u to still keep those heart shaped balloons :)

  27. @vinay,

    thanks a lot dear.

    yes playing with balloons is so much of sheer joy. so sweet of u to play with ur nephew. :)

  28. @indrajit,

    wow i so loved ur comment. and i agree to every single word of urs. i wish this were not the case and d small towns may never loose its innocence ever.

    thanks a lot. m so very glad that u loved it so much.:)

  29. @sophia,

    thank you dear :)

    wish u too a very happy holidays and merry christmas. :)

  30. @rajesh,

    thank you so much rajesh. m so very happy that u liked it so much. :)

  31. @mithe,

    it's sad that life is turning out this way. i wish it were never the case :(

    thank you very much mithe. childhood memories are the best memories of all :)

  32. @riversoul,

    thank you very much sid. yes it is nostalgic :)

    even i like d pic so very much :)

    take care :)

  33. was so touchy....yeah I don't remember ever seen a child crying for balloon nowadays...

    it is so pathetic to see that we forgot our every beautiful past in the modern culture...people don't play anymore ...even playgrounds are non existent.... it is real sad ...

    I loved the poem but cudn't get why u broke the rhyme at the last para...may be something poetic but I liked rhyming the best...

  34. so true,, Preeti.. so vry true.. da innocence has long gone..

    wat a sad thing to happen..!! n a heavy price to pay in lieu of modernisation!

    wonderfully penned.. :-)

  35. aptly penned... gone are the days... :(


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