Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Haiku II

"Graceful shines the sun,

Spreading its rays all around-

New saplings come out."


Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry, where the poems are simple, small and not rhymed. It is nothing but a depiction of nature in its innumerable aspects.

Few simple rules for writing in this form of poetry are:

1. Three lines of verse consisting of five, seven, and five syllables.

2. Each haiku must contain a seasonal word, may not strictly be a typical one. For example: snow denotes winter.

P.S :  This is my second attempt at Haiku.


  1. you know it is all dark here and no sun, no light, no sunshine... your haiku made me feel it all is back.. :)
    Thats the power of words.. which can bring the light back to life :)

    Loved the haiku :)
    Loved the pic :)
    Love you :)

  2. mam this is one worthy attempt of writing haiku i must say.. because i sure liked it,, :)

  3. Saplings are out with the leaves of hope, for a better tomorrow, I guess
    good thought,good attempt at Haiku!
    From the frothy coffee to birth of a sapling,great going
    keep it up

  4. Ahaa.. Preeti.. u r on a roll.. tis mornin i read da Nonnet.. n now a Haiku.. :-)

    nice one,, in da winters,, itzz gud read abt sunshine.. :-)

  5. The last nonnet was amazing... This s simple and sweet... Thnks fr droppin by!!!

  6. simple, yet so nice.. loved it.... :D

  7. heheheh
    Haiku sounds easy.... :P

    lemme try..

    Shiny drops fall from sky
    Crying she wiping her eyes
    Rain soothes the heart ...

    tell me :P

  8. haiku sounds easy... i'll try later...!! :)

    u wrote this one brilliantly!! :)
    and warmness during winter could be felt!! :)

  9. hahaha janu at 12.30 am in the night (ur time) u say so innocently - u know there is no sun no light all dark :D

    hahahahahahahahaha so cute :D :D

    @pt-moti-potty :P

    :D khoob bhalo :P hahah i'm just assuming it means- very good :P

  10. the pic is soo beautiful :)....and the haiku is sweet :) u :)...


    P.S:angry on u :P....not coming to my place at all x-(..

  11. Loved this haiku, gal
    Loved the pic too

  12. Wow. A new thing again.

  13. A long time to go for spring to dawn,but this Haiku made me feel as it's already here :)


  14. I read haiku on some other blog oo but couldn't understand what it was..Thank you for making it clear.Would like to try my hand sometime...:)

  15. I like the name-->"Haiku".
    And needless to say, was good.
    Isn't it an experience in itself to see a sapling that your planted growing stronger day by day..till it becomes a tree.AH!


  16. About the pic:-

    It is as if amid the sprawling ,enormous canvas of pleasant green, the radiant shafts of the sun's rays in merry abundance glorifies a life- a Life being nurtured
    by the Creator. The Creator holds and garnishes the blessed Life in the radiance galore.
    The whole pic depicts blessedness-Otherworldly- almost bordering on Godliness.

    About the poem:-

    It just compliments the pic (and vice-versa) creating a Majestic aura.
    The poem utters the beauty of the pic in a picturesque manner.
    Heaven is no far , but just somewhere near, very near- The marriage of the pic and the poesia whispers so.


  17. great info for me. i was wondering what haiku meant when I saw your update in my blogroll. oh btw preeti, i think, you are not getting my entry update because my blog is private now.

  18. Revitalising lines :)

    and I so love the Haikus :)

    Good one mate... cheers...

  19. .......spring...
    lights and green explosion,
    Preety's birth.

  20. wow

    will soon try something on HAIKU

    but yours is simply superb...!!!

  21. Such a lovely haiku
    and the meaning so profound
    beauty ! :)

  22. ohh nice dear

    n i think i hav been writing haiku unknoingly till now

  23. you are awarded in my blog...congratulations..!!!

  24. hmm.. hav read haiku poetry b4.. never have tried it myself though.. u'rs .. :) well.. frankly .. it inspires me.. so does u'r nonet.. gr8 work.. n a gr8 blog..

  25. Wonderful attempt at Haiku...lemme c if i cud do one...

  26. Hello……
    This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog!
    You are welcomed to my blog…….
    Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''


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