Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh! Santa!

Oh! Santa,
You told me to look at the brighter side of life
Wiping the tears I must always smile
I am so lucky to be born this way
Where the world around me dances in gay.

While on merry-go-round, enjoying my ride
I close my eyes on the forlorn child
But my restive soul keeps pondering over
To the unlucky ruffians and shambled rover .

For you,
Stars and bells lay shining on the tree
Every face lay lit glimmer with glee
Every hand is a Christmas gift galore
In your sleigh Santa, you enter every door.

But will you visit the lovelorn child,
His shattered life will you compile,
All those ones who are marred by fate
Will you give them a slice from your cake? 

Agony and despair is their only friend.
Oh! Santa,
Will you ever alter this Perennial Trend?
Tell me,
With whom shall I celebrate dear,
With the blessed souls or the hearts soaked in tear?


Wish you all Merry Christmas! :)


  1. This seems to be the message that Santa should hear now and purposefully.
    Truly, Santa cannot be prejudiced by blessing the 'blessed' and being indifferent to the lesser mortals(here the little pooor kids)
    The concept of Santa , originally was to usher in gifts and chocolates to every house.

    That's a beautiful gesture from your side and so touchingly written.Rhymed well with exact use of words to bring out the essence of the poem...

  2. Beautiful touching lines dear. And a very thoughtful message. Wish each of us would think about it and do something which would bring smiles on the faces of less fortunate :)

  3. A very deep post.
    Yes. Santa is like a blessing and every childs dream.
    Even the inner child in every person craves for santa's visits
    Nice post
    Loved the poem.

  4. Merry Christmas to you too.
    Take care.

  5. yeah i liked the poem very much and especially the lines "all those ones who are marred by fate,will you give them a slice from your cake"

    it was so touching reading these lines.
    i am overwhelmed reading your poem and a contemplating sensitive heart!!
    riddhima:) merry christmas:)

  6. i would say BOTH!

    how bout gifting a Christmas cake to the nearest orphanage?

  7. very well said! You have so much talent. :-)
    Merry Christmas.

  8. How weird..but even I have been upto similar thoughts. The spirit of Christmas is lost amidst this sad world..but as they say, "To illuminate a dark room, even a small candle is sufficient at times"..:)
    Merry Christmas! :)

  9. wishing u a merry christmas

    hope u enjoy and may christ bless u on that day

    hope santa brings a gift for u

  10. lets try to become the "santa" to those who r underpriveledged...

  11. it if were in my powers
    would bring peace and love
    to the wonderful people
    from my land of dreams

    i can cross the sky
    pass by the stars
    and land on the moon
    to get you all good wishes

    i love gifting people
    their dreams, their small wishes
    to enjoy the happiness
    i find on their little faces

    i am called Santa
    i am no Magician
    i am just a fantasy
    made out of love to care...!!!

    this are the lines my heart felt after having read your post...hope you liked it...!!!

  12. Merry X Mas to u too...have fun..

    and Advance new year wishes :)

  13. Wow!This was awesome dear,loved the way you put it.

    You know how I feel about this,don't you?Let's hope Santa reads this :)

    Love U angel.Muaaaaah


  14. Merry Christmas mate... cheers...

  15. lovely preetz dear ..merry Christmas to u :)..


  16. ......decrepited and exhausted, with an austerity budget-we all are on crisis--Santa is doing its one's duty, even that year....

    Merry Chrismas Preety !


    Merry Christmas...!!!

    collect your christmas gifts from the link...!!!

    hope you like it...!!!

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