Thursday, December 18, 2008


Loveless, listless me.
Sitting near the blue stream
Forever waiting.


A senryu is a three line Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku. It is unrhymed and the subject is based on human nature. it too has three lines of verses consisting of five, seven and five syllables respectively.

PS. It is my very first attempt. :)

*pic: deviantART


  1. nah, the wait wont be for ever preeti...!! :)

    very nice piece...!! :)
    great first attempt!! :)

  2. So very Preetilata-esque.
    Go on with this Poetic spree...

  3. A poetic spree going on,ha?..
    Good stuff!

    i like the picture as well..

  4. human nature? hehe then i shud try this :D

    lines suit the pic so well moti :)

  5. wow, whatever you write, you are the best in it! Great work, sweetheart, so very you... could not expect anything less from you!!

  6. Amazing

    So few words. Yet so very well do they portray
    The true intent

  7. You really don't have to be so sorry that you missed my posts dear.
    I'm at fault too.

    Mine though is a different problem.
    I've got 56 Blogs in my Blogroll, and I've not yet been able to visit everyones updates!
    Everytime I've visited once, Bfore i visit the rest, the former Blog gets updated.
    Sigh. A task impossible.
    Do forgive me if i forget to visit your Blog.
    Better yet, remind me Wenever you post

  8. And i forget to say this everytime

    I loved ur template
    Awesome combo of design and beauty.
    Ofcourse, that was expected, as Lena designed it

  9. @divz,

    yep human nature. so that dsnt suit u at all :p

    thnks chimponks :D

  10. @lena,

    thanks sweetheart. i knw i am d best. but u r d bestest :p

    thanks janu...for d belief in me.

  11. @sid, need to say sorry. i cn undrstnd wat wud hppn with 56 blogs in a blogroll :p

    will remind u from nxt time.

    ps. u missed my last post. so do read it asap :p

    @template... lena is A genious :) n me too is ;) i made this templt indirectly coz we r soul sis so credit goes to me too :p ;) :D

  12. @swyt butterfly,

    yes my 1st attempt dear.

    thanks a lot :)

  13. stunning piece of work!

    I am learning a lot from you now, haiku, senryu, nonnet, and I wonder what's coming next!

  14. oh my God... you know wat this is gonna do now... you are gonna see a string of Senryu's... :)

    and you know well who will be there... LOL...

    beautiful one mate... and thanks again for another introducing me to a new style :)


  15. .....dreams and expectations ....all abandoned on a piece of paper...


  16. OMG.. Preeti.. u sure r da Queen of these structured poems,, right frm Nonnets to Haiku to now tis.. :-)

    lovely lines.. :-) hope da wait ends soon.. :-)

  17. beautiful dear..:)...well i dont want to attempt anymore poems...i am afraid to break rules :)....


  18. Great attempt!:)The first attempt gives a solid glimpse of the compositions to come..:)

  19. wow....!!!

    how do ever write so beautifully dear????


  20. see i dint know what haiku was and dint understand it even now.
    but your 3 lines and 5+7+5 syllables were mind blowing

  21. @ farah,

    thanks a lot dear :)

    many more new things are on the way though even i don't know what they are or will be :D

  22. @arv,

    hehehe thanks mate. i really wud be very happy to see senryu becoming a hit just like the nonet :D

    so very glad that u liked it and r gonna write one soon

    n yes mm waiting for ur senryu. u also have to do a haiku. so do it asap.

    take care :)

  23. @muzer,

    hehehe so sweet of u dear. i happily accpt the 'queen' title :p lol

    thanks a lot. :) glad that u loved it :)

  24. @hemz,

    thank you hemu.

    well i dont think just becoz u broke the rule once u sudnt try writting agn. we all are here to learn.

  25. @ mithe,

    thanks mithe. glad u liked it. :)

  26. @yamini,

    thanks yamu. :)

    u too are a lovely poet. aren't u? :)

  27. if i ever start up a professional website which deals with literature then i am gona need you for all the content and Lena for the template :P

    if i decide to publish a book, i wud again approach you for content and Lena for design :P

    you sure prove to be mastering the language :P

  28. tats a superb attempt re

    and u rock


  29. Cute.....

    tum badi hoke ek badi poet banogi :P

  30. a heart fullllllllll of yearning in just 3 lines
    simple superb :)

  31. Never heard of a Senryu before,thanks for that piece of knowledge angel!

    As for your first attempt at it,what else can be expected from a born writer?Lovely one :)

    Keep up the great work sweetypie!Love you loads.Muaaaaaaaaah


  32. @anil,

    i am honored dear. thanks a lot.

    chalo now start something soon so that i and lena can utilize our creativity. :p

  33. @priya.

    thanks a lot dear. even you rock sweets :)

  34. @sourish,

    thank you so very much.

    i wish tumhari ye baat sach ho jay sourish da. :)

  35. @shal,

    thank you shal. :)

    when are you gonna update your blog?

  36. @ sameera,

    even i dint know it before. came to know it while surfing abt haiku. :p

    thank you angel. thanks for every support and unlimited love of urs.

    love u too my dadimum angel. umahhhhhhhhh :)


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