Sunday, December 28, 2008


From my white window beauteous
Hangs a windchime since many days,
Seven sticks of whose in delight plays,
My life’s musical notes as it sways.

With every blow of air and each drop of rain,
The windchime starts to sing and swing,
To remove the patches of unheard pains.

The memories when usher sleepless nights,
The seven sticks join to sing lullaby
Soothing the soul, the music turns
Pained memories to a lifelong gain.

In the vastness of my blue skies,
My heart, like a small paper kite flies,
My mind’s strings doesn’t let go-
My mercy pleas to sorrows in denial dies..

Yet dances merry the fragile kite in the sky,
With every beat of the old windchime
And when my heart loses its path and weeps,
The windchime’s tunes holds me aloft and high..

Whenever the soothing air seems far away,
And gloomy remains the world, all night and day
Hope is what my windchime never loses..
The hope of air, and the hope of rain
And the hope itself becomes "The Music of Silence".



  1. Loved the metaphoric poem.
    Absolutely awesome, preeti
    The intricate web of detail u've spun is so very beautiful.
    Loved it.

  2. That was amazing sweetie!What a lovely piece of poetry and wonderful choice of words,each word telling a story.

    Music unheard is sometimes the sweetest :)

  3. nice one dear....i am in love with your window now where my fav chimes hang.....

    when the tears slide down
    when the smiles are lost
    when the life packed with troubles
    when the heart is in search of peace

    let me be there beside you
    not to enjoy those dew drops
    but to listen 2 da music frm chimes
    help me forget the rest of da world

    dear, white window am in love wid u
    not for the beauty that you show
    but for the beauty u r urself
    and smiles dat ur chimes bring me

    i felt these lines after reading your poem dear....hope you like them...!!!

  4. 'Patches of unheard pains'
    'Music of silence '

    The words are gentle yet strong to ponder over.
    Bhalo likhhecho,Bhalo Theko

  5. something awesome can be played with ur words only preeti :)...each sentence has a specific meaninig not only for the white chime for the life to ..:)..

    everything music plays leads to magic :) has the power to combine hearts :)..its just a beautiful poem :)...


  6. awesome!!
    it was a lovely piece of writing..
    just a beautiful one..:):)

  7. wow, seven sticks playing seven sounds just like the octave-repeating scale! i so loved the third stanza. how i wish to experience the magic of the wind chime! how does it feel when its raining and all you hear is the splash of rain drops and the musical notes of the chime? man, i am already loving it :) you sure have a wonderful white window! loved the post!

  8. the last stanza is so very inspiring!! what a way to welcome the new year! :)

  9. one of your best, sweetheart!! :)
    loved it from the very first word till the very last. So very beautiful :)

  10. Very nice! Hope becomes the music of silence..what sing songy words. Its really one of the best 'singy-songy' poetry I have seen in recent times and it isn't even rhyming! beautiful...

  11. wow,, i am speeeeeeech less!! one thing is sure.. that when u get lonely u just love to stay near your window dho? varah nice..

  12. i loved every bit of the poem. it is so wonderful reading it. nice:)

  13. hope becoming the music of silence..ah very nice thought

  14. @sameera,

    thanks dadimum. so very happy that u loved it.

    umahhhhhhhhh :)

  15. @yamini,

    i really do not knw wat to reply against ur such a beautiful comment. in words i cud never xplain how much i have loved ur poem. it's so so soooooooo beautiful. it brought tears to me.

    glad that my white window is able to bring happiness n smiles in ur life.

    thank you so much yamini.

  16. @CU,

    thank you so much CU.

    kamon accho?? onek din pore ele je?

    bhalo theko.

  17. @hemu,

    thanks a lot hemu dear. so very glad that u hv loved d poem so much n thnx for ur kind words.

    indeed music is magic.

    take care :)

  18. @swyt buttrfly,

    thanks a lot swyt :)

    take care :)

  19. @ sawan,

    wowwww that would be simply magical sawan.
    glad that u loved my poem and thanks for such a beautiful comment.

    oh ya i dint notice dat it is apt for welcoming 2009 :)

    take care :)

  20. @lena,

    ya janu being ur soul sis even i feel the same abt this poem.

    N being ur soulsis i even knew that u will love each word of it :D


  21. @ mithe,

    oh is it so dear! m honored then :)

    so very happy that u loved it.

    thanks a lot mithe.

    take care :)

  22. @pempenenyo,

    welcome here.: )

    thanks a lot. yes i love to near my window not only wen m lonely but other times also. it's so magical.

    hope to see you again.

    take care :)

  23. @riddhima,

    thanks a lor dear. glad that u loved reading it.

    take care :)

  24. @rambler,

    thanks a lot rambler.

    take care :)

  25. 2 more days to go! all set to welcome the new year?

  26. A good song of hope.
    Esp the last lines speaks dimensions of your abilities- one dreams of such an ending. You have done that.
    Keep composing more and more such poems.
    The poem is just perfect. :)
    1 insignificant thing I would like to say here- your 2nd stanza is of 3 lines , while all others are of 4 lines-
    So just try to make the pattern consistent in every stanza.
    This does not robs the poem of it's beauty anyways...

  27. Beautifully presented. PLUS..the sound of silence IS..really beautiful :)

    happy new year, Preeetu!

  28. i dont understand, how people write so well :)

  29. This was very sweet Preeti :)

    I have windchime in my room too... i simply love love love their meloday :)

    beautifully captured feelings!

  30. tatzz B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L to da core.. :-) hope is wat sustainz life.. n "The Music of Silence" ,, love tat description.. :-)

    gud one,, tis one sounded like music to da ears.. :-)

    sorry been away for Xmas hols,, ergo not been arnd earlier.. :-)

    wish u a Happy & Prosperous 2009.. :-)

  31. wow.....a lovely posts and an awesome blog......


    i would love to have your comments on my short stories.....

    do visit my blog and have a go.....

    and wish you a happy new year....

  32. soo sweet
    wind chimes r such amazing things..
    i luv the simple sound it creates

  33. a beautiful thing for inspiration indeed... those windchimes... and adding a good dose of poetry to that is amazing mate...

    have a lovely 2009... cheers...

  34. ....I broushed all my thoughts, I swept all my sorrows and achievements and full of hope I opened again the White Window...YES HERE SPRING CAME...

    a resultful new year, Preety!


plz.. open d white window :)