Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Love My Life

I came from the ashes
And to the ashes
I will go.
But can death snatch me away
Untill it's time?

Time …
Time is very strong.
It stops for none.
Gradually …
It moves on.

But pains...
Do they dull with time?
Can we ever hide ourselves
Inside the womb of time
Just to escape
From the pains of life?

I believe…
Pains are not to be escaped
But to be dealt with.
By taking the help of our
Evergreen Spirit.

The moment I have learnt
To love my life.
My cruel pains have lost
All their burning shines.

Now in pain my pains cry
Whenevr they see my eyes
Full of love and zest
For life.

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

Not long I realized that I am one of the many beautiful creations of God and like everything else my life has got a meaning too.
Few days back Shalini tag me to write about my new year resolutions. But I am one of those who can never stick to their resolutions. Infact I don’t believe in resolutions. ( Dear Shalini, I hope this post will be fine!)
But today on 1st jan’08 I promise to myself that I will always love and respect my life as well as each and evrything around me no matter what. It is not a resolution but a promise meant not only for 2008 but forever till I am alive. (Yes till I am alive because I don’t have any idea about after death life.)

After all..

“I am living not because I was born. But I was born because I want to live.”

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