Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Last Request of a Dead Soul !

In delirium
I walk

Towards my
Lost past.
For the first time
In the last seven years
I have stepped out
Of this fallen place.
Am I halucinating
Or is it true,
That I have strengthened
Myself to meet you?

Oh! Yes! There I can see
My sacred temple
At the head of the road-end.
Only ten steps are there
In between the two of us.

I am here…I am here…
But shall I enter
Along with my fallen self?
They say that I am a whore
Please don’t believe them anymore.
Open the door once
See, it’s me…
Your darling soul.

It’s true, my body has been touched
By so many known-unknown hands
But my soul is still untouched
And as much pure as your
Never dying hopes are.

I cannot wait for long
Please open the door once
And let me hug you tight
and sleep on your lap.

I always knew it…
That the door is
Forever close for me.
But still I came
Along With my
Dead hope and soul
To meet you once.
You do not worry at all
Am returning back
To my hell…my only place.
See, I cannot even cry.
Like you, even the tears
Have left me all alone.
In the past seven years,
One by one…
I have lost all my tears,
And now I am nothing
But a lost soul.

But Maa!
Can I make one last request
Before I go?
If possible give me back
Those pair of shoes
Which father snatched away
From my small feet
Before he handed me over
To that brutal hand
For a huge amount
Of rupees two thousand
And an old broken
Kitchen rack….

copyright © 2007 preetilatasarkar

***image source: internet