Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Forbidden… is it?

Can love ever be called forbidden--
Just because from the world
It is kept hidden?

Lips can be sealed
From uttering those three words
But how will you stop
The voice of two hearts?

Tears can dry, visions can blur
But how on earth
Can love ever lose its colour?
The shine can fade,
The shade can pale
But its existence will be there
Inside somewhere.

It can never be expressed

Neither can be shown.
Outside the soul
Can never be grown.
But it will exist
Inside somewhere
Even after death
Forever hidden.
Yet how can you say
It is forbidden?

Who are you to call it so?
When this hidden love is
Not bothering you?

Love is love
No matter what.
Ending on eternity
Starting from forever.


copyright © 2007-08 preetilatasarkar
***image source: internet