Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Anonymous ;)

I was wandering in this world like an ignorent soul,
Knew nothing about love and life as a whole.
Suddenly.. You came to my life
As quietly as possible
And you touched me...and changed me as quietly as possible.
For me you are not the wild storm
But the pleasant… soft wind
Full of fresh love and cares to the hilt...
You are the sea full of Love and maturity..
I am the free flowing river of emotions lacking maturity...
You are not the rose that can be found everywhere
But some wild rare flower..
That only few can get.
I am the deer... and you are the forest,
I am the bird...and you are the sky,
I am the rain... and you are the cloud,
I am the ray...but you are the sun,
I am the moon ...but you are the nite,
I am the fire....but you are the light,
I am the rock...and you are my strength.
You are the heart...but I am the beats,
You are the life...and I am the soul..
You are the one..who made me believe..
That I am beautiful and as special as a queen.
You are the one..who made me to feel
That my silly heart is also capable of loving.
Thanx for coming to my life as a friend.
Thanx for taking me to the wild wild rain.
Thanx for bringing my real self out.
Thanx for givin me the voice
To shout out loud..
Now I can see that the world is truely beautiful..
And I m as beautiful as the dew drops on the grass..
Now my life is not the same anymore..
Because now I know how to love freely..
Now my heart beats for love...and with love only..
And every beat of mine shouts that

I LOVE YOU ..and..YOU ONLY.....
Wrote this silly poem atleast two years u must have found hell lot of childish elements in it. but still i love the poem so much :D ....cos that's what i am... a big time silly :P
Wish you all a Very Happy Valentine's DAY. :)