Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mmmmmmmmm BLESSED !

Falling sick is not always bad…. And I got to know this very recently. Thanks to all these season changes and all, I was so much sick that I didn’t go to college for a full weak. But this time I actually fell in love with my fever…cough and cold. You must be wondering “why?…why?…why?”. Because I got to take my long pending rests….infact I rested so much that I got tired of taking rests…. But what to do in that case….I spent whole lot of time in chatting and doing nothing. :D . Right now my deepest acknowledgement goes to G-talk and YM…because of these I got two more lovely friends. Ok..ok.. thanks a lot to too as this one is the main platform. now four of us rock together. Together we four are stars, mad-angels, gems, dumbis (though someone amongst us doesn’t agree to be a dumbi! :P ) , and what nots.

During these days one more not so old friendship has also gained a new dimension. It has grown sweeter, lovlier, more beautiful, and stronger. That sweet and cute friend of mine never forgets to give me some short-n-sweet dozes of valuable gyaans coated with love and wrapped in care every now-n-then. What I have not told this cute friend yet is that I really love those dozes of gyaans very very much. I actually look forward to listen to them each n every day as these li’l gyaans fills my days with much more meaning and beauty.

What more!.. one of my dearest and nearest friend is getting married that too very soon. she calls me her thakma(grandmom). oyi soooooo happy for you. May God bless you always and all the happiness of this universe be yours.

As if all these happinesses were not enough and thus I was blessed and honoured with so many beautifully encouraging awards from my blogger friends. So now as per tradition I am passing forward some of these awards and trying to spread the happiness every where.

*** Spirit (a damn powerful writter) has blessed me with “A roar for powerful words” Award. Thanks a lot dear, I am honoured and happy too. And now it’s my turn to forward it to five more bloggers who according to me are powerful in there own unique way of writing.

I pass it on to: Sameera, Lena, Divya, Indro, Mel
P.S :Mel I know you don’t accept any awards. But when it came to select a powerful writter I was not able to replace your name with any other name. I am sorry if I have hurt you. But please don’t misunderstand me.

This powerful lion has a cute tail…. Yes I need to write three thing about what I believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful. Gosh! What to do now? … I never thought of it … But the three things that are coming to my mind are: HONESTY, LOVE and RESPECT.
How could our writing be powerful untill and unless we are not able to acknowledge the truth…not honest to whatever we write…to our thoughts and imaginations. Love and respect for writing along with being honest is what I think necessary to make any writing powerful.
You can read the rules for the award here of how to pass it on and such as well as pick up your own copy of the award.


***The next couple of awards are from LENA: Thanks my Lenu-Janu for all your love, support, encouragement and being just a huggs away whenever I need you.
1. You have My Heart Award:

yes lenu…u do have my heart and so do I have yours.
I would love to pass it on to: Sami, Divvu, Arpu, Indro, Spirit

2. Excellent blog award: Shalini and Spirit too gave me this award.
I would pass it to : Sami, Divvu, Indro, Priya, Virtual Rambler, Akila, Noushy, Mann, kalyan.

3. I Love U This Much Award: Huh! Janu... I love you double than this tripple :PI would pass it to : Divvu, Arpu, Shalini, Arthi, Mads, Priencess Heidi, Mann, Sami

4. You Make My Day, 5. Friendly Site, 6. Best Blogging Buddies, 7. Forever Friends: for everyone on my blogroll.


***Next bunch of awards are from Divya: Thnks a lot mera shona divvu. uuuummmmmaaaa :)
1. The giant bear hug:

I would pass it to : Noushy, Sami, Kaylee,Lena, Arpu, Spirit, Akila, Shalini, Arthi, Mann, Mads, Kaushiki, Sandhya, Heidi

2. Cute blogger: Who is more cuter Divvu...Me or You..?? :DI would pass it to: Spirit, Kaushiki, Heidi, Arpan, Sami, Shalini, Sandhya, Lena, Mads, Mann, Akila.

3. Truly Sweet : It's for everyone on my blogroll.


***Now comes Shalini’s Awards: Thanks a lot dear. You never keep yourself behind in encouraging me. I am really lucky to have you as my friend.
1. Break Out Blogger:

I would pass it to : Lena, Naushy, -Xh-, Sami, Akila, Divvu, Spirit, Virtual Rambler, Vikas

2. Interesting Blog: I would pass it to : Sami, Divvu, Shashi, Shashi(doc), Lena, -Xh-, Compassion Unlimited, kalyan.


***Next one is from Noushy:
White Roses Award: May all our friendship bloom like these beautiful white roses.

I would pass it to : Divya, Shalini, Sandhya, Lena, Arthi, Sami, Vikas, Priya, Akila, Mads, Mann, Spirit, Kaylee

God! So much love, appreciation and accolades! Do I actually deserve them? … yes I do… I do… I do deserve them so u all do deserve them…and as u deserve them so please accept these li’l love tokens and spread the happiness everywhere.


Oh! That's not the ennnnnd of it!

The icing on the cake was this new personalized template. Isin’t it breathtaking? God! I just love this new template. It reflects me well. I am wondering Lenu-Janu, how do you know me so well! …The tempu you made for me is “So Much Me”!
Oh! Before I forgt it let me inform you all … “this so-much-me-me-template was made non other than by my dearest-darling-Lenu-janu" :) …. So Lenu-janu here’s come my heartiest Thankies mixed with love, filled with care, coated with best wishes , garnished with kisses and wrapped with dumbiness for YOU. Now please don’t call me a dumbi infront of all… lol…lol…lol :D
Seriously … sometimes fever can be a blessing too…so what it’s in disguise :D