Friday, August 1, 2008

We are mad/bad and Divvi is sweet sweet :)

"With a heart of gold and a pearly soul
You have come on this earth
To play a divine role.
The meaning of friendship
Became more deep
The seed of your love
The moment you have reaped.
You are the friendship queen
Who reins my heart
Along with Sami & Lenu
Divvu, you top the chart.
Lucky is me to know this soul divine
Blessed is me to have you in my life.
Deep from my heart I always pray for you
And today every bit of my prayer wishes
To You "


Dear Divs, I wrote this one sometime back when I promised you that my next post will be on you but due to my internet prob...was not able to do it then, so i am posting it now...

"A heart of gold and a soul of pearl
Are the possessions of this silly girl.
Sometime naughty and always cute
You can never keep this chatter box on mute.
Full of life and bubbly to the core
You always want her more and more.
If for one day only you don’t talk to her
It feels as if your life has blurred.
Always concerned she is for you
And will paint your life in every hue.
I am so lucky to have her in my life
And she is my one n only
“Shona chimpu divvu- the divine”


Dearest shona Divvu. I know that you are aware of my love for you. On this lucky day these two poems are my small token of love for you. Mujhe pata hai tujhe pasand aayega. Can't post anything else re not even your chocs. Have exam tommorow. Mom will scold if I reach home late. waise bhi der to ho hi gayi hai :P

Love you dher sara my chimpuuuuuuuuuuu! May all your wishes come true.


“HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU”