Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Brainstorming :)

Sometimes, we tend to overlook a smaller artistry when an enormous occasion beckons us in the form of celebratious extravaganza. The same happened when I, tagged with my family went to witness an evening of our biggest festival ‘Durga Puja’.

            Amid the huge masses that gathered at the pandal to watch the evening proceedings of the festival, there was something that caught my attention.

            It was a fabulous display of some pencil sketches (by an artist named ‘Sathi’) that made me to halt there and notice the craftsmanship and brilliant thoughts that went in the making of  such meaningful sketches straight from the enclaves of the mind.

            I took the opportunity to put my newly bought cam phone in the best of use and went on a photo-clicking spree. I stopped there to pamper my grey cells with my own insights about the thoughtful stories encrypted behind each sketches.

 So, friends! What about indulging ourselves into some interesting brainstorming blog session???

            Come on! Dive deep into the sketches below.



            Use your lateral thinking powers to grace the sketches each with a suitable title along with your own insights about each one of them.


            The artist’s reflections on these sketches to be updated soon in the next post once the brainstorming session ends merrily.


All the best friends! Make use of your grey cells to its best!

Happy brainstorming! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


*Sketches by 'Sathi'*