Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy budday Sami

On the 2nd of November,
bloomed a tiny, little flower,
beautiful, beautious a damsel Dear-
Sameera-An Angel and my Soul Sister.

Happy birthday Moti-For you
A big hug and Bouquets of Love-
A peck on your cheek and a playful shove.
My joys melt mighty down my eyes,
in form of diamonds my Sweets-
cos I hold you so precious.

I wish today, I rustle up your fave dish,
braid ur hair in golden knots of bliss-
a dress regal for the super Princess,
and I pray You attain a skyful of Happiness.

I pray everyday yours be one glorious smile,
and we be the same in seasons sombre and both puerile.
My friend, my sister and the Noor of my Eyes-
'Godbless you Angel' my heart in unchained happiness cries.

P.S - Poem by preeti but but but..... posted by Div divvi divvu :P :P