Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Luv Gifts esp. d Surprised ones :P

How does it feel when you are devoid of doing what you love to do?

Gosh it is being too long a time and i haven't blog or bloghopped at all. something which i am missing the most while I don't have internet connection.

Those who know me for quite sometime here will say "what's new in that Preety. It happens all the time" :(

My internet connection is a big time prankster and loves playing pranks with me the most.

So I am spending my life without internet by reading novels, giving missed calls to my Dumb i's (whenever my mobile balance permits me to do so ;)) and by sleeping. Believe me life is not that boring with this kind of a daily routine. :P

I missed a lot of happening things here in bloggerville like Hemu's Budday party, Vinay's century and Priya's halfcentury posts.

Somehow I have managed to access internet for a while today. I bloghopped for few minutes unaware of the surprise gift waiting for me in two beautiful blogs.

First surprise gift was waiting in Priya's blog. On 2nd nov'08 this cute n bubbly girl completed her half-century. And she celebrated this post by giving us all a personalized gift made up of her pure words. And i was stunned to read my gift.

"Preetilata: For a long time I wanted to know her coz she was the only one of the 4 friends I didn't know..I knew she wud be as wonderful person as the other three..and yes she is ...her posts make me stop ..and think..I have never felt that I don't know her much ..She is such a sweet person...I can say tat coz I hav read the way she comments...I am happy that I have her as my friend.."

Dear Priya, I never knew you feel like this for me. Believe me I am also very lucky to know you and have you as my friend. If my posts make you stop and think then i think that one of my purposes of writting is getting fulfilled. You too are a very sweet and nice person and ur blog shows you brilliance. Keep smiling..keep writting..and keep spreading smiles.

My second surprise gift was there in Vinay's blog. Few days back he celebrated his 100th post in a beautiful poetic way. He penned beautiful poems for all of us. and i was so happy to find my name there.

"I entered White Window late,
But I still admire, her words great,
Proper friends, we are not still,
But I’ll know her better, soon I will."

Dear Vinay, it feels really nice to know that your words are admired by others especially when one of them is a poet like you. i do not need to say anything abot your talent. 1st of all becaouse i will fall short of words to do so and secondly, you do not need it because everybody here knows it and whoever do not know yet must read you blog without wasting any more time. i hope with the course of time we will know each other more better. keep smiling..keep writting..and keep spreading smiles.

I am feeling short of words to thank them. will a simple 'Thankyou' deep from my heart will do?

Both this gifts added more colors, smiles and happiness to my life.

At the end i apologize for not visiting your blogs. i hope to get back soon and catch upon the posts.

once again a big thanks to each one of you for dropping by my blog and wishing me to come back soon.

here's a gift for each one of you.

P.S :wish you a very happy belated happy budday Hemu dear. :P
PPS: I completed my 37th post today. :P ;) :D