Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Musing Of 'Hope'!

Burning the heart and burning the soul
Tragedies befall when terror takes its toll.

Tears stop rolling but humanity cries
When marring the emotions; cruelty and hatred rise.

Deep under the grave happiness lies asleep
Seeing the wounds even the mountains weep.

In the name of God one kills the other
(With) those blood smeared hands then offers prayer.

'We' the human beings are shameless enough
To hide our sins under the religious turf.

Still "Hope" lingers everywhere around
New dreams reap from the blood stained ground.

One day, only love and peace will rule every heart
Let all of us unite and make a new start.

Lighting a candle my heart prays for the departed souls
May its light burn every evil that our hearts hold.


Terror can't kill the 'Spirit'!