Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh! Santa!

Oh! Santa,
You told me to look at the brighter side of life
Wiping the tears I must always smile
I am so lucky to be born this way
Where the world around me dances in gay.

While on merry-go-round, enjoying my ride
I close my eyes on the forlorn child
But my restive soul keeps pondering over
To the unlucky ruffians and shambled rover .

For you,
Stars and bells lay shining on the tree
Every face lay lit glimmer with glee
Every hand is a Christmas gift galore
In your sleigh Santa, you enter every door.

But will you visit the lovelorn child,
His shattered life will you compile,
All those ones who are marred by fate
Will you give them a slice from your cake? 

Agony and despair is their only friend.
Oh! Santa,
Will you ever alter this Perennial Trend?
Tell me,
With whom shall I celebrate dear,
With the blessed souls or the hearts soaked in tear?


Wish you all Merry Christmas! :)