Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pixie Dust, I and Our 2 min of Fame !

Guess what!!! This year Santa actually came with a gift for me. Do you know what it is?

Read on to find out.

I was poking around in the city walk mall. It was a Wednesday and the weekly flea market was held in the huge sprawling area of the mall. I stopped over there and poked my head inside a hut shaped stall and to my utter surprise saw numerous cute puppies crawling here and there. I heard Santa ringing his virtual bell somewhere nearby.

A poster grabbed my attention:

“this Christmas adopt a puppy:
give home to a puppy and give your child a best friend”.

Last December I lost my Tom- my cute li'l doggie and since then his memories have not left me alone. But yesterday I leaped in joy at this opportunity to adopt a puppy and fulfilled my long cherished desire to have a pet again.

I immediately went ahead to select a pup for me. So many cute pups were playing around. Some were sleeping, a few were the restless lost eager to showcase their enthusiasm and few were just quite. All of them were of Indian breed. They were perfectly taken care of and well groomed by the PFA members. All of them were so cute that anybody would fall in love with them. This did not confuse me to select the one, meant just for me.

She was the prettiest- the only princess ruling there- a bit restless yet graceful OP. OP- that was she was fondly called by the members. I learned from them that she would complete 2 months on 15th jan and that her mom was a mixed-labra breed.

The moment I held her in my arms, I touched beauty. Her black eyes bore an innocent look that melted my heart like the way an ice-cream melts. Her golden-brown fur was very smooth and soft. I hugged and patted her lovingly. She appeared very quite and curious in my company and was well mannered. I noticed an orange string around her neck with a ‘Sai baba’ locket. (guess it was a divine clue, since I have tremendous faith in Saibaba!)

Quicky I completed the adoption procedure which included a submission of a form and a registration fee. This is an initiation by PFA(People For Animal) under the guidance of Dr. Ambika Shukla(sister of Menaka Gandhi). I interacted with some of the members and they educated me about overall care of the puppy. The best part is she will get free vaccination and other health check-ups for her entire life.

Meanwhile a lady following my activities approached and requested me to say a few words about this whole experience for her evening show of NDTV India. I agreed sheepishly and wow! It felt great to be on air.

I held OP carefully in my lap and started walking towards my home. On my way home, I baptized her “Pixie Dust”. My dear “Pixie”.

Every one in my home were delighted specially my lil bro. As if these happiness were not enough, I even get to see myself on NDTV India news channel while cuddling my Pixie to no end.

It was amazing to see myself on screen. I sounded sweet. Pixie and I reflected a beautiful bond onscreen. Gosh! I was looking beautiful too, not to mention about my Pixie. ;) :P

Pixie Dust is the best X’mas gift I have ever received. This cute li'l Pixie has wrapped my world with so much more warmth and happiness.

PS: well at present she behaves like a new-born who only eats and sleeps and it is a blessing to have her in my life.

Love you Pixie. :)