Monday, December 14, 2009


Today is one of those days when I want to write but do not know what to. It’s not same as other days when I want to write but could not or I could write but I do not. It doesn’t make me sad to realize that I am unable to pen down my thoughts. My mind is shooting millions of thoughts with zillion times of speed that too at one go. And it’s crazy to try to catch them all up. Needless to say I am failing every time. Miserably. But I am proceeding to my next catch with mouthful of giggles accompanied by stars in my eyes. And that’s what matter. It reflects in my eyes. Can’t say when was the last time I looked this much beautiful. These days I shine in happiness. The glow is visible. The people around me too are getting enwrapped in my glow. That’s the best part about being genuinely happy. The positive vibes are so strong and effective that they spread around and wrap everything up so beautifully that you feel like being a child once again who chases butterfly even amid concrete walls. The four walls of your room transcend to a field of sunflowers and the roof above becomes your sky where resides a sun who dances to your every whistle. As far as you can see, you see butterflies. You see colours. You see LIFE.

No I don’t have a job yet. And I do not know when I will have one. Yet I am HAPPY.

When in LOVE you see formation of eight colours even in the core of BLACK.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Musing Of 'Hope'!

Burning the heart and burning the soul
Tragedies befall when terror takes its toll.

Tears stop rolling but humanity cries
When marring the emotions; cruelty and hatred rise.

Deep under the grave happiness lies asleep
Seeing the wounds even the mountains weep.

In the name of God one kills the other
(With) those blood smeared hands then offers prayer.

'We' the human beings are shameless enough
To hide our sins under the religious turf.

Still "Hope" lingers everywhere around
New dreams reap from the blood stained ground.

One day, only love and peace will rule every heart
Let all of us unite and make a new start.

Lighting a candle my heart prays for the departed souls
May its light burn every evil that our hearts hold.


Terror can't kill the 'Spirit'!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bits and Pieces!!

In each blink, everything appears just the same. Is it same or it just appears to be so? Hollow. Empty. The world around me looks nothing more than that. I wonder! has the emptiness around has sucked me in or is it just the other way round? I touch the walls of my room and of my heart. Black soot smears my palm. Mirror. Is not it all broken? I can see the reflection very clearly. Which one is true... ‘I’ in the mirror, broken from every perspective or ‘I’ standing in front of it, all intact?

It’s not the first time that I have lost myself but when was the last time I was lost so much so that I could never find my way back to me ever again? It feels so strange whether I turn back or look ahead. I am a stranger anyways. Last night it was raining and I happened to enslave few rain drops on my palm. I played with them for a while and suddenly I reflected there in too. I could not recognize myself. I freed the rain drops instantly.

Connection. I have lost all my inner connections with everything possible. I can’t connect to anything but you. But all the chords that lead to you are broken now. I tore them apart. Every single of them. Detached, I feel numb. Uncomfortably numb. But hey! do you still feel connected to me even when the chords are no more there? On a bigger note, were there ever any chord? Did we ever required any? I guess we did not. I guess we do not. And I guess we would never.

May be it is time to tear my own self apart into zillions of pieces. O! I can do that, any moment. It’s not tough you know. It’s kinda easier than living numb. But what stops me from doing it you know are the doubts that will you ever come to collect the broken pieces of me? Piece by piece will you ever stitch me up? With each stitch will you ever instil in me my true essence back? And once stitched will I ever be the one whom I have lost somewhere in the rush of emptiness?

Re-invention is what I seek about you...for us.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Ode to the Days of Teens!

A Mocktail celestial, a chaotic upswing,
Youth tumbles forth, hark! the season is Spring,
waving past landmarks, of infinite fancy,
to the Carols pleasant, of untamed lunacy.

Waves of Discoveries go past, unknown erstwhile,
The World's an Oyster -Ah! the Spirit puerile,
Dreams are speck of dust, catch 'em young lest they fly,
Dust and dreams and the Tides within- none can defy.

Arise, the petals, unleash the marching song,
in steps so bold, in raging heart, O so young!
in intense red, in the mellow of the golden sun,
Swinging with Life- A teasing Eclipse on the run.


And when i turn back, it looks so beautiful.

A span of two years completes today- two years of My Blogging.
Two years of enriching experience - beautiful, unparalleled.

The journey that began with the White Window, has been through many vistas, all glorious, blessed and close to the heart.

Today my White Window stands tall and mighty amid the sparkling backdrop of some of the most beautiful gems of the Bloggerville, with its soul-rendered write-ups and scribes and a Heart of it's OWN!!

The deck is ready, the flashlights are ON!! Please usher in to the celebration of two honey-dewed years of My White Window in the bedecked horizon of your love, support and appreciation.

On this occasion on my blog's 2nd birth anniversary I would like to express a token of gratitude to each one of you who have been so special in this journey of my "White Window" with me.


P.S: A very happy b'day to my Divvu's "A Rubix Cube". Divvu dear whether you blog or not, yours will always remain one of my favourite blogs. After all White Window and Rubix Cube are married to each other na and today they celebrate their 1st happy marriage anniversary also. :D

P.P.S: The total number of posts on my white window stands 69 :P

Image courtesy : A gift from a special friend Still Thinking.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Utopia ~

Lost in the woods of tranced milieu
I search thou not o dear soul
Wandering amidst the parched stream
Thou seem to me a worn out stone,
The songs thy lips once sang to me
Were cherubic enough to soak me in,
(Now)I find them nothing more than leaves
Dried enough to crumble in jiffy,
Lost in the woods I lose myself
Again and again with the wind insane,
Far from thy and far from me
The yellow wild flower
Seems purely alive.


~Come'n guys, again it's time to pour down your interpretations about the poem.

~I know, I know, it's been so long since I am missing from all your blogs. Well it's not that i haven't visited your blogs at all but I am more of a silent reader all this time. Blame it on my tight schedule as well as on my poor net connection. I hope to be regular in sometime soon.

~ I feel so proud to tell you all that the new template was made by none other than 'Yours Truly'. And I just love this complete new look of my blog. I feel so fresh and happy :)

~ The above pic is designed by my brother Avinab.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When it Rains !

Not always at loggerheads we are, me and my pain. Sometimes we find peace in each others arms only.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Spreading the wings of Divine aura
Ubiquitously beckons uber beauty.
Naval of the universe with fire unfurled
River of life flows relentlessly.
Indeterminate radiance brightens the Within
Sparkling the soul as a Glorified Mystic.
Ends the dark abyss, the Helios' Touch


P.S: My first ever acrostic poem is inspired from the beautiful picture of 'Sunrise' above, clicked by Sourish- the Day Dreamer at Assi Ghat-Banaras. I so fell in love with this pic instantly that I shamelessly asked it from him as my b'day gift. The sweetheart he is, he immediately gifted it to me with all its claims and authorities. So, legally this pic is mine now :p but the sweetest-heart that I am, I give all the credits to him. :)

This poem is my small token of love dedicated to u, sourish! :)

P.P.S: I am so sorry for not blogging as well as reading all your blogs regularly. still stuck up with lots of works.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~Dhundhla Aks~

एक साँस मेरी आज भी बाकी है
जो मुझसे ना जाने क्या कुछ कह जाती है.
मैं खो जाती हूँ उस नर्म चादर तले
जहाँ एक आवाज़ आज भी गूँज जाती है.

जो कोना मैने सजाया था
उन यादों की तस्वीरों से
वो आज भी लिपटी रहती है
गिरे ओस की महक से.

कितने मौसम बीत चुके है
कितने सावन बरसे है.
लम्हा लम्हा कितना ये दिल
बरस बरस के तरसा है.

महसूस किया है पल पल फिर भी
कभी कभी उस कोने में-
"कोई खोई परछाई जैसे मुझे
आज भी छू जाती ही".


ek sans meri aaj bhi baki hai
jo mujhse na jane kya kuch kaha jati hai.
main kho jati hoon us narm chader tale
jahaan ek awaaz aaj bhi gunj jati hai.

jo kona maine sajaya tha
un yaadon ki tasveeron se
woh aaj bhi lipti rahati hai
gire os ki mahak se.

kitne mausam beet chuke hai
kitne saawan barse hai.
lamha lamha kitna ye dil
baras baras ke tarsa hai.

mahasus kiya hai pal pal phir bhi
kabhi kabhi us kone mein-
"koi khoi parchai jaise mujhe
aaj bhi chu jaati hi".


~Penned this poem on 2nd March' 08 as my comment to this poem by Indrajit who blogs at Eternal Sonatas.

~ Please read the poem by my Tweeny here. Her "Phanhtom of Memories" is a close translation to my poem in english.

~Sorry for not visiting all your blogs. I am hell stuck up in my college works plus there is some problem in my laptop. I will soon visit your blogs.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

. . .

" Till the day, we find the 8th color of the rainbow, we would perhaps never know what eludes us.”


Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Nocturnal Revelation- II

One by one my silhouetted dreams refuse to open up their wings, when the cynical night paints me all dark in the shades of gory silence. In the stillness of quietude the wailing of my dreams are guffawed by each falling sand from the hands of eternity. The night refuses to pass until my heart turns to a place where I can holocaust all my dreams and wishes.

No it does not hurt anymore and neither do my dreams thrive to live on. Each new dream that my eyes see in the broad day light is fated to die this way every night, still each new dream takes birth in my eyes ignorant of this horrific fate. 

Thousands of dreams I holocaust every night at the feet of my destiny. Will being blind save my dreams? Will bereavement turn me into a lesser sinner?

Oh night! I hate you night!

You have made me a Nazi of my own dreams under the covers of this cobwebbed audible silence.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A li'l Difference - 55 Fiction

“I may not forgive myself ever. I am so ashamed of my behavior that I almost hate myself. I wonder how you could forgive me. May be because these things have never bothered you.”


I could not stop smiling. “These things may have bothered me. Perhaps that’s why I have forgiven you.”


What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less(A non-negotiable rule).


A day or two back kajal celebrated her 100th post ceremony in a grand way. so here is my small token of love for her.

Dear kajal-the pink orchid, hope you will love this small token of love. May god bless you always. :)

take care :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Haiku IV- its more than just that!

"Hot waves of summer
Can’t wilt the yellow flower
When the rain drizzles."


Just when life seems to be unfair and God to be unjust, true friends jump in and make you believe that life is very beautiful. Instantly you realize that the God who has blessed you with such gem of friends, can never be unjust.

The haiku I wrote today is not just a haiku. It is more than that. Technically it is only about nature but deep below it is about me, my life and my friends in just 17 syllables.

Summer= my life in its tough times
Yellow flower = me
Rain = my true friends.

Today is a very special day of my life. Not just because it is my birthday today but because so many miracles have taken place in my life today.

Officially my birthday is today i.e on 8th of May. But the celebration has started long back. From past one week one of my closest buddy was smsing me every hour with the remaining times left in terms of hours, minutes and seconds to my birthday. He did not miss a single hour.

Then on 6th of May, crossing the mountains, rivers and so many things between Hyderabad and Delhi, Lukkydivs’ (who is my shona chimpu) love in a parcel reached to me. I just could not hold back my tears while reading each and every word of her letter. The words and feelings were not just etched on a paper but on our souls.

Sorry I cannot give any link to her gifts because the link is my postal address. So all you people who are interested to know about what all she sent me, are heartily invited at my place. :)

Next one, who again dint stay away to bring tears in my eyes was none other than my jaaaannnuuuu. She is one hell of a chookcha who loves my waaaaaaaing a lot.

*Don’t ask me the meaning of chookcha. It is just our way to call each other names. But if u really want to know the meaning, lena is all set to help you out because it’s a Russian word.*

She is such a crazy girl that she started celebrating my birthday from 7th onwards. And I loved this crazyness a lot. But at the end of the day i prove to be more crazier than her. so i am the ultimate "Crazy Girl" :p

What can I say about my dadimum angel! She is sweet, sour and chilly all at the same time. Exactly like delhi’s yummy chaats. Even her silence is so beautiful that I am always mesmerized by it. "Straight from the Heart" we convey our feelings to each other.

I was again waaaaaaaaaaaaaaing.

Half an hour was still left to my birthday. And since then my phone is not at rest. So many calls were in queue and I was shuffling between one call and another. Disconnecting one and attending other. I was talking.. smiling.. giggling.. silent.. laughing.. jumping.. amazed.. happy.. and not to forget waaaing -- all at the same time.

Tears again welled up in my eyes the moment I read Hemanth’s dedication to me. What can I say about him? He is someone who needs no introduction and no description at all. In spite of being unwell he dint stay behind to add colors to my celebration.

Sharp at 12:00 I received a very beautiful and cute e-card from nanhi pari. Yes nanhi pari is no other than priya joyce. She is such a sweetheart who apart from sending me budday scraps & e-cards has also set her status msg on facebook to "Happy b'day Preetilata :)"

Yes nanhi pari you to helped me to continue with my waaaaaaing.

How can I forget my mom! She called me all the way from Romania. The way she sang the “happy b’day to you” song to me over the phone that a part of my soul flew to her in Romania, from my white window, and hugged her and kissed her again and again.

The day in college was again an awesome one. On this blessed day, my closest friend in college with whom the relationship was souring up without any concrete reasons, came close to me again. And now we again are closest friends for life.

This birthday was a miracle day in my life.

I don’t know how I will convey my love and gratitude to all those lovely people around who have showered such love and blessing on me through dedications, gifts, calls, sms, emails, scraps, comments, testimonials. Some of them are total strangers to me who all have made it a point to wish me through lena, sameera and hemanth’s blog.

Many of my friends with whom I have lost touch in the course of time have wished me on this miracle birthday.

Many of my friends who were lost in the crowd of life came back again to me on this miracle birthday.

We the four angels of the dumbi gang were online together and were chatting and sharing togetherness again after a very long time on this miracle birthday.

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ed a lot on this miracle birthday. I know you will call me a cry baby now but I am more than that. I am a complete crazy baby who has added one more feather to the collection of her aged feathers. :p and as per lena I will live 10000 years.

On this miracle birthday of mine vinay has asked me to treat him with a poem. As per him “summer” is the HOT topic these days. ya summer is always a hot topic indeed. :p Therefore the above haiku is a treat to all you beautiful souls out their who have added one more day to my 10000 years of life that I am going to live. :D

officially my birthday is today-8th may. but this year there was no difference between 6th, 7th and 8th.

see my phone is still ringing and beeping with calls and SMSs.


p.s: please pray for hemanth so that he can recover from fever soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Blues and the Clouds Beckon

"Badal pe paon hain,
Ya jhootha gaon hain,
Ab to hain chal padi,
Apni ye nao hain!!!"

I am already flying. Even before my flight takes off, literally.. I am on cloud infinity and even beyond!

As a part of my college trip, I will be flying past the seas, the mountains, and the vastness to Dubai in a day's time. Gosh! Since the day I graced my heart with this news, I wondered, 'is it for real, really!'

Don't ask me how thrilled I am. I am really, really incomprehensibly excited to fly past the tapestry of my imaginations and step in to the real... Dubai beckons.. A dream beckons... possibilities.... excitement... !!!

To add to the bewilderment, I have been adviced, coaxed, warned and even threatened with extreme consequences from my kins and siblings to bring certain items from Dubai and the list only accumulates with every passing day. I myself, bought a Sony Digi Cam, to surrender myself to the ministrations of shooting bug to the unseen, oodles of bounty that Dubai beckons for.

As i hear from the 1st batch the fun they had there, I simply can't wait and the excitement is soaring up every minute. The sea shores, the desert safaris, the luxurious swish locales...... the clock is ticking... ticking..... :)

So, friends, wish me Bon Voyage, Bon Appetite for my journey.

Meanwhile, you be good. Peace!


ps: the pic was taken by my li'l brother from my brand new sony cybershot. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A scratch on my lens

" Once I bloomed, to be with you.
Today I am an elapsed reminiscence.
Day by day, I am fading away.

Into the oblivion
Far from you
Forever... Forever! "


i clicked these pics quite some time back. would love to read your "take" on the pics.

thanks a lot for all your beautiful and interesting inferences on my previous poem.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute Nothing

As I close my eyes, I feel you there-
Wrapped in the blanket of darkness.
A thousand light-years away from me 
I see you kissing the meteors.
O you! how does it feel to be the king
Of all those sand and stones?
How does it feel to tame the Dark,
Planets- known and unknown?

I stay here, with my buried desires 
Deep Inside my shackled heart. 
Sharing bed I feel insane
With the corpses of my dreams.
I flutter and flutter with my clipped wings
Till eternity laughs at me.
A broken mirror is what I am
Dead, Demised and Nothing.


Its really hard for me to compose anything these days and may be that's why the quality is not upto the mark this time. :(

I wrote this poem with 'nothing' particular on my mind but after re-reading it, I realized that there is a broader meaning attached to it, which is somewhat universal in nature. So friends, definitely I am interested and curious to know the meanings you have infered from the poem.

Go ahead and jot them all down. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Dandelion smiles
A disoriented smile
With the kiss of spring."


Haiku is one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry, where the poems are simple, small and not rhymed. It is nothing but a depiction of nature in its innumerable aspects.

Few simple rules for writing in this form of poetry are:

1. Three lines of verse consisting of five, seven, and five syllables.

2. Each haiku must contain a seasonal word, may not strictly be a typical one. For example: snow denotes winter.


Monday, March 16, 2009

ME-The Cutie :P

~Yams awarded me a ‘cute blogger’,
And tagged me to write why I am cute,
With my cute reasons, so here I go,
Also in the way, i tag some of you.~

1. Some close friends of mine call me Teddy.

2. I feel like kissing my cheeks. :P

3. Someday I want to beat a squirrel in 100 m race. ;)

4. I believe that there is an eighth color to the rainbow and that's where i belong to.

5. I fantasize my life somewhere over the rainbow with Tintin as my grand dad and Kuttush(Snowy) my best friend.

6. As a kid I once believed in the rumor that there would be snowfall in Delhi.

7. My handwriting as per others is not good but I find it to be beautiful :P

8. I want to adopt a baby girl one day. I have even decided her name.

9. I am the last one normally to leave the Cineplex and whenever I stumble upon a packet of popcorn lying on one of the seats, I pick it up and hand it over to one of the street urchins roaming outside. (what was a lavish waste for someone becomes possibly a 'one square meal of abundance' for some :)

10. Cutie pie yams awarded me with this "cute blogger award". It further proves that i am cute.


Yamini dear, you are a sweetheart and by appreciating me you always inspire me to do better since the time you have entered my life. No, i wont say you "thank you" and i know that you know the reason for it. i really appreciate, respect and love you girl. you are a creative genius. :)


Now i would love to pass on the award to: Lena, Sameera, Divya, Indr, Mithe, Anil, Akanksha, Muzer, Arnab, Meera :)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My soul is one widespread canvas

With shades and paeans of every color

Stories so different each color tells

Memories and mysteries each veils and unveils.

Entwined my life is with the strings of colors

Splashes of happiness they spur and spur.

Ensconced my soul is in the ocean of hues

My heart tranced, melts in the lap of muse.

Every word transpires to a lyric soulful

When the spirit soaked in color holds the tune.

Beams my life with radiance bright

When the seven colors blend into one pure White


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tum Jeeyo Hazaroon Saal :)

My sweetest chookcha-jaanu-maanu-saalu
So much of love I have for you
More than the ocean and even more
More than the sea shells ever on the shore.

My golden haired fairy queen,
My angel in her gracious sheen
‘Beauty’ is YOU and so is your SOUL
Those hazel green eyes-reflect you pure.

My gift of life, a soul sweetest
A big bear hug and many kisses.
To my soul sister and life’s harness
Happy Birthday Lenu, God Bless!


Monday, February 2, 2009


"On a starless night
River makes love with the moon 
A lotus blushes
Aura sprinkles all around
While the earth in silence sleeps."


P.S: The Tanka is Haiku. It focuses on nature and season, but is a bit longer than the Haiku. Tanka poems are short, lyrical poetry. They date back to the 1300's most important form of Japanese poetry.

It consists of 5 lines for a total of 31 syllables. 
The syllables per line are according to the pattern

5 -7 -5 - 7 - 7. 

PPS: This is my very first attempt.

PPPS: I do not want to but i have to. :(  Yes, I am taking a break for few days from blogging. Will catch upon all your blogs as soon I am back. 

See you soon. Take Care friends.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Nocturnal Revelation

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night but quite the opposite actually. This night seemed different from all other nights that this pair of eyes has ever seen. The clouds on the sky were a few in numbers, and were frolicking unabashedly with the moon. This spectacle was heightened with the rustling of leaves in a measured cadence, when the wind blew past gently. The murmur of the leaves was the only occasion that somehow betrayed the otherwise revelry of the night.

The silent playfulness of this night formed an unusual sighting- it seemed to be a fitting prelude for something ominous on the way. Something that could devastate the mysterious way of this night. Perhaps a storm is brewing somewhere nearby, which is about to spillover at this silent, mysterious night. Then the night, I fear would never be the same. Once the whirlwind that waits on the verge is unleashed, this night would be unlike any other night. So very different. So very more mysterious. And with the change in the spectacle, I fear a spectre could transpire.

I remained there stranded, waiting.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Recollecting Memories

Life is a mixture of everything. And it is not possible to recollect everything at a time. Something or the other we will always miss. That’s why memories are always so special. It keeps popping up when we least expect it but eludes us when we try to cup it. This is what I exactly feel whenever I read my musings.

Entrapped memories become a cascade when I spill them over the pages of my diary. The rhapsody it creates is the cadence of my soul. It is the symphony that only I can understand at times.

Each thing I write is nothing but a collection of some memories which in turn creates some new memories. What is life without memories? It holds us back and at the same time makes us move ahead.It is there with us always. Sometimes it is the tear drop and sometimes it is in the smile and at times it is nothing but in the blank pages.

The tear drop that someone did not let go waste and the one that died anonymously are tributes to memories.

The flicker of smile, the subdued shine in the eyes, the fluttering of soul, and the throbbing of life conjure up memories.

My memories are like the innumerable pebbles lying on the shore of my life. Like a little girl, barefooted I walk around and collect them in the spread of my frock. I name each of the pebble I collect. Some becomes poem, some becomes scribbles and stories, some becomes paintings and some remains unnamed.

The basket that I call “White Window”, today, has got its golden pebble in it. And I named this pebble “Recollecting Memories”. Hope this basket will be divine enough to accommodate infinite numbers of eternal pebbles in it.

On this occasion of my 50th post I would like to express a token of gratitude to all of you who have been so special in this journey of my “White Window” with me.