Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Nocturnal Revelation

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night but quite the opposite actually. This night seemed different from all other nights that this pair of eyes has ever seen. The clouds on the sky were a few in numbers, and were frolicking unabashedly with the moon. This spectacle was heightened with the rustling of leaves in a measured cadence, when the wind blew past gently. The murmur of the leaves was the only occasion that somehow betrayed the otherwise revelry of the night.

The silent playfulness of this night formed an unusual sighting- it seemed to be a fitting prelude for something ominous on the way. Something that could devastate the mysterious way of this night. Perhaps a storm is brewing somewhere nearby, which is about to spillover at this silent, mysterious night. Then the night, I fear would never be the same. Once the whirlwind that waits on the verge is unleashed, this night would be unlike any other night. So very different. So very more mysterious. And with the change in the spectacle, I fear a spectre could transpire.

I remained there stranded, waiting.



  1. Beauty personified....
    A purrfect prelude of something Novel (usage here is both adjective and noun :p :p) seems to be around... Guesswork just.. :p

    Keep going and expecting this paragraph to reach at another level of something of an
    Avant Garde stuff.


  2. Waiting to..recieve the kiss of the beautiful wind of this more beautiful night described by you?
    As Indra said..beauty personified!

  3. I could feel that place... lovely mate... now am wondering wats in store :)

    take care.. cheers...

  4. we remain here, mesmerized by your words, waiting!!

  5. you will catch a cold.. come inside the house ..

  6. beautiful preeti ...just was feeling the post in heart :)...lovely words ..


  7. @indrajit,

    m flying high on sky :p

    this post was an complete post but now i guess i may write it ahead though not sure :)

    thanks :)

  8. @aayushi,

    thanks for ur such beautiful words aayu.

    take care dear :)

  9. @arv,

    thanks a lot mate.

    even i dont know wat's in store. so lets keep wondering. ;)

    take care :)

  10. @ anil,

    thanks a lot for ur continuous support and encouragement.

  11. @hemanth,

    thanks a lot hemz. glad that it touched ur heart

  12. nice post...!!!

    loved the way you put the words together...!!

    good going dear....keep blogging...!!!

  13. Wow!Wonderful description sweetie,bahut acha likha hai.

    Is this the beginning of "Lilac Dreams" by any chance? :)


  14. I check your blogalmost daily Mam.Your blog is too good. I love it.

  15. Splendidly described..who's style of writing is this? And do you blog outdoors too ?!! :) Nice reading ur posts..keep going :)

  16. hats off to u... vivid beauty in this post.. and loved it a lot! :)

  17. preeetzi, u cud try and be less formal with me :)

  18. @sameera,

    thanks lot dadimum. :)

    lilac dreams! u still remeber? :p i must say that u r an angel :)


  19. @shalini,

    thanks a lot dear. i m honored. :)

    now do drop me a mail soon. waiting for it.

    take care :)

  20. @rahul,

    thanks a lot.
    whose style? tell me tell me, whom do i resemble :p

    blogging outdoor? ahh sorry dont know what it means. ;)

    thanks again

    take care

  21. @anil,

    ab se dhyan rakkhungi pakka pakka se :p ;)

    my informal reply: remain here always so that i can mesmerize u more. :p

  22. are u writing a novel :O

    it was just beautiful...waiting for its sequel....wow...I m just out of words... :)

    btw i was never in words :P :P

    I always lost my words but I love it ..and that's wat counts ..isn't :)??

  23. Of course I remember Dumbi!Love you :*

  24. Enchanting...

    Reminds me of Wordsworth - "No nightingale did ever chaunt..."

    No weary bands of travelers here, but your notes sure are refreshing!


  25. Hi Preeti, missed you. Thanks for always dropping by. I love the new look in your blog. Keep writing...you're awesome!

  26. :-) hope you'll get whatever u were waiting for!

    Nice post..loved it!

  27. Are Baba,Kaar jonne opekka kore,jaanla dore dadiye aacho !!

    Nice words describing the stillness of night&brewing storm..the mystry is left as a suspence for the next post I guess.
    Gentle & touching as always

    Good luck for exams


  28. Hey amazing description!!

    The scene you described so vividly is inscribed in my mind!!

    Loved it!!

    Take Care!!

    P.S. Your blog looks amazing!!
    Lena really knows how to make amazing templates right??

  29. Hey Preeti... How have you been? Another lovely post from you...:)

  30. really beautiful!! such a picturesque narration! bravo!

  31. i am mesmerized, sweetheart.. you know this, right? Beautiful! You've got talent, chookcha! :)

  32. Its vivid! Is it a story? I loved the description-nature, emotion when intermingles can give out the best of feelings...

  33. Beautiful! I could almost feel the chilly breeze on the back of my neck while I read through this...

  34. I read the piece twice, and on each of those occassions I kind of a found a positve hope in the wait for the night....

  35. very well explained " the waiting"
    It brings out a different feeling when a word "waiting" comes into picture which implies unfortunately a incomplete story...


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