Monday, February 2, 2009


"On a starless night
River makes love with the moon 
A lotus blushes
Aura sprinkles all around
While the earth in silence sleeps."


P.S: The Tanka is Haiku. It focuses on nature and season, but is a bit longer than the Haiku. Tanka poems are short, lyrical poetry. They date back to the 1300's most important form of Japanese poetry.

It consists of 5 lines for a total of 31 syllables. 
The syllables per line are according to the pattern

5 -7 -5 - 7 - 7. 

PPS: This is my very first attempt.

PPPS: I do not want to but i have to. :(  Yes, I am taking a break for few days from blogging. Will catch upon all your blogs as soon I am back. 

See you soon. Take Care friends.


  1. Oh my, what A Tanka before the break..lovely
    Enjoy your break and come back soon

  2. Nice one!
    An hope you are back soon:)

  3. nice one...!!! are known for your new creations dear....and everytime they are beautiful...keep penning..!!!!

    come back soon my dear..!!!

  4. you know what i love best about your and lena's blog?, the fact that you guys bring in a good chunk of literature in blogging making it all the more worthwhile...

    the tanka was good.. a really nice post!

  5. ahem... haiku hurrah and a terrific tanka too! :)

    romantic! :)

    break in blogging? :P hope its just a day or two...! :D come back soon!

    ps: do i need to mention that "I LOVED IT"?? :D

  6. wow! what a beauty, sweetheart! Now i know you want me to try it out :P

    And hey, someone is such a copycat! you take a break when I take a break :|

    Good luck with exams, chookcha :)

  7. i read that again after you enlightened me...

    tanka.. it is .. thankya for that

  8. tanka was awesome :)...but i wont try...i am poor in poems and this seasons i cant..:)...but good to bring all new things...


  9. Ah... Nature. All beauty, elegance and grace. Vividly portrayed, per se, in 31 syllables.

    Loved it.


    Enjoy the break. I am sure it has been well-earned. :)

    Peace. Be well.

  10. That was so beautiful angel!You add color to nature with your words so well :)

    Will write one sometime.Cute name,Tanka :P

    All the best for the exams sweetheart.Love you loadsssssssssssss


  11. Isn't Mother Nature something on which you can write never-ending Haikus,stories,poems et al. This was really nice. Short,crisp and niice.

    Take care, and besta luck with your eggjams! :D.


  12. Another excellent creation and this time I am running out of words really(though I huffed and puffed to get some suitable applauding words here, but Alas! in vain)
    Just can't get enough of your lyrical symphonies.
    Let me say this was intoxicating, like some music pulling me towards it's lyrical charm, as if I can see the spectacle tranced.

    Hope you have a blessed Sabbatical.
    Take care.

  13. WOww. So Colorful writing. I love evrything here. Where are you going now??

  14. I have always been envious of the Haiku writers, and now you go ahead and write something as beautiful as that... wow!!

    Would love to see more writings like this from you when you get back, cya

  15. I could so picture that scene... loved it mate...

    so now you are going to get me addicted to Tankas :P

    Enjoy your break and be back soon :)

    take care... cheers...

  16. Well written. Good Luck on ur exams.

  17. ...your poetics delivery seams a good lesson for one like me, who doesnt know about nipponese a ''Renga''?...

  18. hi...u got a dedication on my blog from meera

  19. Hey Pre!!

    Tanka....this is the first one I've ever read...and it is awesome!! Would try one soon!!!


    Break?? Hopefully not a long one!!

    P.S. Did I mention it was awesome???

    P.P.S. No really did I??? :P

    P.P.P.S. Ok if I haven't yet...then lemme say it again it is awesome!!

  20. Beautiful! :-)
    I just came back and u are taking a break :-(
    Nice template btw!And it inspired me to change mine...although i really love my pld template but finally I've changed it.It didnt support new blogger version..And i thought its high time to move on rather than clinging on to things! But u're my inspiration, Thanks for that!

    I loved the slideshow of the awards that u made!Amazing...So i made one for my blog too!

  21. Hello miss talented! I love dyour poetry...I am irregular too-forgive me:)
    Do your wishes with you!
    Hey, sorry couldnot post the story as you said! Have posted the next part-will be waiting for your comments

    All the best! may God be with you

  22. beautiful thought!!! loved the brevity.. !

  23. Nice Tanka
    Gotta try this myself sometime.
    Loved the wordplay

  24. Interesting pattern, this 5-7-5-7-7. I usually stick to 5-7-5's and 3-5-3's.

    But it feels more like a normal poem than a Haiku. I was always under the assumption that the idea behind writing Haiku's were to get a sharp message across with less syllables.

  25. hey.. "letters from mawley.. " is on! do chk when free..

  26. hey.. "letters from mawley.. " is on! do chk when free..

  27. That's beautiful and lovely feelings flowing through's silent love making.....nice one dear

    Take Care


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