Thursday, March 26, 2009

A scratch on my lens

" Once I bloomed, to be with you.
Today I am an elapsed reminiscence.
Day by day, I am fading away.

Into the oblivion
Far from you
Forever... Forever! "


i clicked these pics quite some time back. would love to read your "take" on the pics.

thanks a lot for all your beautiful and interesting inferences on my previous poem.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute Nothing

As I close my eyes, I feel you there-
Wrapped in the blanket of darkness.
A thousand light-years away from me 
I see you kissing the meteors.
O you! how does it feel to be the king
Of all those sand and stones?
How does it feel to tame the Dark,
Planets- known and unknown?

I stay here, with my buried desires 
Deep Inside my shackled heart. 
Sharing bed I feel insane
With the corpses of my dreams.
I flutter and flutter with my clipped wings
Till eternity laughs at me.
A broken mirror is what I am
Dead, Demised and Nothing.


Its really hard for me to compose anything these days and may be that's why the quality is not upto the mark this time. :(

I wrote this poem with 'nothing' particular on my mind but after re-reading it, I realized that there is a broader meaning attached to it, which is somewhat universal in nature. So friends, definitely I am interested and curious to know the meanings you have infered from the poem.

Go ahead and jot them all down. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Dandelion smiles
A disoriented smile
With the kiss of spring."


Haiku is one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry, where the poems are simple, small and not rhymed. It is nothing but a depiction of nature in its innumerable aspects.

Few simple rules for writing in this form of poetry are:

1. Three lines of verse consisting of five, seven, and five syllables.

2. Each haiku must contain a seasonal word, may not strictly be a typical one. For example: snow denotes winter.


Monday, March 16, 2009

ME-The Cutie :P

~Yams awarded me a ‘cute blogger’,
And tagged me to write why I am cute,
With my cute reasons, so here I go,
Also in the way, i tag some of you.~

1. Some close friends of mine call me Teddy.

2. I feel like kissing my cheeks. :P

3. Someday I want to beat a squirrel in 100 m race. ;)

4. I believe that there is an eighth color to the rainbow and that's where i belong to.

5. I fantasize my life somewhere over the rainbow with Tintin as my grand dad and Kuttush(Snowy) my best friend.

6. As a kid I once believed in the rumor that there would be snowfall in Delhi.

7. My handwriting as per others is not good but I find it to be beautiful :P

8. I want to adopt a baby girl one day. I have even decided her name.

9. I am the last one normally to leave the Cineplex and whenever I stumble upon a packet of popcorn lying on one of the seats, I pick it up and hand it over to one of the street urchins roaming outside. (what was a lavish waste for someone becomes possibly a 'one square meal of abundance' for some :)

10. Cutie pie yams awarded me with this "cute blogger award". It further proves that i am cute.


Yamini dear, you are a sweetheart and by appreciating me you always inspire me to do better since the time you have entered my life. No, i wont say you "thank you" and i know that you know the reason for it. i really appreciate, respect and love you girl. you are a creative genius. :)


Now i would love to pass on the award to: Lena, Sameera, Divya, Indr, Mithe, Anil, Akanksha, Muzer, Arnab, Meera :)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My soul is one widespread canvas

With shades and paeans of every color

Stories so different each color tells

Memories and mysteries each veils and unveils.

Entwined my life is with the strings of colors

Splashes of happiness they spur and spur.

Ensconced my soul is in the ocean of hues

My heart tranced, melts in the lap of muse.

Every word transpires to a lyric soulful

When the spirit soaked in color holds the tune.

Beams my life with radiance bright

When the seven colors blend into one pure White


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tum Jeeyo Hazaroon Saal :)

My sweetest chookcha-jaanu-maanu-saalu
So much of love I have for you
More than the ocean and even more
More than the sea shells ever on the shore.

My golden haired fairy queen,
My angel in her gracious sheen
‘Beauty’ is YOU and so is your SOUL
Those hazel green eyes-reflect you pure.

My gift of life, a soul sweetest
A big bear hug and many kisses.
To my soul sister and life’s harness
Happy Birthday Lenu, God Bless!