Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My soul is one widespread canvas

With shades and paeans of every color

Stories so different each color tells

Memories and mysteries each veils and unveils.

Entwined my life is with the strings of colors

Splashes of happiness they spur and spur.

Ensconced my soul is in the ocean of hues

My heart tranced, melts in the lap of muse.

Every word transpires to a lyric soulful

When the spirit soaked in color holds the tune.

Beams my life with radiance bright

When the seven colors blend into one pure White



  1. Your are a beautiful rainbow girl:)

  2. wow.....the splash of the colors..are all happy you wrote about them..!!!

    perfect write up friend...!!!

    Loved it..!!!

    Happy holi,...!!!

  3. To begin with, the font strikes the eyes, I always wanted to use this font in my posts. :)

    Talking about the poem, perhaps this is one of ur most beautiful poems till date. It brings about a ethereal commentary in the landscapes of the mind and one gets to visualize the spiritual haven through this poem.

    Every line woven is a magic in itself and the feeling is beyond words. A tender lyric , crafted with further tenderness. :)

    And the pic is more than perfect for the post. :)

    All the best for all ur forthcoming poems.

    Buna Siera... ;)

  4. I agree with Indrajit, this is one of the most beautiful poems you have written till date. And am so happy that you have written this poem about me! Goodii girl :P

    Just perfect, sweetheart! :)

  5. it was soo beautiful :)...i loved the pic :) made me smile :)..and the use of words was sooo nice....i loved this one most of all ur poems :)...keep smiling :)..


  6. Wow...a life full of coulors...lovely!

  7. beautiful piece of magic preeti! :)

  8. life... colours... canvas.... harmony... beautiful...

    loved it mate :)

    have a nice day... cheers...

  9. Never seen the spirit of Holi put quite that way before... very fresh, loved it...

    Cheers, and keep posting...

  10. @ALLa heartfelt thnx to each one of u. glad that u hv loved my poem. :)

    @lena: u r a copy cat :p and yes i not only wrote this particular poem @ u but i started this blog with @ u. ck out my very 1st post :p

    @blue-eyed-soul.... welcome here :) and thnx. hope to see u again. :)

  11. preetzi, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.. luvd it :)

  12. Lovely poem dearie,wonderful usage of words.You have painted such a beautiful picture here :)

    May your soul always be as colorful and gay!Love you angel.Muaaaaaaaaah


  13. mast likha hai :P

    but thoda complicated and kinnda old style...kuch naya likho...war pe...pain pe....

    btw welcome back

  14. One bright poem that is, full of the colors of life =)
    Stay as bright as that forever, and I wish the colors don't get washed away from your or anyone's life ever..

    and cos I missed your last post, a very happy (belated)birthday to Lena..

  15. Amazing poetry as colourful as life itself!

    Welcome back were the exams?

  16. Happy Holi!
    wow gal! I liked the entire concept and the last two lyrical lines were the best summation for such a poetry!
    Beautiful gal:)

  17. @ ALL,

    thanks a lot to each one of u. :)

    take care :)

  18. Pulchritudinous, enchanting lines...

    Keep 'em coming.

    Peace. Be well.

  19. Good job!!! Nothing beats the purity in the colour white, innit? I am really impressed with your work. Keep it up!!! I shall be following your blog from now on. Visit mine sometimes. Cheers!!!


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