Monday, March 16, 2009

ME-The Cutie :P

~Yams awarded me a ‘cute blogger’,
And tagged me to write why I am cute,
With my cute reasons, so here I go,
Also in the way, i tag some of you.~

1. Some close friends of mine call me Teddy.

2. I feel like kissing my cheeks. :P

3. Someday I want to beat a squirrel in 100 m race. ;)

4. I believe that there is an eighth color to the rainbow and that's where i belong to.

5. I fantasize my life somewhere over the rainbow with Tintin as my grand dad and Kuttush(Snowy) my best friend.

6. As a kid I once believed in the rumor that there would be snowfall in Delhi.

7. My handwriting as per others is not good but I find it to be beautiful :P

8. I want to adopt a baby girl one day. I have even decided her name.

9. I am the last one normally to leave the Cineplex and whenever I stumble upon a packet of popcorn lying on one of the seats, I pick it up and hand it over to one of the street urchins roaming outside. (what was a lavish waste for someone becomes possibly a 'one square meal of abundance' for some :)

10. Cutie pie yams awarded me with this "cute blogger award". It further proves that i am cute.


Yamini dear, you are a sweetheart and by appreciating me you always inspire me to do better since the time you have entered my life. No, i wont say you "thank you" and i know that you know the reason for it. i really appreciate, respect and love you girl. you are a creative genius. :)


Now i would love to pass on the award to: Lena, Sameera, Divya, Indr, Mithe, Anil, Akanksha, Muzer, Arnab, Meera :)



  1. Wow!!

    I really am amazed at some of the points. :) Loved some of the gestures mentioned here and yes, everyhting makes you shuper-cute. :)

    BTW Tintin is indeed ur Grand-dad, he turned 80 yrs a few days ago... :p

  2. Tats gud 2 love themselves u cuttie sis...
    loved it.

  3. kewl stuff...

    beating a squirrel??? he hee...

    take care mate... cheers...

  4. @ indrajit,

    hehehe :D :P ;)

    i love my granddad..oops tintin :p

  5. @vijayshryaln,

    welcome here. thnks bro.

    hope to c u again. tc

  6. @ arv,

    thnks mate.

    i love squirrels. hehehe :D

    take care :)

  7. aww cutieeee :P

    me too cute?? really?? :P

    luv ya swts :)

  8. u r cute... i realized that when i met u! :D

    thanks for not taggin me! tho yams did it alredy :P

  9. i am your grand dad? haha

    tintin .. long story... cool pointers there

    congos too

  10. Snowfall in Delhi...Wow!!!! :D

    U're really cute sweety...Picking up eatables and hading to street urchins...Thats too goood a gesture!U're an angel!

    Always be the way u are! Hugs!

    Thanks for the award !!! And that means I am cute tooo....though I know I'll have a hard time proving it:(

  11. @sawan,

    yep i know m cutiee :D

    n really u too r :)

  12. @ leo,

    really? but u never told me before :( :x

    whaaat, u thnked me for not tagging u. but onionz i wud hv definately tagged u if yamini hadnt. :)

  13. @chriz,

    grand daddyyyyyyy whr were u all thz years? i hv been missing u sooooooo much. happy to meet to again on this bloggerland. :D

    me wants to know this long story. tell me..tell me. oh yes u can write a post on it na. :)

    n yeah thanks :)

  14. @akanksha,

    awwww... hugs to u too angel.

    n no! no formalities so no thnks oki.

    n yes u r cute too and i bet u wud have a tough time disapproving it. so better prove it coz it will be a cake walk for u cutie pie. :)


  15. verrryyyyyyyy cute !!!!! :)

  16. Now they were 10 really cute reasons:)
    And thanks so much for my 1st award!

  17. You don't want to divulge the name yet hon? Will wait but promise me you will show me the photo of your adopted girl-she wil be one hell of a lucky girl!:)
    Thank you for the award. Will write a post soon...
    You are the best cutie pie ya

  18. mujhe koi award nhi deta :(

    sabke sab gande hai x-(

  19. yea am here again ma sis!!! lolzz : )

  20. wow cute little things about the cute little girl made the cute little blog to tun into the cutest blog in this blogger world where it is all the bute bloggers cutely saying cute words from their cute hearts which they love for making them be cute.....huh...!!!

    hows it? :D

    and dear...i am standing abit high from the ground now.....!!!

    and no thanks, and we know the reason ....!!!

    Keep smiling...and be the cute girl you are..!!!

  21. got a well deserved award! Ekdum sahi person ko mila..=D..
    And as of now..I do wanna pull your cheeks..m coming !

  22. whenever there is smowfall in delhi, i am coming :P

    and thats logical, if you is cute, then me ic cute :P

    thanks, sweetheart!
    love you :)

  23. Awww such a cute post! :)

    So touching that you collect leftover food to give to the needy,reminds me of Mother Teresa,so that makes you not only cute,but thoughtful,loving and caring too :*

    As for handwriting,I feel the same about mine :P

    Thanks for the award angel,of course you had to pass this on to me as I am chooo cute :D

    Love U loads Nanimum.Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


  24. Shall i say that was a cute introduction to you..Yes it was...
    Whatever you wrote about yourself seemed as if some kid has written about his life in a slip of paper :)
    Good one..

  25. @ meera,

    thanks dear:)

    u too truly deserve the award. :)

  26. @kiran,

    thanks a lot sweets. promise i will surely show u my lucky girl's pic wen she will enter my life.

    n pls do not say thanks, after all u truly deserve it dear.

    take care :)

  27. @ Vijayshryaln,

    thanks a lot bro.

    cheerzzzzz :D

  28. @yamini,

    wowwwww girl! what a breathtakingly cute comment. :)

    so u r standing a bit high from the ground yams?.. trust me deserve this place. u ought to go higher. and higher. :)


  29. @aayushi,,

    hehehe u really think so. oh so cuteeeeeee of u dear. :)

    i put forward my cheeks to u dear. now pulllllllllll :P

    take care :)

  30. @lena,

    janu my instinct says that whenever u will visit me, thr will be snowfall in delhi. soooooo come na :P

    yes its a dumbi logic. me cute=u cute :)

    love u too


  31. @sameera,

    awwww... an angel only can say such words to me :)

    @ our handwritings.... simply they are the beautifullest :p haina? ;)

    yes yes i had to pass it on to u dadimum after all u r not only cute but the cutest. :)

    love u dadimum angel.


  32. @mahesh,

    welcome to my world mahesh.

    and thanks for ur precious comment. u r correct.. i want to keep the child in me always alive.

    hope to c u around again.

    take care. :)

  33. I just so love you.....u totally deserve this award preeti di

    Hope u havnt forgotten me, have u??

    My exams r ovr n m bck finally :)

  34. think you wrote the film "day after tomorrow"" coz it starts with snow in delhi :) wow u have been a global warming forecaster in your kindergarden..boy!

  35. @pt. 9: hats off :) a big hug for it..
    you are amazingly cute :)

  36. Hi... Sorry for the ultra-late reply to the post. My exams got over today, so I had (voluntarily) somewhat cut myself off from the world of blogging and all.

    That post really was true to it's word - Cute!! :D

    Thanks a lot for the award, it's my first award in blogosphere... Thank you so much. :)

    Keep writing, and reading, as and when I can write... Cheers...

  37. LOL, you want your Grandad to be Tintin.. Now thats cute girl!!!


  38. awwwwwwwww.. m so totally late to b here.. but can i stl accept the award.. :-)

    u r definitely,, CUTE.. hands down!!!! :-)


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