Thursday, March 26, 2009

A scratch on my lens

" Once I bloomed, to be with you.
Today I am an elapsed reminiscence.
Day by day, I am fading away.

Into the oblivion
Far from you
Forever... Forever! "


i clicked these pics quite some time back. would love to read your "take" on the pics.

thanks a lot for all your beautiful and interesting inferences on my previous poem.


  1. the lines are beautiful as always...!!!

    n the pics...i liked the second one..!!! it shows the life of an Indian who is working hard to live his day..!!!

    good ones dear..!!!

  2. beautiful lines

    and loved the photography..second one like yams :)

  3. lines were wonderful and so are the pics and the second one truly matches with the theme of the lines...

    the which we so fondly wait to read but once day passes it just lost from us and ultimately carried away to oblivion buy the raddiwala...

    same goes for the departed... :)

  4. white rose lying down.. petals freezed.. i wanna eat it...

    the daily wager.. he works hard... he sweats and gets paid

  5. like the first pic dear :)
    and the lines are just awesome, though like they always are :D

    love and hugs, chookcha for such great examples of photography

  6. in a way they tell you a tale of the struggles and hardships which in the end fades away as life comes to an end...

    take care mate... have a good day... cheers...

  7. Very true about the poem, but there are some memories whatever life turn to be, the scar or healing forever reminiscence.

    The picture gets me the worth of Recycle! :)

  8. pic 1___dream of life
    pic__________reality of life

  9. woah all that is so beautiful!!!!
    loved the first pic.. have no clue how you think of those so appropriate words!!

  10. Hi -

    One of your best oeuvres till date and makes for a beautiful song for a Desolate soul. Beautifully written. :) Kudos.

    Would be LOVED by masses and classes alike...

    The pics again perfectly fits in the context here. You really are a good and innovative photographer.

    Keep Shooting... :)

    1 thing - I did not like the change in font in the poem. The font should have remained the same throughout the poem.

    Also, the flower pic is excellent, but I feel something is missing thr. Not sure what that should be.

    Keep framing and reframing ur world of endless wishes..:)


  11. The first one, especially, touches the heart...

    Insightful verses...

    Peace. Be well.

  12. yeah, i agree with kartz...

    and ur words are magnificent as usual.

  13. shades fade away,
    so does memories!
    words are to stay
    so is ur name!

    i din get any words for the second pic :( at work, i am least creative now :D lol

    u knwo tht u write gud right?? i dnt have to remind u tht on every post, shud i? :P
    u take care dear.. luv ya :)

  14. it was so soulful preeti.. :)

    i so love coming here.. :)

  15. My inference :flower in the first pic if not taken care is just a pile of waste(raddii :P)

    nice lines!!!

  16. Simple shots conveying a deep meaning there. Good work!!!

    The lines, to me, seem like rising again from some downfall. once blooming -> then fading -> getting far away -> forever.

    Mind you, I infer that from both the snaps and lines.

    Decent effort!!!

  17. I second Brosreview...a very simple shot yet ur words give it a whole different meaning...Good work...

    Came in here from Smiley Tissues.

  18. Only my angel Dadimum can convert such mundane slices of life into something so beautiful and full of meaning :)

    May you always be blessed with such creativity sweetheart.

    Love you loads.Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


  19. You've just been awarded!!! Congratulations!!! Visit my spot for the award!!!

  20. heehhehehe thanx for the comment..I really appreciate that long effort of urs :P

  21. hey preeti di....d first one is awesome...looks like something in a graphic movie.....the second one makes me smile :P

  22. nice lines...I feel nice is too small a word to describe it....the second one of course!! i luv it!

  23. Wow Preetilata, I am struck by the creativity and beauty of your blog.

    My name is Amrita not Mel. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  24. i commented.. but it disappeared .. is there a comment deleting gang./?

    the paper man symbolises hard work.. :)

  25. got a unstoppable follower sis.....:)

  26. beautiful lines preeti dear....the pics were awesome...when i saw the second pic i remembered a line...

    its just not paper u sell
    we always remember the cycle bell
    which are the stories we always tell
    through a blog post or even through the cell..


  27. liked the first pic,,, its beautiful yet saddening a bit ! i love it :)

  28. Lovely lines, cute pictures. Once nice post. Keep up the good work Preetilata. :)

  29. Hi.. Good line, very deep... so sad though....
    The pics, i see how we tend to fit in a lot of things in less space.. ive seen more than this...

    Read poems

  30. And time rides on a snow white horse...nice on...keep walking!!!

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  32. very cuuuuuuuteee.
    Keep posting...........

  33. Hmmmm...yes
    they make sense...

    infact i just read someone's blog where she wrote about things that are repeated..
    i said yeah..they do fade away when repeated again and again...

    A little different but the same i wud say..

    Good quote... :p


  34. i dropped a question for u at my space where u commented few days back :)
    hope to see u there..

  35. lovely lovely...keep it up:). I liked the second one a lot


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