Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tum Jeeyo Hazaroon Saal :)

My sweetest chookcha-jaanu-maanu-saalu
So much of love I have for you
More than the ocean and even more
More than the sea shells ever on the shore.

My golden haired fairy queen,
My angel in her gracious sheen
‘Beauty’ is YOU and so is your SOUL
Those hazel green eyes-reflect you pure.

My gift of life, a soul sweetest
A big bear hug and many kisses.
To my soul sister and life’s harness
Happy Birthday Lenu, God Bless!



  1. gosh, thanks sooooooooooo much sweets!! love you love you love you!!

    your top secret project is just awesome!!!! :)

  2. @lena..

    u welcome janu.

    love u loadssssssssss

  3. Awww that's so sweet,just like you angel :)

    Bless you both always!Love you Dumbis,and the other Dumbi :*

    Happy Women's Day my three darlings!


  4. urs is soo beautiful then wat i i jelous..:P..i am soo sad that i dint had the time the whole day yest...:(....but tho i wished her i am happy for that...:) as so beautiful preeti dear..Happy Birthday Once again Lena...may god bless u to become the little gal u wanted to be :)...

    Happy Women's Day to :)..


  5. happy birthday Lena...!!!

    dear, thats a beast bday gift anyone can give to their best friends...such a lovely poem, such a lovely pic and most importantly from such a lovely person like you..!!!

    good one dear..!!

    and Preeti, Welcome Back..!!!!

  6. Preetilata -
    Welcome back. And a great cute birthday poem for your dear friend.

    Lena -
    Happy birthday to you.

    May Godbless both of you.

  7. happy birthday lena....

    i hope you have a rocking birthday!!

    here pretti where have you been?long time no see?

  8. thats a good way to wish your friend..

    happy birthday lena

  9. hey thts really sweet..
    how ru preetilata??

  10. hey janu, happy birthday dahling!
    may u have many more, and i be there to wish u on all of them! :)

    preeti, just been to sami's haven..! :)

    and ur words complete janu's birthday for sure! :)

    ps: where u been so many days? r u back now?

  11. wow - happy b'day, lena :) and nice tribute, preeti :)

  12. happy birthday to u lena :)

    and such a sweet dedication....

  13. You know, I love dthe first two lines...
    very very sweet.
    Happy Birthday Lena-hope you had a good time:)

  14. Words from the heart... The best tribute, ever.


  15. Birthday wishes to Lena... and its so nice to see you back here with a wonderful dedication :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  16. nice !! i now remember loving ur blog on my last visit too !! blogrolling you .. better be regular ;)


  17. You know, as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument..

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