Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A li'l Difference - 55 Fiction

“I may not forgive myself ever. I am so ashamed of my behavior that I almost hate myself. I wonder how you could forgive me. May be because these things have never bothered you.”


I could not stop smiling. “These things may have bothered me. Perhaps that’s why I have forgiven you.”


What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less(A non-negotiable rule).


A day or two back kajal celebrated her 100th post ceremony in a grand way. so here is my small token of love for her.

Dear kajal-the pink orchid, hope you will love this small token of love. May god bless you always. :)

take care :)


  1. Hmm.

    Written amazingly,some carefully chosen words thrown together to bring out a wonderful result here.

    Keep enthralling the audience as always.

    Expectations really gallops and maybe your next post would exemplify your diverse abilities to portray your brilliance.


  2. Karthik YoungistanMay 13, 2009 at 7:53 AM

    I wonder hiw people manage to convey a message in 55 words... It's not my cup of tea.. Btw, well written, spl mention to the end line :)

  3. I cant add anything to Indrajit's comment. He has stolen mine! :| Copycat!

    you know that i loved it, dont you? :)

  4. Awesome!! :D

    Keep writing, Cheers...

  5. hey
    that was well written!

    am sure 55 fiction is bit difficult and it needs a brilliant brain like you. as karthik said, its not my cup of tea too.. :)

    keep going gal,


  6. very nicely written..the intricacies of the interpretation of relationships!!

  7. preetilata- delicious- it takes a lot of skill to fit a story into 55 words :)
    loved your blog. hope to keep coming back for more.

    take care. do visit.

  8. showing mercy to dumper is crime.... one should always avoid them:P

  9. Wow! Awesome! Loved your choice of words... :)

    Keep writing. Spread the voice.


  10. @indrajit,

    because of ur comments i always try to come up with something more improved every time.

    thank u for d appreciation. glad that u loved it.

    take care :)

  11. @karthik,

    oh! after a long time here. so a warm welcome to u. :)

    glad that u likes it. thank u.

    it's definitely ur cup of tea. only thing u need to do is to gv it a try. :)

    take care :)

  12. @lena,

    u both are copy cate- siblings :p

    n nahhhhh i dont knw, so tell me dumbi :D

  13. @swetha,

    thank you dear. so very glad that u loved it.

    give it a try. it's not tough at all :)

  14. @LGL,

    welcome to my blog.

    m glad that u liked it. thanks a lot.

    i hope to read a 55F from u soon. :)

    i am off to ur blog in some time.

    keep coming. :)

    take care :)

  15. @sourish,

    it's not only @ lovers. it can happen between friends, siblings, spouses. is dumping always possible?

  16. @kartz,

    thank u kartz. it means a lot when appreciation comes from writers like u. :)

    take care :)

  17. Good work thr preeti!!
    i too loved it...penning down ur thoughts in 55 words is a really tough job bit u did it BEUtiflly..:)
    Good day!

  18. preetilata- though i revel in haiku, i don't think i can pen a 55 :)

    did you read the poems and haiku on my blog?pls do, and tel me if you like them... you'll find the links on the side bar.

    and if you liked Rivers please do become a follower so that i can share with you whenever i write.

    i'll definately be back when you write next.. :)

  19. fab... absolutely fab...

    and very true too :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  20. u got the answer already from others.. now r we gonna see more of 55 fiction from u..


  21. now that's what I call a perfect 55 fiction.. :D

  22. so umm thats soooo nice!!! like all totally beautiful!
    and lovely!
    makes me want to go back to writing it
    i think i will!!

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. differnent kind of fiction 55 :D

  25. loved that dear.....

    and btw ur blog is not gettin updated on my reader :(

    lemme chk wat's goin rong

    and congozz kajal for ur 100th post :)

  26. when people leave u..they dump u...that is always the case....abandoning sumone is similar to dumping

  27. preetz, u r an angel! :D

  28. @LGL,

    i have read them, its just that i hvnt commented on them yet. they r beautiful. i will put my comment on ur blog too.

    yes i hv loved ur blog dear. will definitely follow it.

    take care :)

  29. @chriz,

    thnks :)

    n yes many r thr on their way :)

  30. @kajal,

    thats so sweet of u dear. thank u :)

  31. @harini,

    awww... thnx a lot dear. :)

    thrs sumthing very cute in ur comment n i loved it :)

    so i hope u hv written one. coming soon to read it dear. :)

    tc :)

  32. @priya,

    thanks sweets.

    awwww ck it asap. i dont wnt u to miss a single post of mine.n does this tell u, hw much ur comments mean to me girl ? :)

    tc :)

  33. @sourish,

    i agree :)

    but what i meant was that counter dumping (hope it is d correct word)is not possible every time.

    tho it is very hard for me to forgive and hardest to forget. :p

    tc :)

  34. @vinay,

    really??? :p :)

    thanks onionz :)

  35. sumtimes people are addictive...they need the rehab :D

  36. Thanks Preeti for your comment in my blog.
    Thats a different treatment with 55! A really good attempt:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  37. Hey Preetilata! got here from ur sweet comments on my blog :)

    i love reading 55ers, and i really liked urs! really subtle :)

    btw...go check out, added ur name to bday wishes cake on sidebar! :)

  38. yeyy, some one stole Lena's words in comment section!! :P lol
    preetzie darlin, luvly story!! sop u too into 55 fiction!! gues m the only one who could not write such beautiful stories :(
    kabhi training dena :) wen r ya comin to hyd?

  39. Ever read such simple fiction, it shows your ability dear. My best wishes :)

  40. Ha! a tidy manner of expressing something, well, I would call it a big difference. Nicely done!!! Wisely done!!!

    Nice "token of love" for the Pink Orchid too.

  41. OMG... you know, i sit and think something for a 55 fiction but i dont feel creative. i would love to do it, but i could never do it as good as this one. Amazing!

  42. how did i miss this post...nicely worded dear :)...belated congrats to kajal :)...


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