Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Nocturnal Revelation- II

One by one my silhouetted dreams refuse to open up their wings, when the cynical night paints me all dark in the shades of gory silence. In the stillness of quietude the wailing of my dreams are guffawed by each falling sand from the hands of eternity. The night refuses to pass until my heart turns to a place where I can holocaust all my dreams and wishes.

No it does not hurt anymore and neither do my dreams thrive to live on. Each new dream that my eyes see in the broad day light is fated to die this way every night, still each new dream takes birth in my eyes ignorant of this horrific fate. 

Thousands of dreams I holocaust every night at the feet of my destiny. Will being blind save my dreams? Will bereavement turn me into a lesser sinner?

Oh night! I hate you night!

You have made me a Nazi of my own dreams under the covers of this cobwebbed audible silence.



  1. Hi Good Morning -

    This post makes for an incredible read and has got all the elements to grip the readers to the hilt.

    However, I did not like the rhetoric ' O i hate you Night'. The emphasis was essential, and suits the aura created here, but personally I detest a bit...

    This does not rob the piece of its quality and elan.

    Keep writing and keep writing....

    N well..... keep writing...


  2. very lavish use of words - i loved the pair - "audible silence".

    brilliant narration - gripping.

    but i kind of don't agree with the content. i felt the message being too loud and exaggerated.

    my first visit here. i would surely visit back for more. i read a few of your other posts - loved the 55 fition, haiku - IV, and a scratch on my lens.

  3. as of the post....nicely done..!!!

    but anything wrong dear??? I loved your dreams adn your hapy soul...why is it hating something now??

  4. nights are just dangerous... maybe that is why there are made for us to sleep through :-)

    Beautifully said :-)

  5. let me fetch my dictionary fst...

    oh my god

    the choice of words..simply mindblowing but what I wanna add is be a daydreamer and insomniac at night..u will see all ur pain go away

    sometimes failing dreams to give signs...jus watch for them and u will find sumthing to gain even from them


  6. thats brilliant, sweetheart!! everything - the style of narration, the choice of words, the metaphors, the emotions put into it. I believe thats one of your best pieces so far :)

    Loved it!!

    and love you too, dumbi :D

  7. Interesting read this one... but really, what happened??

  8. Really liked your post.
    I'm glad you liked my poem. I hope there is peace one day too!

  9. I am a born lover of the feel of night!
    have been a long time writer of its glow and calm personification. Though I liked the view with which U framed ur words dear!
    following ur blog from now on too :)
    impressed!! :) god bless! keep it up!!


  10. dangerous and beautiful, they are...

    lovely post mate...

    take care... cheers...

  11. Well cool post..!! some of the wordsi dint get clearly so had to search in dictionary(Online)..!! He he

  12. The picture is just

  13. wow...! preetz this was brilliant! i have to search more adjectives for u! :D

    what a pic too!

  14. brilliant prose preetilata...
    will nereavement turn me into a lesser sinner?

    how true!

  15. This *has* to be one of the best I have read of you so far! But I always believe that a writer keeps getting better and better... ... and better with each post!

    Keep writing. Spread the voice.


  16. every thing in that post was BRILLIANT..
    but why doesnt it hurt anymore? have u lost hope?

    wonderful work dear.

  17. tht was amazingly brilliant. but swty, wuts happening?? all well??

  18. .....exellent short history of some dreams who never comes true....few words defineing a destiny......wonderful writting , Preety !....wonderful!....

  19. dark , sad and heartfelt !! smtimes i hate such feelings too !

  20. That was amazing dear!Just perfect!
    Loved the post.
    SadLY dark:(

  21. Dreams forever, and this seems u dream more :)
    I hate nights because it hardly comforts me to sleep.

  22. Decently good!!! Keep writing!!!

  23. I absolutely love the part in red. A very good piece of work, h0ney-! :)

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  25. Preeti, the narration was beautiful. It was almost delicious! (if one can describe it that way)

    Apart from that, I hope this post has nothing to do with reality :) Tell me you're okay, aren't you? :) I look at ur sweet smile in ur dp and tell myself "she's fine". You tell baby...

  26. So much despair from someone who has such imagination?

    I guess the better option would be to not sleep at all :D

  27. long time and no updates?! eagerly waiting for ur next post...

  28. u r a lovely writer...and the pics u use to display the feelings are just so awesome...
    hats off mam!!


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